James Starks Release Means Nothing For Packers RBs

Green Bay Packers made their first move of the offseason by releasing running back James Starks on the non-football injury list. Starks never recovered from a concussion he suffered in an early morning carwreck after Seattle Seahawks game. Before Starks’ injury, the writing seemed on

LaMelo Ball’s 92 Points Make Me Want To Puke

I haven’t taken many corners, but one, I will take is hating on a 15-year-old basketball player known as LaMelo Ball. If you remember, I called him a punk for his three-point shot awhile back. Now, we’re looking at the internet having a collective orgasm

Bill Belichick Lives The No Days Off Life

There were many good things about New England Patriots parade. So many good things. We had Gronk celebrating like a frat boy per usual. The most Roger Goodell slander of all-time and Bill Belichick leading a chat. The last part might have been the most

No, Chip Kelly Shouldn’t Be Alabama’s OC

The news of the day was Atlanta Falcons announced they are hiring Steve Sarkasian to replace Kyle Shanahan who took the San Francisco 49ers gig. Sarkasian had employment with Alabama Crimson Tide to be their new offensive coordinator, but Sark bounced to take an NFL

Do Milwaukee Bucks Making Playoffs Matter?

While watching overtime of the thrilling Cleveland Cavaliers-Washington Wizards game, it hit me that these two teams are head and shoulders above what Milwaukee Bucks are right now. It wasn’t that way the whole season, but the way it’s shaped out in last month, Milwaukee

Luke Bryan At Summerfest Again… Yawn

Summerfest made another headliner stage announcement yesterday, and drum roll please… Luke Bryan! Another year, another year of Luke Bryan. How exciting! Can we talk about for a second how Summerfest has their 50th anniversary coming up, and their headliners are falling flatter than flat.

Bachelor Nick Is A Clueless Trainwreck

The Bachelor has been must-see TV for me since I’ve started dating my girlfriend. I watched it tonight without her while she hung out in the W-A-U-SAU. I carried the flag and sat on my couch in amazement about how Nick Viall, the Milwaukee native,

LeBron Calls NY Daily News Report & Reporter “Trash”

LeBron James is at it again. After James’ team won an incredible game versus Washington, he went to deny reports for New York Daily News and its reporter Frank Isola who wrote LeBron is doing everything in his power to get Carmelo Anthony to Cleveland

Would You Wear Jordan Golf Shoes?

Today, Nike Golf announced they will be releasing Jordan golf shoe that will resemble Air Jordan High I, one of the most iconic basketball shoes in the last 30 years. The shoe is a high top which is something you don’t see from a golf