Nike Changing Up The NBA Jersey Game

Today, Nike’s plans for the 2018-2019 NBA season leaked out to the public. What came out from it is that NBA will be doing away with home and away jerseys plus they will have two new jerseys for a grand total of four jerseys. It

Is Jacob deGrom Worth Squeeze For Brewers?

Yesterday, we discussed how Milwaukee Brewers would not go overboard when it came to trade pieces in the next two weeks. Today, we might contradict that point a little bit. Joel Sherman of the New York Post who is connected as anyone explained why New

Brewcap: Pittsburgh Continues To Be A Pain

Milwaukee Brewers are seeing great success this year. They are one of the surprise in baseball, but Brewers have a team whose been kryponite for them thus far in Pittsburgh Pirates. For the season, Brewers are 3-5 with only one win coming at PNC Park.

Now on Instagram Live: SnoTap After Dark

SnoTapWI took another step on Monday night by adding a livestreaming component to our Instagram page. I’m excited for this and hope to begin adding things to our Instagram page sooner rather than later. Last year, I toyed around with Instagram stories for maybe two

Derrick Rose to Bucks Is Summer Saga No One Wants

Derrick Rose is still a free agent when writing this at 7:50 am for a post time of noon or around noon. Rose and Bucks are sadly still courting each other this summer like two people on Tinder or Bumble. Maybe a date here, a

Brewers Aren’t Going To Mortgage Future For 2017

With Milwaukee Brewers being in first place, they’re obviously in trade talks with certain players. It’s hard for a time to be a contender and not look at how they can add talent before the trade deadline. Many Brewers fans are concerned the team will

Sam Dekker Enforces A ‘No Duke Law’ To Kobe King

Confession time – Sam Dekker is a fun follow on Twitter even though I’m not a Badger fan and don’t pretend to be anywhere close to one. He admitted to me once that Marquette had much better uniforms than Wisconsin as well. Although, I found

Ed Sheeran’s GOT Cameo Went Over Terribly

Game of Thrones will be rolling out some celebrity cameos this season. The show is at it’s “We have ‘fuck you’ money so we can do whatever the hell we want.” The first one appeared in Episode 1 with Ed Sheeran being part of the

No One Gives A Shit That You Don’t Watch Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Season 7 began on Sunday night. All in all, the episode was an opening episode of Thrones setting the table for things to come this season with a grisly death to kick off the year. A popular trend on Sunday night featured

Brewcap: Brewers Celebrate 82′ With Strong Weekend

This weekend in Milwaukee was a celebration of the 1982 AL Champion Milwaukee Brewers. If I had a working computer and figured out how to be functional, I may have dropped a hot take about Brewers needing something else to celebrate. I get that 82′