Inviting You to SnoTap’s Summer Bash

If you listened to the podcast this morning, I talked about SnoTap’s Summer Bash. It’s a first annual thing that we hope to do at least once a year, if not, a couple times a year and keep trying to get our names out there

Clay Matthews Concerned with OLB Depth

Clay Matthews isn’t afraid to mince word. He gets in front of the microphone at times and says how he feels about a certain situation. Matthews let his opinion be felt about the outside linebacker depth to the media yesterday. Basically, he doesn’t think highly

Tapping The Keg: Bud’s First Weeks + Brown vs. MPD

Tapping The Keg is fully loaded this week. First of all, let’s chat about the SnoTap Party that’s going down in a couple of weeks in June (0-5). Budenholzer press conference and what’s next for the Milwaukee Bucks this offseason(5-17). Sterling Brown getting ready to

BrewCap: Milwaukee Keeps Getting Fat on Arizona

Sometimes, it’s the right team at the right time. Case in point, the Arizona Diamondbacks for the Milwaukee Brewers. They’ve lost sevens straight games. They’ve lost 12 of their last 13 games. Wednesday will be the sixth time these two teams have played in the

Angel Hernandez is an Embarrassment to Baseball

Angel Hernandez is the worst umpire in Major League Baseball. It’s hard to know why he has a job in baseball. I’m sure it’s something due with the union, but it’s disappointing that we have to watch Hernandez be a home plate umpire. He was

BrewCap: Just Another Longball Monday

Milwaukee Brewers returned home Monday to face a familiar foe in the Arizona Diamondbacks. These two teams faced off last Monday in the desert, and now, they’re back at Miller Park. The only win Arizona had in its last 10 games was Zack Greinke’s dazzling

Colin Cowherd Puts Ben Simmons Ahead of Giannis & Harden

Please know that I try to avoid the taking the hot take artist cheese. I try so hard. There are those in the sports media world who throw out outrageous proclamations just so we’re talking about them the next day. Colin Cowherd is one of

How Pathetic Are These Cubs Fans?

If you listen to Daily Tap today, you’ll hear me rant about how I saw many dudes wearing Cubs gear at Miller Park last night. Mind you, the Brewers are playing Arizona, and Cubs had an off day before playing Cleveland. Then, I see these

Daily Tap 5/22: Bud Passes First Test as Bucks Coach

Can Bud actually unlock the Bucks’ defensive potential + other thoughts (3-9 mins), Did Chase Anderson return to form on Monday night (9-14 mins), No, the Packers aren’t signing Richie Incognito (14-16 mins). Daily Tap is live for Tuesday. We talk about how the Milwaukee

Packers Rookies Go on Hall of Fame Scavenger Hunt

As anyone knows, the Green Bay Packers are rich in tradition. It’s something people talk about all of the time. Sometimes, it’s overused and overkill that leads some of us to roll our eyes into the back of our heads. But when Green Bay’s history