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Best & Worst in Wisconsin Sports in 2017

Wisconsin sports did not have themselves the type of year that we may have wanted especially with the Green Bay Packers. There were a few of us (Me included) who thought the Packers could go into Minneapolis and play in the Super Bowl in front

Four Loko Testing Shot Brand in Wisconsin

One of my fonder memories in college was the Fall of my fourth year when Four Loko became a thing. I don’t really remember the first time it became introduced to me, but after friends talking about, I tried it one night. Obviously, the original

Is the 2026 World Cup Coming to Lambeau?

Today, the 2026 World Cup spanning United States, Mexico and Canada released their plans to be the hosts of the premier event spanning three different countries. The North America bid will be going up against Morocco’s bid for a chance at a World Cup. Lambeau

Wisconsin’s Most Hated Thing? – Trap Music

Are Wisconsin full of haters? Depends on who and when you ask that question. I feel like during Packers season, people hate everything and are never satisfied with results. Packers could win 38-3, and a couple fans would figure out something Mike McCarthy did that

No One In Wisconsin Knows How To Spell Wisconsin

Every now and again, there are moments where we as a Wisconsinites take the L. Most common reasons are something to do with fried food, cheese, beer or a fat person doing something weird. Also acceptable answers here are devastating Wisconsin sports losses which happen

Mark Zuckerberg Enjoys His Brat Experience in Madison

Currently, Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg is touring across America. He’s been all over the Continental United States thus far, and right now, he spending some time in the heartland. According to Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, he’s doing this to ‘see the real U.S.’, but anyone with

Eddie Lacy’s Rummage Sale Is A Cool Idea

New Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy is saying goodbye to the city that drafted by him this weekend. Lacy is having a rummage sale at his De Pere home where he’s selling items with 100 percent of the profits going to charity. We don’t

WIAA Stays Being The Worst In Wisconsin

If you’ve read the site for awhile, you know how I feel about the WIAA. It’s run by complete imbeciles who continue to do the worst thing possible in any situation. It’s a good chance that what WIAA did over the weekend will go viral.

The Bachelor Did Wisconsin All Wrong

If you didn’t know, The Bachelor, Nick Viall, is from Waukesha, Wisconsin. He isn’t that much of a hometown favorite like we’ve seen with other reality contestants, but The Bachelor did make a journey back to Wisconsin for a week. The look a national audience

Drunk Packer Fan Tries To Not Pay Cabbie $475 & Doesn’t Work

athan Tyler Meleski, 24, convinced a Yellow Cab driver to take him all the way to Richfield — 111 miles — on a promise to pay on arrival, according to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. The cabbie drove from Lambeau to the Richfield Truck Stop,