U.S. Fan Starts Ryder Cup Off Right

Heckler at #RyderCup tells Rory/Stenson he could make putt they keep missing. They ask him to try and BOOM. #GoUSA pic.twitter.com/66i6PovSVd — Jeff D Lowe (@JeffDLowe) September 29, 2016 This went very viral during the day. The unforunate thing about working during the day is

Time to Root For 5-Way AL Wild Card Tie

I don’t ask for much. Sure, I want you to read our blog and enjoy my stupid humor, but I never openly ask for any favors. That being said, I need you to root for this to happen in the American League. I guarantee you

Why Packers Fans Shouldn’t Overreact To C.J. Spiller In Seattle

Last night, a story broke that C.J. Spiller, former first-round pick and last played at New Orleans, will be joining the Seattle Seahawks. This drew the ire of Packers fans as Spiller came to Green Bay for a workout last week, and Packers decided to

An Appreciation For Thumbs

You’re probably wondering what the hell happened to SnoTap After Dark? He rolled it out yesterday, and then, absolutely nothing on the second day. Truth be told, I fell asleep like an old man with the lights on, but I also injured my thumb pretty

How Does Jared Cook’s Injury Affect the Packers Offense?

Green Bay Packers tight end Jared Cook suffered a high ankle sprain versus Detroit. It’s said to not be season-ending, but it’s likely Cook will miss at least a month, if not two. Anywhere from Atlanta on 10/30 to Houston on 12/4 is when Packers

UW-Lacrosse Student Calls Harry Potter Mural “Transphobic & Supports White Power”

The depiction of this metamorphosis “represents our ideal society and everything I am trying to fight against,” wrote the offended student, whose name is redacted. “It represents white power. Man power. Cis power. Able power. Class power. ECT [sic] ect. I am angry that I

Tapping The Keg Episode 205: September Sadness

Tapping The Keg podcast returns again with a sadder start than usual as Mitch and I begin the show talking about the death of Jose Fernandez. We also reflect a bit on Arnold Palmer before I give Mitch a crash course on the Ryder Cup.

Diaz’s Grand Slam Brings All The Feels

I'm not crying, you're crying. #JDF16 pic.twitter.com/rQl0u3z4Er — St. Louis Cardinals (@Cardinals) September 28, 2016 Wow. A night after Dee Gordon hit a leadoff homer in the first game after Jose Fernandez’s death, another one of his friends went yard. Aledmys Diaz, Fernandez’s childhood friend,

Note To Men: Stop Proposing at Ballparks

ANYONE SEE THE BOTCHED AND RECOVERED PROPOSAL AT THE YANKEES GAME RN pic.twitter.com/5KZgrLE0jK — Kahla Emonson (@KahlaTheSailor) September 28, 2016 We had a some clown at the Yankees game today propose to his girlfriend. A tale as old as time, but he lost the ring