Bucks are All-Star Game’s Biggest Winners

Team Giannis did not finish the job last night. They had a lead heading into mid-third quarter, and then, the hot shooting of Team LeBron woke up. They pulled away at the end meaning Giannis will have to wait another year to the All-Star Game

Did Giannis Have His Best Dunk Ever Last Night?

All-Star Game has come and gone. We will have some Wally Waukesha complain about no defense before noontime, or the baby boomer at your office while he pronounces Giannis’ name wrong. That said, it was an awesome game. Disappointing that Team Giannis couldn’t hold a

Win Butler Can Stay The Hell Out of Milwaukee

Some of you might know who Win Butler is, some of you may not. Win Butler is the lead singer of Arcade Fire, one of the biggest indie bands in the world. Butler is a noted NBA fan. He has found himself in the NBA

Need to See Tae Adams & Ocho Cinco Go At It

Twitter is still cool, sometimes. Sure, there are parts that are a ragging cesspool. But other parts can be cool like how Davante Adams and Ocho Cinco aka Chad Johnson got themselves into a Twitter spat. Adams tweeted out that ‘I’m still open’ which is

Ben Simmons Takes a Shot at the Bucks

As the great Heath Ledger once said in ‘The Dark Knight’, here we go. All-Star weekend features a variety of interviews with different players who are playing in the game, participating in All-Star Saturday or the Rising Stars game. Philadelphia 76ers guard Ben Simmons met

Weekend Watchlist: Worst Wisconsin Sports Weekend

Charlie is back with the weekend watchlist but he’s here to tell you this is a rough weekend. No Bucks, Marquette or Wisconsin games this weekend meaning it’s All Star Weekend or bust. Here’s what he talks about to watch this weekend. Becoming Giannis, NBA

Celtics TV Analyst Believes Giannis Can’t Close Out Games

This might be one of my favorite segments I’ve seen in awhile. Brian Scalabrine joined the FOX Sports program ‘Undisputed’ yesterday. Scalabrine is referred to as an ‘NBA Champion’ which is accurate but the part that FOX misses out on their lower third is that

Erik Kratz’s Uphill Climb to Make the Roster

Milwaukee Brewers broke camp yesterday and had their first real practice of the 2019 season. It’s an exciting time. Pitchers and catchers are the only ones currently with the team, but they are still headlines coming out of Maryvale, Arizona. First is not a surprise.

PODCAST: Who Do You Love in Sports?

Daily Tap wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day and Charlie gets into his feels a bit. He talks about sports love and who he loves in sports from local to national. Charlie also adds these aren’t the obvious players we all love like Giannis Antetokounmpo,