What’s Bucks Fans’ Expectations In NBA Playoffs?

Milwaukee Bucks clinched a playoff berth over the weekend. It’s incredible to think Milwaukee will be playing playoff basketball after how this season looked like one for the draft lottery after Jabari Parker went down with an injury. Things changed in March, and that’s the

You’re The Only Ones Left, Vikings & Lions.

These last few years have been tough on your boy. I’ve lost a lot of things I enjoy from sports in the past few years. When I say enjoy, it’s cheering against a team to lose and see the reaction after it. Let’s just call

BrewCap: Broxton Goes Down as Brewers Lose Series

Milwaukee Brewers had a chance on Thursday afternoon to split the opening week series with Colorado Rockies. They were close all series really, and Milwaukee realistically could have won all four games. That has to drive you wild as a Brewers fan or player, yet

Aaron Rodgers & Olivia Munn Are Over

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriend actress Olivia Munn have broken up per reports. It’s somewhat surprising to see this news given there were rumors as recent of January that Munn had an engagement ring on when the former couple was out

Tim Tebow Goes Yard To Keep This Charade Going

Tim Tebow, New York Mets prospect, had his first minor league baseball game yesterday. I didn’t expect to be blogging this morning about the former Heisman trophy and first round NFL Draft pick, but here we are. Tebow hit an opposite field two-run homer in

LaVar Ball’s Silly Racist Quote Is So Dumb

As you know, I’ve given up on trying to write about LaVar Ball. It’s pointless because everything is a headline, and he’s the golden child of sports SEO. Some of you would wonder ‘Well wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that?’ The thing is

Michael Beasley Snapchat Takeover Was Electric

Michael Beasley is in the upper echelon for me when it comes to favorite Milwaukee Bucks players on this roster. Beasley is such a breath of fresh air, and he seems like one of the guys that holds the team together with his loose personality.

Eddie Lacy’s Rummage Sale Is A Cool Idea

New Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy is saying goodbye to the city that drafted by him this weekend. Lacy is having a rummage sale at his De Pere home where he’s selling items with 100 percent of the profits going to charity. We don’t

Brewcap: Peralta & Brewers Bombers Notch First W

Milwaukee Brewers got off to a rough start losing the first two games of the season. Good news was in both games, Milwaukee could have won the game. Bad news is a lot needed to be fixed. They handled business on Wednesday night getting their