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Daily Tap 6/9: Warriors’ Worst NBA Champs Team

It’s Saturday. It’s 6/9 Day. Let’s get weird, Milwaukee. We chat about a hodgepodge of things this morning starting out with my mother didn’t let me get a Degeneration X jersey as a child. Who knew that a jersey with the #69 was inappropriate? (0-3

Budenholzer Keeping Sweeney isn’t a Big Deal

There are times where Bucks Twitter needs to sit in a corner and think for a little while before tweeting reckless. One of those moments was yesterday morning when Mike Budenholzer announced that he would be keeping Sean Sweeney on staff. They lost their minds

Food Network Should Do a Deal With Giannis

There are times where the Internet sees obvious connections before brands do. The latest version of this is Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Food Network. To me, this is a great fit. Giannis is still discovering American food like he did with corn

Brewers Weekend Wrap-up: Can’t Capitalize in Chicago

Milwaukee Brewers need to cure their thing with Chicago baseball teams. Currently, they’re 2-9 on the season versus the Cubs and White Sox. They will not be seeing the Southsiders for the rest of the season. Maybe, that’s a good thing. Brewers lose two of

Tap’s PGA Tour Roundup: Three Things We Learned From Fort Worth

The Texas tour for the PGA Tour is over. There were some memorable moments, and it wrapped up in Fort Worth with Justin Rose getting his first victory on United States soil in three years. It’s crazy to think about that considering he’s probably one

Javy Baez Complaining About Someone Celebrating is Rich

Javy Baez is one of the most electrifying players in baseball. I’m not going to lie. He would be a fun player to have on any team. There are games where he crushes a massive home run, and there are other games where he strikes

Davies’ Setback Puts Brewers Starters in Flux

On Friday, Milwaukee prepared to get Zach Davies back from a shoulder injury. That did not happen. Davies said that his shoulder still bothering him when he threw bullpen, therefore, he will have to wait until his next start which would be Wednesday in Arizona.

Tapping The Keg: SnoTap’s NFL Draft Preview

ESPN’s West Palm Nolan Murphy aka Producer Murpn joins the program. Bucks Game 6 preview (0-16 mins), NFL Draft (16-40 mins) Brewers’ streaking (40-53 mins). We talk about the loaded day in Wisconsin sports. Milwaukee Bucks get ready for their Game 6 and can the

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Piecing Together the Broken Bucks

Tapping The Keg returns for another week where we try to figure out what went wrong with the Bucks on Tuesday night. How the organization failed Jabari Parker, and how the draft failures resulted in guys not trusting Giannis. Also, can Joe Prunty make changes

Daily Tap: The Never Say Die Brewers

Something special is happening with the Brewers (0-10 mins) Wow. What a finish to that one last night. Milwaukee Brewers win their fourth game of the year on back-to-back home runs to finish the game. Christian Yelich and Ryan Braun are amazing. What a way