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BrewCap: Brewers Catch Break With Rain

When was the last time the Milwaukee Brewers caught a break? It feels like it’s been a while for the Crew. Maybe, that’s my overall disposition on the team considering they’re not playing the greatest, but the feeling is that it has been forever. Brewers

Marquette & UCLA to Play in 2020-2021 Season

Marquette Golden Eagles will see their schedule change in the 2020-2021 season. That year, the Big East will be ushered in the return of the UConn Huskies to the Big East. It’s an exciting time honestly to have UConn back, and Marquette will be going

Bucks Take a Worthwhile Flyer on Dragan Bender

Milwaukee Bucks have filled out their roster. They made their decision yesterday on who would take the 15th roster spot. That name was Dragan Bender, the former fourth overall pick by the Phoenix Suns. Bender left for dead by the Suns is now going to

Bucks Get Point Guard Depth with Frank Mason

Milwaukee Bucks did not stop with just Kyle Korver on Saturday morning. They added Frank Mason as well. The former Kansas Jayhawks standout will join the Bucks on a two-way contract. Milwaukee needed some additional point guard depth, and they have that with Mason. Bucks

PODCAST: What MVP Athletes Mean to Milwaukee

Tapping The Keg with Charlie and Mitch features a great show for you this week. The boys discuss Giannis winning the MVP and ask the question about wanting more championships than MVPs. But they talk about how a player getting to an MVP level can

This Might Be the Only Time I’m Happy for St. Louis

If you’ve been following sports, you probably know that the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup last night. They went into Boston and beat the Bruins, 4-1, in a rousing victory. Blues won their first title in franchise history. Now, I know what you’re

F*** The Brewers, But Go Giannis, My Wrigley Weekend

Daily Tap returns with Charlie battered and bruised from a bachelor party at Wrigley Field this weekend. He recaps the two games he went to, some of the highlights from the weekend, some stories and why there was a theme about the Brewers/Bucks that was

Just Give Lorenzo Cain The Gold Glove Now

Milwaukee Brewers centerfielder Lorenzo Cain does not have a Gold Glove. How is that possible? I do not know. I truly have zero idea how that happened in Major League Baseball. I get that we have a great deal of strong, defensive centerfielders, but how

PODCAST: Bucks Shipping to Boston for Series Lead

Welcome back, everyone. SnoTap Network returns after a couple day hiatus to present Tapping The Keg Podcast with Charlie and Mitch. We talk about the Milwaukee Bucks-Boston Celtics series. What have the boys learned thus far from the series, and what’s to come in these

PODCAST: The Return of the Watchlist

Weekend watchlist returns picking out the 10 best games for you to watch this weekend. It is a jam packed weekend with playoff hoops and hockey. Then some baseball and golf added to the mix. Here’s what Charlie talked about on this episode. 1. Bucks-Pistons