Hoopcap: Bottom Falls Out on Marquette

63 second half points. 63 fucking points. That’s how many points Marquette surrendered on Monday morning to 12th ranked Butler after having a 16-point lead at halftime. It’s pathetic and makes you question, what’s really going on at Marquette? Why aren’t things getting better? Why

Bucks Buzz Vol. 40: The Great Philly Flub

What a bad loss. There’s no way around it. Philly came into Bradley Center on Monday afternoon and took Bucks lunch money in the fourth quarter. There’s not much more to say about this one. If you listen to Mitch and I, we talk about

LeBron Still Think Cavs-Warriors Isn’t A Rivalry?

The most viral play of tonight’s Cleveland Cavaliers-Golden State Warriors game featured Draymond Green and LeBron James colliding at half court. It was a hard foul, but the officials saw it more like a hip check leading to flagrant foul. Cleveland, mostly the shit talker

Joel Embiid Calls Bradley Center a ‘Shithole’

Philadelphia 76ers big man Joel Embiid likes to gives locations to all of his Instagram posts. They are usually pretty entertaining and witty. Embiid called Bradley Center or Milwaukee a ‘shithole’ in his Instagram location today. It’s since been deleted because that’s what happens in

Bucks Buzz Vol. 39: Hawks Have Bucks Number Again

Some might say playoff tiebreaker talk in mid-January is meaningless, but to me, it’s important. Milwaukee Bucks have one tiebreaker secured with the Chicago Bulls. Two teams have now have tiebreakers over Bucks – Washington Wizards and Atlanta Hawks as it’s apparent the NBA Southeast

Star Ratings: Packers-Cowboys

What a win. Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys have met eight times in the postseason. There have been so many classics, and this one will fall under it as well. Nothing will beat the Ice Bowl because it was for a championship, but the

Idiot Cowboys Fan Breaks 70′ TV After Loss

I’m going to sound like an old man here, but the younger generation is the worst. Some Cowboys fan knew he would go viral if he broke a 70′ inch television. From what I can gather, it’s an older TV, but it’s just one of

Crying Jordan Zeke Shoveling L’s = Great

You know Crying Jordan should have died a long time ago. It really should have. Any meme has a shelf life, yet Crying Jordan continues to live on. The thing is about the meme is many people know it exists, but folks have gotten to

HoopCap: Marquette Buries DePaul With Deep Ball

Marquette came into Saturday’s game hoping to avoid a letdown. They had the best win of the year versus Seton Hall with a rousing overtime victory, but with the brutal physicality of Pirates, the expectation was Marquette could be a little beat up. Golden Eagles