Let Charlie Culberson Be Happy, C’mon.

Of course, we had an amazing World Series game last night. One of the best baseball games I’ve seen in the last five years. It’s right up there with Game 7 from last year’s affair and countless others. That said, we have people who are

Clayton Kershaw Shuts Up The Haters For Good

Once upon a time, I took joy in Clayton Kershaw struggling in the postseason. Why? I don’t know. Sometimes, I like to be different, and everyone hyped him up so much to see him scuffle in October was sort of unreal. That said, it got

Craig Counsell’s Masterful Job Doesn’t Go Unnoticed

Remember back to 2015 when the Milwaukee Brewers got off to a horrific start, and they fired Ron Roenicke in mid-April. They did not even put an interim tag on Craig Counsell, instead, they gave him the job with a three-year deal attached. Counsell had

Blake Griffin Doesn’t Help US-France Relations

When I ran the first version of SnoTap, Blake Griffin was one of the my blogging favorites. He always provided me with awesome content which mostly was him dunking on dudes. He went through a crazy stretch in the winter where every night we had

Dick’s Nightclub Lets A Goat Into Bar

This is a hilarious story from a local nightclub here in Milwaukee. It appears that Dick’s Nightclub allowed a goat inside their bar a couple weeks ago. The City of Milwaukee found out about it, and now, they’re pissed about it along with some animal

Let’s Slow Down the Aaron Jones Hype

Aaron Jones is the most popular player on the Green Bay Packers at this moment. Why? He looked like the one player that could save this offense and keep them humming at a nice whilst their star quarterback was out with an injury. Jones looked

PODCAST: Giannis Helps Us Forget About The Packers

Welcome back to another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast. It’s rare we see something that’s worth talking about more than the Green Bay Packers, but that’s what happened with Giannis Antetokounmpo’s first week of the NBA season. He is the front page headliner here

Bucks Shake Off Early Rust To Down Hornets

In the early stages of Monday’s game against the Charlotte Hornets, the Milwaukee Bucks looked like a team who played three games in their last four days. WTMJ’s Dennis Krause mentioned how ‘Last year, this team would seemingly letdown after big wins’, and this would

How Can Mirza Forget To Dap John Henson?!

Milwaukee Bucks had themselves a decent win on Monday afternoon against the Charlotte Hornets. I’m going to have more of a recap coming up soon, but we had a very funny moment in the game involving Mirza Teletovic and John Henson. The Milwaukee Bucks forward

Badger Musings: Terps Are No Match For Wisconsin

Wisconsin Badgers would probably not say the last two weeks of football have been their best, but they’ve got the job done in each game. On Saturday, the team looked more impressive especially in the second half as they cruised to a 38-13 victory to