Rutgers Continues To Be Big Ten’s Black Eye

News broke yesterday that Rutgers football received notice from the NCAA that they could be in violation of seven rules. They are not pretty ones stemming from the Kyle Flood era. To put it lightly, Rutgers has been an unmitigated disaster for Big Ten conference.

My Love For Boogie Cousins Has Returned After One Day

BOOOOOOOOOGIE! I might not love Boogie Cousins like my uncle Bill, but dammit do I have a place in my heart for him. I can’t help it. We talked about his incident with the Sacramento media on the podcast yesterday, and I said, we might

Bucks Buzz Vol. 26: Milwaukee Shows They Belong

So close. Milwaukee Bucks fell to Cleveland Cavaliers in a tough overtime defeat, 114-108. Bucks battled back from being down 18 points in the first half to force overtime, and they had a lead in the extra period, yet they couldn’t hold on. Milwaukee did

Bucks Lost But Brogdon Dunked On LeBron

MALCOLM BROGDON MIGHT HAVE THE DUNK OF THE YEAR! #NBAVine — NBA (@NBA) December 21, 2016 The PREZ. We’ll have a Bucks Buzz cooked up here in a second, but first, we need to talk about Malcolm Brogdon. He had a reverse slam over

Packers Pro Bowl Selections Still Matter

Many people could look at Pro Bowl and say who cares? Pro Bowl turned itself into a meaningless game, and it lacked the importance that what we see with NBA All-Star Game or MLB All-Star Game. There are variety of reasons why the NFL all-star

CFB Bowl Pick: Wet The Boca Beak

A nice bowl win for us on Monday as Tulsa destroyed Central Michigan, 55-10. That was a nice easy win even if not many people in Miami cared about the game. That means our record for the bowl season is 4-2 straight up and 3-3

Tapping The Keg Podcast: No Lucky Wins in December

Lucky win? Not with the Packers. Maybe Tapping The Keg is lucky to have you as a loyal listener. We unpack Packers big win against Chicago, and what are the takeaways from the game plus why lucky wins aren’t a thing in December. We look

McCaffrey And Fournette Blaze A New College Football Trail

The hot take artists have been going off in the past couple days about if Christian McCaferry and Leonard Fournette should be playing in their respective bowl games. McCaffrey and Fournette are both forgoing to start training for the NFL Draft. It’s a move that’s

Don’t Look Now, Green Bay Is The Six Seed

UH OH. Green Bay Packers received quite a Christmas gift when almost every team except for New York lost around them. Packers rose to the six seed by Monday night when Washington fell to Carolina, 26-15. Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are tied in every