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Four Things To Watch: Wisconsin-Michigan

Wisconsin Badgers come to Ann Arbor as double-digit underdog. Once again, no one believes in Wisconsin. This is the third week where people have no faith in the eighth-ranked team in the country. It might be fair this Saturday as they go into battle with

CFB Picks Week 5: Saturday Top 10 Showdown

Must-Watch Games 3. Louisville (-2) at 5. Clemson 7:00 pm ABC – Lamar Jackson gets the primetime lights of Death Valley, and if they win this game, the playoff starts looking much better. Bad news for him and Louisville is Clemson figured it out on

An Appreciation For Thumbs

You’re probably wondering what the hell happened to SnoTap After Dark? He rolled it out yesterday, and then, absolutely nothing on the second day. Truth be told, I fell asleep like an old man with the lights on, but I also injured my thumb pretty

The Jose Fernandez Tributes All Over Baseball Were Beautiful

Jose, you will forever be missed. My prayers are with your family. Thank you for everything. May you rest in peace. — Yoenis Cespedes (@ynscspds) September 26, 2016 I love sports. I love that when a tragedy strikes that players and coaches know the

Could Adrian Peterson’s Injury Help Minnesota?

People don’t want to believe this to be true, but it’s apparent Adrian Peterson slows down the current Minnesota offense. Gone are the days where Peterson is the bell-cow needed to carry the load for the team. Now, it’s moved on to Sam Bradford and

Vikings Dump Packers, 17-14

One of those games where it was clear Green Bay didn’t have it. Packers lose for the first time this season, 17-14 to their hated rivals, the Minnesota Vikings. This is the first time Vikes won consecutive games versus Green Bay since their Favre era.

The Return of SnoTap

HE’S BACK! Yes, my summer vacation is over. Why did I feel like it was time to return to blogging? To be honest, I wanted my return to be at the start of August, but as things usually work out, they take awhile to get

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