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Rockets-Celtics’ Ending Was Absolutely Outrageous

NBA proved to have some of the best drama in 2017. It’s shaping up as a banner year for the league. In what could be a potential NBA Finals preview, Houston Rockets made a statement in the first half leading by 26 points. Boston Celtics

Change Will Come To the Packers Coaching Staff

Packers coaching staff will see some new changes for the 2018 season. There’s zero chance they can stay status quo after this season. Green Bay played well below expectations and the ‘Aaron Rodgers is hurt’ does not excuse the porous defense played throughout the season.

Star Ratings: Packers vs. Panthers

This game did not live up to the expectations that Packers fans had in their heads when the game started. People thought this would be the beginning of Green Bay’s march to the Super Bowl, and instead, they’re probably looking out on the playoffs for

Aaron Rodgers Return Ends In Disappointment

The hype around Aaron Rodgers returning to the Green Bay Packers was at a fever pitch. People saw the return as something of a savior coming back to revive a team who needed it after they barely escaped in two overtime games against Tampa Bay

NFL Shows Its Ugly Side on Monday Night

Everyone will have an opinion on the Monday Night Football game on this morning. Sadly for the National Football League, it will not be about Pittsburgh coming back from being down 14 points at halftime to beat Cincinnati, or how Bengals struggled again in the

Packers Coming After Marty B’s Signing Bonus Cash

Green Bay Packers are ready to go to war with their former player, Martellus Bennett. According to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, Packers filed a claim to get back some of signing bonus money due to not designating an injury. This will be messy for the Packers,

Packers Suffer Worst Home Loss In Years

Green Bay Packers could have won this football game. Yes, that’s true, even though Baltimore won by 23 points. It did not get very ugly until very late in this game. Green Bay’s defense actually played pretty well for nearly the entire game. The offense

Packers-Steelers Stay In Primetime Surprising No One

When I saw the note that the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers would remain the Sunday night game, it surprised me a little bit which contradicts the headline here. But after sending a message to one of my group chats, I realized quickly like

Taylor Swift Not Playing Lambeau is a Miss

Taylor Swift announced her tour yesterday after she put out her brand new album on Friday. I haven’t listened to yet as I’m waiting for the Spotify gods to deliver it to my earphones, but from what I’ve heard from people, it’s a good album.