Bucks Buzz Vol. 38: Milwaukee Douse The Heat

Sorry, this is a little late, folks. Milwaukee Bucks could have let down against a bad Heat team on Friday night. Milwaukee had their best win of the year versus San Antonio, and they played a lowly Miami team. Now, Heat finished up a 10-day,

Justin Wilcox Appears to Be Headed To Cal

Wisconsin defensive coordinators are like the weather in the state, if you don’t like them, just wait five minutes. No, seriously. Wisconsin could be looking at their third defensive coordinator in five years as Justin Wilcox, their talented young defensive coordinator, is in negotiations to

Sean McVay Makes Me Feel Like A Loser

If you didn’t hear, the other NFL Los Angeles team hired their new head coach. Sean McVay takes the reigns from Jeff Fisher, and he’s the ripe age of 30. Yes, you heard that right. He’s 30 years old holding one of the best jobs

LA Chargers Clowned For Their New Logo

Los Angeles Chargers had a rough day on social media. First, there were articles written about how no one wants the team in Los Angeles. That’s harsh way to enter into your new digs. To make matters worse, Chargers released a brand new logo only

CBB HoopCap: Marquette Saves Their Season

For a second there, it looked like history was set to repeat itself. Marquette found themselves in a tight, down-to-the-wire finish with Seton Hall after Golden Eagles let a 10-point lead with three minutes left slip away. Thankfully, Pirates would only force overtime, but Marquette

New MKE Restaurant Pays Homage to American Psycho… Uh.

Brady Street will be getting a new restaurant in 2017. It’s an Italian place replacing the old Mimma’s which is right next to everyone’s favorite hookup spot, Jo-Cats. What’s odd about this new place is it’s called Dorsia which pays tribute to American Psycho, a

Need, Not Want, A Fried Chicken Taco Shell

We are off to a wild start in 2017. It’s not a depressing one, rather, a wild one. It’s not been 15 days into the new year, and golden shower is a trending topic and a taco in a fried chicken taco shell is an

Chargers Make The Puzzling Move To Los Angeles

San Diego Chargers are latest National League Football franchise to pack up their moving trucks and head elsewhere. Chargers will not be moving far as they will be yet another team Los Angeles. The L.A. Chargers will probably play in StubHub Center, known for soccer,

John Wall Shouldn’t Mess With Jae Crowder

Let’s put it out there before we move any further in this blog post – John Wall is an idiot. Yes, I know I’m a big Marquette fan, and Jae Crowder is one of my favorite players. That being said, Crowder is on my list