Bucks Buzz Vol. 8: Winless Teams Love Milwaukee

At 4-2, Milwaukee’s next two opponents were two of the league’s worst to start the year. Dallas got their first one against Bucks on Sunday night, and tonight, New Orleans got their first win of the year as Milwaukee couldn’t come back from the Pelicans’

Milwaukee Could Be The Next To Ban Chewing Tobacco At Sporting Events

In some of the biggest cities, they have banned chewing tobacco from baseball stadiums. Milwaukee might add themselves to the list. WMTJ4 reported last night that Alderman Michael Murphy wants to be an end to tobacco at Miller Park. This is once again an example

Tapping The Keg Podcast Ep. 211: Justifying Mike & Ted’s Hot Seat

What a podcast. We taped this before the election was decided so we do a little choose your own adventure to begin. Charlie recaps his time at Lambeau with some memorable moments like the guy who kept looking at butts. We move on to talk

The Biggest Upset In United States Political History.

I don’t want to write about politics. I’m not here to be a political commentator and a sports one at the same time. That’s not what I’m all about to be honest. I know some people like to dip in both waters, but usually, I

Vanderpump Rules Recap: Summer Bodies & Bad Beef

Okay, this is a new thing. I’ve wanted to do a Vanderpump Rules recap for a long time. I’m probably doing something similar for The Bachelor upcoming so let’s get into it with Vanderpump. Truth be told, why I didn’t do this sooner is a

Packers Remaining Season Oddsmakers

Green Bay Packers are 4-4 in the first nine games. This is the worst start for a Mike McCarthy-led team since 2009. Green Bay is squarely out of the playoffs in the NFC logjam. This season isn’t over by any means though. Three teams last

Nigel Hayes Calls Out Racial Discrimination at Wisconsin

At the last Wisconsin home game, an image shocked the university with a man wearing a Barack Obama mask with a noose tied around its neck while the other man wore a Donald Trump mask. It was disgusting and appalling. Wisconsin took swift action releasing

Not Much Changes if Marc Lasry Leaves Milwaukee

Election Day is a big one for the Milwaukee Bucks organization. Marc Lasry is a very close friend to Hilary Clinton. Lasry and his son, Alex, have gone to great lengths from a money perspective to get Clinton elected as President of the United States.

Welcome to Worst Three Days in Social Media

This is going to be brutal. No matter who wins the presidency this will be the most annoying times on the web. Overreactions in every direction possible. Groupthink all over the place, and people running their mouth on Facebook without any idea of what they