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Taylor Swift Not Playing Lambeau is a Miss

Taylor Swift announced her tour yesterday after she put out her brand new album on Friday. I haven’t listened to yet as I’m waiting for the Spotify gods to deliver it to my earphones, but from what I’ve heard from people, it’s a good album.

Packers Grind Out Their First Victory in Hundley Era

Green Bay Packers fans didn’t know what to expect when the ball was kicked off at Soldier Field at noon. The team looked completely lifeless on Monday night against the Detroit Lions, and things haven’t been well for either side of the ball since Aaron

Bennett Blames Packers Doctors To No One’s Surprise

If you know Martellus Bennett, you knew he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about why things fell apart with him and the Green Bay Packers. He did not say much in the first couple of days then on Friday afternoon, he unleashed a series of

Give Greg Monroe The Credit He Deserves

Do you remember the day that Greg Monroe signed with the Milwaukee Bucks? I do. I remember sitting at my table farm which isn’t even a cubicle at my old job. It was a Friday morning. I started to see tweets about the ‘Milwaukee Bucks

Pathetic Packers Look Hopeless and Hapless

Mike McCarthy elected to take the ball after winning the toss. This is not something that Mike McCarthy does on a regular basis. He defers and goes with the second half kickoff. Instead, they take the ball and put together an impressive drive that results

Bon Iver Announces ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ 10 Year Show

Take me directly back to college. News came out on Monday morning that the band Bon Iver will be playing a special show at the Bradley Center in mid-February to celebrate the 10th anniversary of ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’. It’s a one-time show that Justin

Packers Could Finally Land in London

National Football League teams have been making the trek out to London, England for games in the last couple of years. They’ve wrapped it up for this season, and the games were not very great. That said, they still brought multiple games overseas, and the

OBJ Joins The Bucks Bandwagon

Due to his season-ending ankle injury, Odell Beckham Jr. is not suiting up on Sundays to play for the New York Giants who fell to 1-6 on the season. OBJ finds himself with plenty of time on his hands as well as he can wear

CFB Five-Course Picks: What A Saturday Night

These are the Saturday nights that make October great. Here’s what we have on the schedule – A Game 7 in baseball between the New York Yankees and Houston Astros, Blazers-Bucks and two fantastic college football games. The hype should be real for tonight. I

Should Packers Entertain Kaepernick or Romo?

Let’s get the question out of the way now. It’s a question that needs to be asked because everyone will have the same question. Green Bay Packers and the available quarterbacks in the National Football League. The first two people will point to are Colin