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Bucks Lose Third Straight in Ugly Performance

This game wasn’t going to be easy. Milwaukee had three games in four nights. That’s never easy on teams. They lose in overtime to New Orleans then lose a crushing game in Washington yesterday. They came into this game tired and weak, yet, it’s no

How Love and Wall Injuries Shape Eastern Conference Race

The Milwaukee Bucks did not play a game last night. They didn’t even gain ground on the fifth seed as the Washington Wizards took down the Oklahoma City Thunder, 102-96. That said, the Eastern Conference landscape changed overnight. Earlier in the day, Washington announced they

Daily Tap 1/29/18: Bucks Stay Prundefeated

Once again, it’s Monday and we all are mad the weekend went too short. Hope you had a good one enjoying all the different Milwaukee sports. We’re all enjoying the time of being Prundefeated as the Milwaukee Bucks keep the ball rolling under Joe Prunty,

2018 Packers Free Agent Watch: Tight Ends

Ted Thompson could have easily pulled a Jim Calhoun about the tight end position last year. “What do you want me to say, I fucked up.” Who knew Martellus Bennett would be such a problem child (I mean that with no sarcasm). Who knew that

Introducing The Daily Tap & SnoTapWI on iTunes!

If you follow us on social media platforms, you probably already saw all of the news. In case you don’t or were not online yesterday, we’re on iTunes. It finally happened for us after 265 episodes. We’ll have the link where you can subscribe, and

All SEC Final Doesn’t Dilute College Football’s Great Year

SEC will be the highlight of the National Championship game. Is it annoying? Yes. Do we have to do a week of hearing about how the SEC is a great conference? Yes, that’s sad because it’s simply untrue. Georgia and Alabama absolutely deserved to be

Rockets-Celtics’ Ending Was Absolutely Outrageous

NBA proved to have some of the best drama in 2017. It’s shaping up as a banner year for the league. In what could be a potential NBA Finals preview, Houston Rockets made a statement in the first half leading by 26 points. Boston Celtics

Change Will Come To the Packers Coaching Staff

Packers coaching staff will see some new changes for the 2018 season. There’s zero chance they can stay status quo after this season. Green Bay played well below expectations and the ‘Aaron Rodgers is hurt’ does not excuse the porous defense played throughout the season.

Star Ratings: Packers vs. Panthers

This game did not live up to the expectations that Packers fans had in their heads when the game started. People thought this would be the beginning of Green Bay’s march to the Super Bowl, and instead, they’re probably looking out on the playoffs for