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Bill Would Put Packers Games in Every Wisconsin County

When I went to school in Eau Claire, there was always a fear that the Packers games would not be on television. Every now and again, you would see Minnesota Vikings games come close, and there would be potential that the Vikings would be on

JJ Watt Makes Shoes to Honor Pewaukee High School

Over the weekend, I attended a wedding with my Tosa friends. During the rehearsal dinner, my buddy Coach gave a speech then mentioned how I played against J.J. Watt in high school. That is true, and it’s a long story. I’ve told it way too

Rate These Rockin’ Robins Lakeshore Chinooks Jerseys

Alternate jerseys in the minor leagues, independent league, college league baseball are very common. Why? They’re cool promotional items that the teams can either sell in their team store or raffle off for an auction. On Sunday, the Lakeshore Chinooks of the Northwoods League are

Upper Peninsula is NOT Happy to Be Part of Wisconsin

Mountain Dew is running a campaign featuring the 50 states on Mountain Dew bottles. I’m confident there is some sort of contest that goes along with it. I’m a habitual Dt. Dew drinker and someone who gets bottles of Dew when they go places like

Former Badger Rose Lavelle Did The Damn Thing For America

The United States Women’s World Cup team captured the hearts of America this summer. Just like they did in 2015 when they went won the title. One of the more notable players on the roster that became a star across the nation was Rose Lavelle.

Tyler Herro, a WI-Born and Bred Lottery Pick

Wisconsin had two kids go in the first round of the NBA Draft last night. One was Jordan Poole. He played at Milwaukee Riverside then want to Michigan. No one expected Poole to go in the first round, so, that came as a surprise to

Wisconsin Udder Tuggers Take The Internet By Storm

Minor League Baseball is always known for their promotions. They’re always going to be the laughs and the oddness to the table in baseball. Major League Baseball can have a direct stick up their asses so often, but the minors do not have any of

UW-Whitewater Wishes Students ‘Good Luck on Anals’

Finals is usually a stressful time for any college student. You might need a good grade to save your ass from a tough class. Or the final might make the difference between getting a B+ or an A- in the class. There are other times

J.J. Watt’s Wisconsin Summer Sounds Awesome

J.J. Watt and SnotapWI’s relationship is one that we do not mention much, but it is worth discussing when talking about Watt. For the longest time, I really did have issues with him. I thought he felt like a robot. A non-God like Tim Tebow

Be More Wisconsin Than This Women, Ya Can’t

Sometimes, I hate when Wisconsin is put into a stereotyped box. It’s annoying to be honest when there’s some dumb Laverne and Shirley reference. The worst is when people call us for being fat. Look, we’re not the prettiest bunch, but Milwaukee has better looking