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Jimmy Graham’s Tweet Sounds Like Retirement

Green Bay Packers tight end Jimmy Graham did not have the best time in Green Bay. He didn’t make the impact that many thought he would make when Brian Gutekunst signed him before the 2018 season. Part of that was due to Mike McCarthy not

Sterling Brown Is a Noted Cheese Enthusiast

Milwaukee Bucks do a great job with their in-game entertainment. Are the multiple t-shirt tosses annoying? Yes. But that’s not for me, it’s the for the kids in the crowd. One of my favorite games is the one where a fan gets to name all

The Daily Tap Podcast: Packers Fall Short of the Super Bowl Once Again

The Daily Tap is here for Monday as Charlie talks about Green Bay Packers losing in the NFC Championship to San Francisco 49ers. Charlie discusses what went wrong, why Mike Pettine shouldn’t come back and some glass-half-full stuff as well. Charlie explains why causal Bucks

BucksCap: Bucks Bury Brooklyn With Tough Defense

My friend Murph brought up an interesting point over the weekend. He said to me as we’re watching Bucks dominate another team on Saturday, ‘You know it’s hard to watch Bucks blowout teams every game.’ In a way, he’s right. Bucks rarely find themselves in

BucksCap: Bucks Get Their Celtics’ Revenge

Milwaukee Bucks were out for revenge. They heard the noise about the Boston Celtics beat them earlier this season. Some people liked to grasp at that straw with the Bucks. They had lost to Miami, Philadelphia, and Boston, but Heat and Celtics’ losses happened at

What’s At Stake For Packers, Rodgers & LaFleur

Green Bay Packers have a chance to make it back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2010. This will be their third time attempting to get to the Super Bowl after making it in 2010. They likely should have been there in

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Best Case & Worst Case For Packers-Niners

Charlie and Mitch have another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast. The topics this week are best and worst-case scenarios for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. Middleton and Bledsoe’s hot streak. And how the Brewers tie into the Astros scandal. The podcast starts with

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: How Packers Beat 49ers on Sunday

The Daily Tap podcast for Tuesday opens the show by talking about why Charlie loved LSU so much this season. He explains why they’re one of the most likable teams in college football since the 2004, 2005 USC Trojans. Charlie gets into a history lesson

PODCAST: Sorry America, Packers Are Still Playing

The Monday Daily Tap is a fun one as the Green Bay Packers are advancing into the Championship Weekend! Charlie reacts to the game. He talks about how no one wants the Packers there, and that’s perfectly okay with everyone. Charlie talks about the big

Za’Darius Smith’s ‘Snubbed’ Shirts Speaks For Packers & Him

Green Bay Packers EDGE rusher Za’Darius Smith is one of the most impactful free agents to walk through the Green Bay Packers halls. The guy was a leader on Day One. He never let that go. Smith formed a bond with his ‘brother’ Preston Smith