Tom Brady’s New Commercial Is The Best

Tom Brady is a goddamn animal. He wins the Super Bowl for the fifth time, but before he does that, he films a local commercial where he’s putting his five Super Bowl rings in case. Now, see where this is weird is the fact New

Former Badgers RB James White Is Super Bowl Hero

Even if you don’t like New England Patriots, Wisconsin Badgers fans were graced with a cool moment watching James White have an all-time performance out there with 14 catches for 110 yards, six rushes for 29 yards and three total touchdowns including the game-winner. Funny

Patriots Win Super Bowl In All-Time Comeback

Wow. It’s hard to believe what happened on Sunday night. New England Patriots came back from being down 28-3 in the third quarter to beat Atlanta Falcons in overtime and win Super Bowl LI in one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. What an

My Super Bowl Pick: New England Patriots

Super Bowl is here this afternoon. There are a few guarantees… I’ll make a couple inapporirate comments, make some great food and eat way too much of it and enjoy the final bite of the football sandwich (Shouts to Big Cat). The day of the

Bucks Buzz Vol. 49: Milwaukee Can’t Climb The Full Mountain

Milwaukee Bucks needed a win. They needed one badly. Things looked bleak at halftime as Denver Nuggets led 70-53. But Bucks would battle back yet the comeback would fall short with the team falling for the 10th time in the last 11 games. Once again

Can Khris Middleton Save Bucks Season?

On Friday’s Bucks broadcast Milwaukee Bucks guard Khris Middleton announced that he will be coming back on Wednesday night versus Miami. This is exciting news for fans as some thought he might miss the season with this injury or if he came back, it wouldn’t

What Other Bucks Could Be On The Move

If you lived under a rock, Milwaukee Bucks sent Miles Plumlee to Charlotte Hornets for two big men. It’s amazing they got out of his contract. Reports came out after the Plumlee deal that Bucks weren’t going to be done with him and are actively

Badgers Jim Leonhard Hire Comes With Risk

Wisconsin Badgers football have seen their defensive coordinator change like a flavor of the day at a custard place. Badgers hope their next coordinator will be there for awhile as Wisconsin hires one of its own with Jim Leonhard to coach the defense. There were

Conan O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer Is Awesome Again

Conan O’Brien is not the same late night host and has the same following as he did when he first began at TBS. That being said, the clueless gamer he does before Super Bowl is A-plus stuff. That’s something that was good in 2014 and

Blake Griffin Ended Kevon Looney’s Career

There are days where I wish I had blogger statitics to track how many times I’ve done certain things. One of them would be how many times did I blog a Blake Griffin dunk. It never gets old. And now it doesn’t happen like it