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PackCap: Aaron Rodgers Is Not Human

Branding our quick Packer recaps after the game because why not, right? PackCap is the working title that I came up with seconds ago. IF you have a better one, feel free to send it my way. I cannot believe what I just fucking saw.

BrewCap: Crew Sticks to This Weekend’s Motto

Milwaukee Brewers welcomed the San Francisco Giants for the weekend after a strong series against the Chicago Cubs. Milwaukee’s motto should be ‘Take care of business.’ This is a team you should beat two out of three at least and continues to keep things rolling

Daily Tap: Welcome to Chicago Hate Week

Chicago Hate week is here. Three games versus the Cubs for the Milwaukee Brewers & then a Sunday night showdown with the Packers and Bears. We talk about Monday’s thriller at Miller Park, and why Joe Maddon continues to be MLB’s biggest diva. We look

Michael Deiter, Badgers Legend, Needs QB Reps

Yesterday at Big 10 Media Day, Wisconsin Badgers offensive lineman Michael Deier met with the media to talk about the season. Dieter is a pretty good center, and he’s going to be an NFL Draft pick someday. But Deiter gained some notoriety last season for

Daily Tap: What’s Jesus Aguilar’s Ceiling?

Jesus Aguilar is in the All-Star Game. Welcome Tappers to this Thursday edition. We talk about Zeus making into the All-Star Game then wonder what is his ceiling as a baseball player? Could we be a one-hit wonder like Nyjer Morgan or could he be

Daily Tap: Slingin Stearns SZN Begins

Daily Tap is live for a Saturday as we talk about France-Argentina to begin the podcast as I just finished watching that prior to taping today’s program. We chat about David Sterns’ recent comments about Jimmy Nelson and the trade deadline. Why it seems like

Daily Tap 6/9: Warriors’ Worst NBA Champs Team

It’s Saturday. It’s 6/9 Day. Let’s get weird, Milwaukee. We chat about a hodgepodge of things this morning starting out with my mother didn’t let me get a Degeneration X jersey as a child. Who knew that a jersey with the #69 was inappropriate? (0-3

Budenholzer Keeping Sweeney isn’t a Big Deal

There are times where Bucks Twitter needs to sit in a corner and think for a little while before tweeting reckless. One of those moments was yesterday morning when Mike Budenholzer announced that he would be keeping Sean Sweeney on staff. They lost their minds

Food Network Should Do a Deal With Giannis

There are times where the Internet sees obvious connections before brands do. The latest version of this is Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Food Network. To me, this is a great fit. Giannis is still discovering American food like he did with corn

Brewers Weekend Wrap-up: Can’t Capitalize in Chicago

Milwaukee Brewers need to cure their thing with Chicago baseball teams. Currently, they’re 2-9 on the season versus the Cubs and White Sox. They will not be seeing the Southsiders for the rest of the season. Maybe, that’s a good thing. Brewers lose two of