Frank Kaminsky Has Iron Throne of Toilets

If you didn’t know for some reason, Charlotte Hornets forward Frank Kaminsky is a massive Game of Thrones fan. There are athletes who like Thrones, but Frank is one of the biggest. If you want some context, check out Dan Patrick Show producer McLovin and

HOOPCAP: Badgers Avoid Michigan Meltdown

On Monday afternoon, I had a conversation with my favorite Badgers homer, Doz. I mean that with love and affection. But we talked about how Wisconsin’s schedule sets up very nicely for them to lose as he put ‘One more game the rest of the

Anthony Lynn Opens His Press Conference Saying San Die–LA!

Who knew Los Angeles Chargers would give me so much to blog about. It seems like time and again, they are doing things to put themselves on my radar. Case in point, we had nearly an all-time flub by new head coach Anthony Lynn who

Badgers Fans Reenact A Cat Having A Hairball

I’m not a huge fan of people going behind the camera and doing stuff for the attention. To each their own I guess, but it’s just dumb. Some little shithead waving and dabbing so his friends can see that his parents have money and can

BREAKING: OBJ’s Lambeau Hole Is Fixed

Over the past weekend, it appears the maintenance crew at Lambeau Field repaired the hole left by Odell Beckham Jr. after the Giants loss to Packers in the final home game of the season. I’m a little upset they replaced it so quickly. That’s a

Available Rivers Hurts Romo’s Trade Market

Yesterday, a reporter from the Bay Area dropped a nugget that Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers doesn’t want to play in City of Angels. He’s been outspoken about this before, and it appears like Rivers might be heading for the trade block. Chargers will

Ranking The Best Packers Non-Super Bowl Playoff Wins

Someone tweeted out after Green Bay beat Dallas in thrilling fashion, ‘This is the most thrilling Packers game since ____.’ I thought about this for awhile and remembered how many bad losses that have ended Packers seasons were such good games. Like Arizona 2009, San

Hoopcap: Bottom Falls Out on Marquette

63 second half points. 63 fucking points. That’s how many points Marquette surrendered on Monday morning to 12th ranked Butler after having a 16-point lead at halftime. It’s pathetic and makes you question, what’s really going on at Marquette? Why aren’t things getting better? Why

Bucks Buzz Vol. 40: The Great Philly Flub

What a bad loss. There’s no way around it. Philly came into Bradley Center on Monday afternoon and took Bucks lunch money in the fourth quarter. There’s not much more to say about this one. If you listen to Mitch and I, we talk about