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SnoTap After Dark: Don’t Panic About Brewers

We’re still doing the SnoTap After Dark thing on Instagram Live. I’m not sure if we’ll have a morning post every day but to build awareness, I want to get it out there. Any feedback is welcomed. We did this one late last night and

SnoTap After Dark: Brewers, MLB Trades, The Challenge

If you didn’t know, we’re on Instagram and Instagram Live. You can watch what we posted last night in the upper right hand corner and enjoy the stylings of a near 15 minute livesteam. If you want to see anything change, feedback is appreciated since

Nike Changing Up The NBA Jersey Game

Today, Nike’s plans for the 2018-2019 NBA season leaked out to the public. What came out from it is that NBA will be doing away with home and away jerseys plus they will have two new jerseys for a grand total of four jerseys. It

Pitbull’s Shirt Is Far Too Tight For Any Man

Mr. Worldwide, also known as, Pitbull naturally showed up for the Home Run Derby and All-Star festivities in Miami. Pitbull is almost like the mayor of the city when it comes to the entertainment side of things. It’s no surprise that he opened the Home

Thon Maker To Attend School of Giannis

Milwaukee Bucks are 1-1 in Summer League thus far, but they will be without Thon Maker after last night’s win over Brookly. It’s not that 2016 first-round draft pick got hurt, rather, he’s flying back to Milwaukee to get some work in. The partner in

BrewCap: Brewers Downpoured Runs In Chicago

Milwaukee Brewers made it rain in Chicago on Thursday afternoon in a makeup game with Chicago Cubs for the game they delayed without any rain. Milwaukee made them wish the game got played in May as Brewers dominated with an 11-2 victory with a huge

Would Coach Favre Actually Work in NFL?

Brett Favre did an interview with ESPN’s Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher on Thursday. The biggest takeaway from the wide-ranging sitdown was Favre would like to coach in the National Football League. Coach Favre would not want any sort of head coach or executive role

Jim Irsay Casually Puts Porn on Twitter

Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay is having quite a week on Twitter. Irsay got ‘hacked’ trying to pick up a porn bot earlier this week, and then tonight, he followed it up by tweeting out a very pornographic image. That’s not a great thing to

Guy Fieri Disappoints A Nation With Donkey Sauce Reveal

We don’t talk enough food on here. In a perfect world, I would have 11-14 blogs per day with different things of the written and video form. But guess what? I have a full-time job among other things, so that cannot happen. I do love

Can Vince Young Go Away Forever, Please?

No one milked his short career in the National Football League than Vince Young. Sports Illustrated did a big piece with the former Texas great this week, and it’s picking up some steam. Mostly for the comment about Ryan Fitzpatrick still having a job in