Congrats to Pepsi On Making Worst Ad Of The Year

In 2017, the social media world gets outraged about everything. Most of the time, it’s ridiculous and making a bigger deal out of a very little thing. That said, Pepsi made an ad that’s worth outrage and probably not the thinkpieces even thought hey are

Bucks Buzz: Oklahoma Where The Blowouts Happen

Milwaukee Bucks were due for a bad loss. I mean it had to happen, right? They went on a crazy hot streak where they won 14 games, and they had one stinker against a red-hot Golden State team middle of March. Even in that one,

Junior Guerra’s DL Stint Puts Brewers Pitching In A Bind

Man, you couldn’t help but think the worst at Miller Park when Junior Guerra hobbled off the field after a bunt. Shades of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright popping his Achilles doing the same thing at this very stadium. Guerra did not return and

Packers Add D-Line Depth With Ego Ferguson

Green Bay Packers made yet another signing in the NFL offseason by claiming Chicago Bears defensive tackle Ego Ferguson off waivers. The one-time third-round draft pick was released by the team last week, and Packers scooped him up before he hit the open market. People

BrewCap: New Year, Same Problems For Brewers

Welcome one and all to the BrewCap. It’s fitting that this is later than I wanted it to be because there’s a great unpredictability with these teams. I do my best to watch every game, but sometimes, it doesn’t happen. Same for timeliness where I

Redemption Is The Roof: North Carolina Takes It Home

Remember at the end of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament, we all laughed at the ACC’s shortcomings. Hell, I joined in on the fun. Because the so-called best conference only had one team left with North Carolina while eight hoped the Heels would

Happy Opening Day: Brewers and MLB Predictions!

At the bar on Saturday night, my podcast partner Mitch pulled me aside and said “I’m worried how optimistic people are about this Brewers season.” It’s a fair concern, but every year, hope springs eternal for every team in Major League Baseball. They wonder if

Gonzaga & North Carolina Play For All The Marbles

When One Shining Moment cues up, I hope everyone takes a step back to realize how great of an NCAA Tournament this has been in 2017. Sure, we didn’t have the upsets people might have wanted in the first rounds, but there were so many

Bucks Buzz: Sundays Continue To Not Be For Bucks

Heading into Sunday’s game against Dallas Mavericks, Milwaukee Bucks were one game away from guaranteeing a .500 season. Dallas Mavericks had been elimination from the playoffs last night, and they only had 10 wins away from their home arena. That didn’t stop Dallas at all