Classic Sporting Events Do Next to Nothing For Me

Sports are completely gone until mid-May at the earliest. Some people believe that it will not be until June before we have sports again. There are a few things to quench our thirst though. The NFL Draft is here in the final week of April.

D’Mitrik Trice Hilariously Keeps Scaring Aleem Ford

You have to do different things to keep yourself occupied in these times. Maybe you’re reading more books or watching more television. Maybe you’ve got into board games again. Some have taken back their video game habit like a drug addict. There are opportunities all

NFL Playoff Expansion Gives Packers More Chances

The National Football League made the playoff expansion official yesterday. There will be seven teams in the playoffs for each conference. The two seed will no longer get a bye. Wild Card weekend will feature three games on Saturday and Sunday. Each day will have

THE DAILY TAP PRESENTS Teams That Hurt Wisconsin Sports’ Fans Feelings

The Daily Tap presents is back for another edition where Charlie is talking about different teams that have hurt Wisconsin fans’ feelings during Charlie’s time as a sports fan. Charlie reflects back on teams that have hurt the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers,

Emmanuel Sanders’ Honesty About Green Bay is a Good Reminder

New Orleans Saints added a receiver this offseason. After spending last year in Denver and San Francisco, Emmanuel Sanders is part of the Saints. This gives New Orleans a dynamic player in the slot and makes Drew Brees’ life easier. Sanders also figures to get

Blake Martinez Needs a Reality Check

Former Green Bay Packers linebacker Blake Martinez met with the media on Monday afternoon. Martinez had a lot to say about the Packers and how they used him. He seemed to be upset with how the Packers utilized their middle linebacker position. He took a

Packers Players Are Just Like Us at Target

Target is one of the more fascinating places in the United States. While I have no basis of knowledge, it does feel like a Midwest-first company considering their home base in Minneapolis. Plus, I know many Midwesterners talk about their love for Target. It is

Rating Counsell & Budenholzer’s Performance in Car Ad

Craig Counsell and Mike Budenholzer are currently at home like the rest of us. I’m sure for Budenholzer, he is getting ready for whenever the NBA comes back. While Counsell can be doing the same, he does not have any data on this year’s 2020

THE DAILY TAP PRESENTS: Packers Wide Receiver Solutions

Charlie returns for The Daily Tap presents as he talks about the wide receiver position for the Green Bay Packers. Charlie talks about what he thinks the Packers might do with their current roster. And why he thinks Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Jake Kumerow need good

SnoTapWI Top Five: Most Hateable Teams For a Wisconsin Sports Fan

SnoTapWI Top Five can be positive, sometimes. And other times, we can write a one-way ticket to negativeville USA. This is one of those moments. This is a very hard list to put together. The top five teams that I, as a Wisconsin sports fan,