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PODCAST: The Hunt For October Baseball

Tapping The Keg podcast episode 254 is live for your eardrums as Charlie and Mitch bring you the best in the week from the state of Wisconsin. Podcast focuses on two things truly – One being the Green Bay Packers, the other being the Milwaukee

PODCAST: Is the Packers Defense For Real?

Mitch and Charlie return for another edition of Tapping The Keg podcast. It’s filled with Wisconsin topics which we know y’all love. Of course, we talk about the Packers with a focus on how ‘real’ this defense actually is then move on to the general

PODCAST: SnotapWI Packers and NFL Preview

NFL season is here again, Tappers. We’re excited for another year of Packers and NFL football on the podcast. We usually see our audience perk back up, so, we’re hoping for the same thing this year. At some point, this will make its way to

PODCAST: Rodgers Interview, Badgers Preview & Anti-Porn Royals

Tapping The Keg Podcast returns for another week. We have a loaded show that was one of our best in recent memory. We had a topics aplenty including one that has already gone stale in less than 12 hours of posting. Aaron Rodgers, Badgers and

PODCAST: Packers & Fantasy Football Preview With Murph

Podcast returns for another Monday edition where we welcome a very special guest Nolan Murphy from ESPN West Palm Beach and a SnoTap contributor. You can follow him on Twitter here: It’s always great to have Murph on the show. He provides the group with

PODCAST: Neil (Walker) I Want To Party With You

Podcast returns for another week. With it being on my birthday, I would appreciate it if y’all gave it a listen. It’s a loaded podcast, but somehow, we only went 38 minutes. I guess we can file that under being professionals and not taking us

PODCAST: Tomorrow Headline Post-Packers Game Is…

We return for yet another edition of Tapping The Keg podcast with Charlie and Mitch. The Chuckster has a bit of a raspy voice from a cold sprung on by a crazy weekend in the Dells as well as a Killers concert. The boys talk

Tapping The Keg Podcast: The Unplugged Edition

Welcome back to another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast. This is our 246th episode and we strip it down talking to you from an alternative studio. It’s a fun one here as the unplugged feeling will give you a sense that we’re at the

PODCAST: Milwaukee Brewers – Surprise of the Midwest

After a week hiatus, is back with another Tapping The Keg podcast with Charlie Tritschler and Mitch Ross. We have a good show for you this week covering Milwaukee Brewers surprising run to the top of the National League Central, Milwaukee Bucks and a

PODCAST Episode 243: NBA’s Summer Takeover

NBA is taking over the summer, and the podcast reflects that idea. We’ve been doing so much NBA in the past couple of weeks. Why? It’s the hottest thing going right now. It’s hard to explain, but there are so many great NBA things happening