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Jimmy Butler Tells Cleveland ‘No Thanks’

Yesterday, we discussed the best possible options for Chicago Bulls when it came to trading Jimmy Butler. The Bulls combo guard had been in many discussions about getting traded this draft week. The most notable team that came up was Cleveland Cavaliers. Butler told his

BrewCap: Missed Opportunities Haunt Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers love to remain confusing. They win five of their last six heading into the series against Pittsburgh Pirates who aren’t playing very well, and they give up 15 runs over the last two games. To make things worse, there were opportunities for Brewers

BrewCap: The Weekend Is For Home Runs

Milwaukee Brewers haven’t been that good at home this season. In fact, they were two games under .500 before their seven-game homestand started on Friday night. Brewers fans know these next three weeks are crucial for Milwaukee’s continued success with playing many sub .500 teams

Draymond Green vs. City of Cleveland Continues On

Draymond Green is an enigmatic persona. We know he’s probably one of the biggest villain in professional sports. I respect the hell out of him. I don’t like him when he plays Milwaukee Bucks or puts their name on his lips yet other than that,

This Miller Park Beer Vendor Is A Complete Loser

A Miller Park beer vendor is making the rounds after he launched a political action committee to have people only be allowed to buy beers from their seats and not from sections around the ballpark. I’m mad that I’m giving this attention, but you must

JR Smith Says Cavs In 7 Then Deletes Tweet

JR Smith is an American legend. We already know that. Right after the Cleveland Cavaliers were stunned by Golden State Warriors in Game 3, JR tweeted ‘Cavs in 7.’ He pulled the Kevin Millar card minutes after Cleveland just lost the game. It’s an incredible

BrewCap: Crew’s NYC Bounce Back

Milwaukee Brewers were in a danger zone of sorts heading into Wednesday game against New York Mets. They lost their last two games and staring down Jacob deGrom that night then Clayton Kershaw looming in the wings on Friday at Miller Park. It didn’t look

Bucks GM Search Shouldn’t Freak You Out… Yet

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I can overreact at times. Yes, it’s true. I have a tendency to put the cart before the horse on too many occasions. Last night would be a perfect example. I saw former ESPN reporter

LeBron Admits His Baldness Is Real

LeBron James had a tour de force press conference. Not because he lit the world on fire, but James gave the media so much to work with. We have a piece later about him and Jordan, yet James mentioned Michael Jordan about how he wanted

BrewCap: Robbie Ray Silences Brewers Bats

If you don’t know, I’m an avid DFS player. Love it. It’s one of my favorite things to do even if there are times where it drives me crazy. Case in point, I avoided Robbie Ray of the Arizona Diamondbacks because I’ve seen what Brewers