Jeopardy Contestants Should Get Punished For Not Knowing Packers Question

In case you were wondering, Aaron Rodgers is still hosting Jeopardy. People seem to enjoy the quarterback in this role. It will be interesting to hear if Rodgers gets offered the full-time job. This will be a storyline in Fall, and broadcasters will relentlessly bring

Willson Contreras Admits To Throwing at Brewers’ Pitcher Brandon Woodruff

Willson Contreras and the Milwaukee Brewers are the newest sports beef. They do not like each other. Part of the issue is that the Milwaukee Brewers keep pitching Contreras inside. Now since the Cubs catcher crowds the plate, he gets hit often. Last year, Contreras

How to Manage Your Freddy Peralta Expectations | The Daily Tap Podcast

SnoTapWI Network · How to Manage Your Freddy Peralta Expectations | The Daily Tap The Daily Tap returns for another edition. On today’s show, Charlie talks about the dynamic performance from Freddy Peralta against the Chicago Cubs. What has changed for Fred? Is this Cubs’

Testing Hot Dogs Across America Sounds Like My Passion Project

Yesterday afternoon, a news article came out that a company is looking for someone to test hot dogs at all MLB stadiums. It is rare when I see a job that would be picture-perfect for me, but that’s exactly what we have here. Is it

Brewers Star Ratings: Freddy Peralta Sizzles & Shuts Down Cubs’ Bats Again

Freddy Peralta is off to a great start to the season. Peralta has been near unhittable in his first two starts of the season. In his two starts against the Chicago Cubs, Fireball Fred (We’re trying it out) has struck out 18 batters, allowed three

Javy Baez Had One of the Funniest Errors Ever Last Night

My dad and I occasionally text during sporting events. It started a few years ago, and it has grown throughout the years. I’m happy that we can chat about what’s going on in a game regularly. When the Brewers are playing, the texts increase more

Dawson Garcia’s NBA Draft Temparture Check Isn’t a Suprrise

Marquette Golden Eagles started their offseason workouts last week. The optimism from the fan base is sky-high. It is higher than it’s been in years. With most of the Marquette Golden Eagles back, there is reason to believe that the team could be good right

Three Things to Know About the Bucks Demolishing the Magic

Milwaukee Bucks found themselves on another losing streak. For Milwaukee, this has been more common than in other years. They were on a five-game one earlier this season. A three-game one on the start of their West Coast swing, and another three-game one. Two of

Bucks Fans Deserve More Answers on Giannis’ Injury | The Daily Tap Podcast

SnoTapWI Network · Bucks Fans Deserve More Answers on Giannis' Injury | The Daily Tap The Daily Tap is loaded today. It starts off talking bout Giannis Antetokounmpo’s knee injury and why the Bucks should be giving more answers. Charlie explains how this is unfair

Is There Any Athlete More Dramatic Than Willson Contreras?

Willson Contreras is the Chicago Cubs catcher and a good one at that. He can hit the ball with the best of them and is a vital part of the Cubs’ offense being successful. Contreras is a big personality who isn’t afraid to bat flip