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Acuity American Flag Gets Ripped To Shreds Via Vicious Thunderstorms

Do you ever take certain long drives and know landmarks that are always there for you? I made the drive up and down highway 43 in Wisconsin more times than I count. It is the highway up to Green Bay. Whether it is going to

Yelich, Giannis, Rodgers All to Appear on ESPN Wisconsin’s Radiothon

ESPN Milwaukee is teaming with Milwaukee Bucks forward Pat Connaughton on Thursday. Connaughton will be doing 11 hours of radio with the ESPN Milwaukee and ESPN Madison crew. During the eleven hours, there are going to be wall-to-wall great guests. Further, every dollar donated to

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Wisconsin Sports Jerseys

The middle of the week is always the slowest for sports content. This seems to be a theme. We get this roller coaster right. Lots of content Monday and Tuesday then nothing Wednesday and Thursday then a tick up on Friday and Saturday. But you

Golf is Back in Wisconsin But Not Much Else

Wisconsin’s Governor Tony Evens announced that the ‘Stay at Home’ rules will extend to May 26th. Evers did loosen up on a few things including golf. Golf is coming back with all of the social distancing rules applied to it. They’re not including carts in

Wisconsinites Are RED HOT That Golf Is Banned

Yesterday, Wisconsin had its first safer-at-home day. Governor Tony Evers gave the ruling the other day and the rule is supposed to stay into effect for the entire month. Evers did say that it is possible the ruling could get lifted before those 30 days.

Wisconsin Getting Split Up in District Hunger Games Is A Joke

Every day, it seems like we have a new thing trending on Twitter. People are bored out of their minds. Whether it is because they’re working from home with more free time or people are unemployed (Thoughts go out to you if you are). The

Enjoy Listening to Aaron Rodgers & Justin Vernon Talk About Everything

My buddy Murph sent this to our group chat this afternoon and didn’t check it out because I was running an errand. Bon Iver’s lead singer and Wisconsin native Justin Vernon talked with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for about 40+ minutes. This is

Sigh, Instant Replay Comes To State Football Finals

Instant replay is one of the most controversial things in sports. It is a crutch for officials to avoid making bad calls or an instant bailout for them. Instant replay has mostly been in the pro and college game for the last several years. Well,

I Disavow This Packer Fan Doing a Garbage Luge

Packers fans love to drink. You know that I know that. It is a great thing about being a Packers fan. I’m not huge on getting hammered at football games. Why? Well, I usually drive up from Milwaukee to go, and the tickets are expensive,

Ryder Cup Ticketing Program Was An Embarrassment

Most people, who are golf fans, received an email notification last week that read ‘YOU’RE IN!’ regarding the Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits. The email outlined that you were part of a group that would get a chance for tickets for the golf tournament next