Fight Night in Orlando: T’Wolves & Magic Go At It

For the last several years, people have said their problem with the NBA is it’s ‘too buddy-buddy’, and that ‘all of these guys are friends.’ Well, that’s changed in the last two years. These guys are more petty and chippy than ever. I said on

Marquette Blows Out DePaul in Sloppy Fashion

Ever regret having to watch something on DVR? I could be a show that’s gotten tiresome in the past few episodes, or maybe, it’s a reality show that you are embarrassed you watch (Florbama Shore, what’s up). For me on Monday, it was the Marquette-DePaul

Daily Tap 1/16/18: We Witnessed Peak Giannis.

Daily Tap is live for Tuesday. We’re chatting about some NBA stuff with me regretting I taped early to not being able to talk about Rockets-Clippers. You win some and lose some. I am here to talk about why we witnessed peak Giannis on Monday

Bucks Grind Out a Gritty Road Win

Gritty is a term that gets overused and made fun of yet it can be the perfect way to describe a sports situation. That’s what we saw on Monday afternoon. It was a gritty performance by Milwaukee as they dropped two straight and even though,

Post-Game Fight! Rockets Try To Fight Clippers

I finished the Daily Tap and sat down to edit it with the end of the Rockets-Clippers game. As this game finished up, things started to get real with Blake Griffin started to get into with Houston Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni which led to

Giannis Has a Future as a Long Snapper

Giannis Antetokounmpo is not from planet earth. You know that, I know that but he made one of the more unreal plays of the season by hitting Khris Middleton with a pass between his legs. Antetokounmpo basically took the role of a long snapper and

Brewers Have Interest In Mike Moustakas?

As you know, the hot stove is very quiet. It’s not a stove anymore. It’s like a sleeping baby at this point. This morning, we awoke to the news that Milwaukee Brewers are still looking at Jake Arrieta, but also according to former general manager

Bucks Season Trending In Wrong Direction

Milwaukee Bucks had a season full of promise to begin the year, and after they added Eric Bledsoe, it appeared to be even more promising. But Milwaukee hasn’t capitalized as the team is only two games over .500 halfway through the month of January. They’re

Daily Tap 1/15/18: Making Peace with Minneapolis Miracle

Yep, that really happened. I’m here to react to the Minneapolis Miracle. One of the more amazing plays I’ve ever seen on the football field. I try to make sense of what we saw on Sunday night with the Minnesota Vikings pulling off an amazing

Did the Vikings Break Their Football Curse Last Night?

Minnesota Vikings won in what will be known as the ‘Minneapolis Miracle’, and it seems people are on the bandwagon more than ever. But what I’m wondering now is the curse that’s on their football team officially over. Like this kind of shit doesn’t happen