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THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Planning Bucks Eight-Game Schedule

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 6/5: Planning Bucks' Eight-Game Schedule The Daily Tap wraps up the week with a Friday edition. Charlie talks about three different things on today’s show. Trying to figure out how the NBA puts together an eight-game schedule. Charlie talks

If Giannis Gets 7 Fouls, Will He Be Unstoppable?

The NBA is likely coming back today. The board of governors meeting is today and from there, the NBA will submit the proposal to the players. From everything we hear, it seems like there is unity across the board. The NBA is trying to come

Martellus Bennett Misses The Point With Aaron Rodgers

For those who forgot, Aaron Rodgers and Martellus Bennett have a longstanding beef. They do not like each other. It stems from Bennett’s departure with the Packers. He spoke out against Dr. Pat McKenzie, the well-respected doctor of the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers came to

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: One Thing No One Is Talking About From This Weekend

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 6/1: One Thing No One Is Talking About From This Weekend Charlie does something a little different for Monday’s edition of The Daily Tap. With all that happened over the weekend, Charlie wants to talk about it. He explains

Making the Bucks Eight-Game NBA Schedule

On Friday afternoon, the NBA made it known that they’re restarting their season on July 31st. While that seems far away, the league appears to have a plan in place. They will play eight regular-season games with 22 teams in Orlando. It does seem odd

MLBPA’s Proposal Has Room For Owners’ Compromise

One of the bigger stories over the weekend was Major League Baseball Players Association submitted their proposal. After some thought the players would not include a proposal, they did just that on Sunday night. The proposal itself has some good parts to it. It is

Packers Want Their Offense To Be More ‘Explosive’

The National Football League has a metric titled ‘Explosive plays.’ Those are defined as 10-plus yard running plays and 15-plus yard passing plays. Green Bay ranked a woeful 23rd in that category. Matt LaFleur wants to fix that. He spoke with Jason Wilde and Mark

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: NBA’s World Cup Idea Fixes Regular Season Problem

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 5/28: NBA's World Cup Idea Fixes The Regular Season Problem On The Daily Tap for Wednesday, May 28, 2020, Charlie talks about the ‘World Cup’ idea that The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor reported the NBA was looking into. Charlie explains

4th & 15 Plays >>> Onside Kicks. Do The Right Thing, NFL

National Football League is currently looking into different things to alter for next season. They do it every year. Teams propose new things. They also propose things to get rid of. A couple of teams suggested to do away with the onside kick and have

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Dougy on his COVID Playlist Project, Music in Quaratine, Concerts & More

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 5/20: Dougy on his COVID Playlist Project, Music in Quaratine, Concerts & More The Daily Tap for Thursday, May 20th, is a little different. Charlie talks about where sports are in trying to come back. He explains how every