Chris Long Wants Former Badger Beau Allen to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

Former Wisconsin Badgers defensive tackle Beau Allen has done well in the National Football League. He started his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, won a Super Bowl, and he now plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Allen is good friends with Chris Long as they played together in Philadelphia. Long runs the Waterboys charity which helps get life-sustaining water to communities in need. Every offseason, Long with combat veterans + NFL players, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa. He wants Allen to join and needs people to donate to the cause.

So far, Long has received a number of donations to get Allen to join Long and company in Africa. Allen does not want to climb the mountain. According to Long, he has a fear of heights, but with public pressure, he’s trying to get Allen up the mountain. Even though he’s an NFL athlete, I have to assume Beau being 327 pounds has something to do with it as well. Long is halfway to his goal of $15,000 donated and needs the donations by the next five days.

You can donate here if you’re interested to support a great cause and get Allen up the hill.


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