BrewCap: Chacin & Braun Carry the Brew Crew

What a win for the Milwaukee Brewers. It’s hard to put into words how much this game meant for the team. It’s not a death sentence for Brewers’ chances in the NL Central if they were to lose both games at Wrigley Field, but Milwaukee

Tapping The Keg: 300 Down, Many More to Come

Welcome to Tapping The Keg. SnoTap’s weekly podcast that we’ve been doing for the last several years. It’s been fun time with Murph and Charlie then Murph, Mitch and Charlie then Charlie and Mitch for the last hundreds of podcasts. We present number 300. Thank

Aaron Rodgers Hopes Receivers Aren’t ‘Soft’

Aaron Rodgers is speaking his mind to the media in the early stages of the season. Last week, Rodgers took it upon himself to call out the young receivers for a ‘piss-poor’ effort on the football field. Rodgers saw it as a way to motivate

Would You Eat a ‘Brat in a Blanket’?

As you may know, every stadium wants to come out with new food items to showcase to the masses. It gets a lot of media attention, and the city/state’s culture is usually on display. Look no further than what’s they’re rolling out for Green Bay

Why Do People Care if Aaron Rodgers Plays on Thursday?

It appears Aaron Rodgers will be returning to Lambeau Field on Thursday night. The comments he made to the media today says the former three-time MVP plans to play in the second preseason game of the season. If this was not being played at Lambeau,

Daily Tap: Khalil Mack’s Pack Attack

Daily Tap, your one-stop shop for Wisconsin sports in 20 minutes or less. We talk about the possibility of Khalil Mack to the Packers as Las Vegas calls Green Bay the odds-on-favorite. We look at that as a possibility and why Green Bay should make

Cubs Walk Off Grand Slam Broke Me

After finishing up The Affair, I turned on the Washington Nationals-Chicago Cubs. For those who don’t watch The Affair, it can be a terribly depressing show and make you feel down in the dumps. The episode did have some of those vibes, but nothing made

BrewCap: Bullpen Scuffles Again & Loses Atlanta Series

Milwaukee Brewers had 19 hits on Sunday afternoon. 19 hits. They did not win the game. Milwaukee lost to Atlanta 8-7 due to poor bullpen play for the third game this week. Milwaukee had multiple leads in the latter half of the game, and they