WWE Supster Braun Strowman Visits Brewers

The professional sports world and the WWE tend to blend well together. The two carry a relationship. Why that is , I don’t know. Usually, there are a good group of players who like the WWE and go watch when wrestling is in town. Brewers

PODCAST: Bust Out The Bucks Brooms

A special Sunday edition of the Daily Tap! When the Bucks win their third straight playoff game on a Saturday night, you have to podcast the next day right? Milwaukee Bucks get it done with another dominating win without Giannis playing very well. Charlie talks

Starting Pitching Issues are 100 Percent on Stearns

David Stearns earned the respect and admiration of Brewers fans throughout the years. The reasons are pretty simple. He made a quick rebuild and brought the Brewers to a 2018 National League Championship series. This offseason was a big one for the Brewers. Could they

BrewCap: One Bad Pitch Dooms Hader & Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers and the Los Angeles Dodgers played another classic in their recent rivalry on Friday night at Miller Park. Josh Hader came in the bottom of the 7th inning with two outs and the bases loaded to face Cody Bellinger. Other than Christian Yelich,

PODCAST: The Return of the Watchlist

Weekend watchlist returns picking out the 10 best games for you to watch this weekend. It is a jam packed weekend with playoff hoops and hockey. Then some baseball and golf added to the mix. Here’s what Charlie talked about on this episode. 1. Bucks-Pistons

Is the 12th Pick Too High to Draft a Tight End?

Green Bay Packers will have selected their two first round picks by this time next week. We will know what the Packers are doing with those draft picks. After a spend-heavy free agency, Green Bay turned the draft on its head. People thought the Packers

BrewCap: Urias Gets Revenge on Brewers’ Bats

Milwaukee Brewers’ offense has run hot at home. They’ve scored five or more runs in seven of their first 10 games at home. This was the first home game all year where the bats could do absolutely nothing. Julio Urias is one of the premier

PODCAST: Bucks Second Half KO

Daily Tap is back for another edition as Charlie reacts to the Bucks Game 2 victory over the Detroit Pistons. Bucks get it done with a big second half. Charlie highlights some concerns, some positives and looks ahead to Game 3. Podcast talks about Corbin

Bucks Buzz: The Second Half Milwaukee Takeover

Milwaukee Bucks expected a challenge in Game 2. They won the first game by 35 points, and they knew the Pistons would come out with some pride in Game 2. That was inevitable. And they did with a strong first half being up by one