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THE DAILY TAP PRESENTS Worst WI Sports Losses to Save The World

The Daily Tap Presents is talking about the worst sports losses as a fan. Charlie breaks down the top losses he has suffered as a Bucks, Brewers, Golden Eagles, Packers, and Badgers football fan. He discusses all of them and why he would watch them

Antetokounmpo Bros & Friends Tour Jay Leno’s Car Garage

Jay Leno is one of the biggest car collectors in the world. Hell, he might be the biggest in the United States. For awhile, Leno had his show on CNBC where he showed off all his classic cars with celebrity guests. He has a larger

I’ve Never Missed Video Games More In My Life

Years ago, I gave up video games. Why? Simply put, I did not have time. I was 24 years old and not making a ton of money at the time. Therefore, I decided to invest my extra money into going out or saving up when

Welcome To Aaron Rodgers’ Twitter Likes SZN

It is like clockwork. Every year, we see this from the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Rodgers does not usually let his mouth do the talking in the offseason. Usually, it is with his fingers. Every year recently, we see a couple of Twitter likes that

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: How Quarantine Life Killed My Podcast Motivation

Charlie returns from his two-day hiatus. He explains why the work-from-home life really hurt his motivation with his podcast and blog. What he is trying to do to fix it? And what will be coming up next for SnoTapWI? Charlie also discusses why he is

Bringing Back Marcedes Lewis Was A No-Brainer

The NFL league year began on Wednesday afternoon. A few key Packers players became unrestricted free agents as the clock turned 3:00 pm in Packer land. One of those names is already back with the team. Packers re-signed Marcedes Lewis to a one-year deal worth

Three Former Packers Depart For Free Agency

Green Bay Packers will be without three players from last year’s team. Two of them are obvious while the third one is one that I wonder about. On Monday night, Blake Martinez had a deal done with the New York Giants. On Tuesday, teammate Kyler

Packers Bring Rick Wagner Home & Have a New Right Tackle

There are some people you remember from a past life. Rick, then Ricky, Wagner is one of them. He is a year younger than me, but the hype around him as a high school football player was real. West Allis Hale had not been known

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Packers Players Don’t Get Their CBA Wish

Charlie is back for the Monday edition of The Daily Tap. Charlie talks about the latest about coronavirus and how it relates to the sports world. Charlie also discusses the new CBA for the National Football League and how the Packers players were not granted

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: The Day Sports Took An Indefinite Break

Charlie talks on Friday’s episode of The Daily Tap about where we go from here with the Coronavirus. He talks about how bad he feels for Markus Howard as he ends his career abruptly. Charlie also discusses how the Badgers’ hot streak ends then talks