THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Why NBA National Media Isn’t Talking Bucks

Charlie is back from his European vacation! He talks about the Milwaukee Bucks, Marquette Golden Eagles, Wisconsin Badgers and Milwaukee Brewers in that order plus a bit on his trip to end the show. Charlie talks about why the national media isn’t talking about the

How Wisconsin Badgers Fixed Their Season

Wisconsin Badgers could have easily laid down. They were 5-5 with all sorts of drama around Kobe King at the start of February. Wisconsin could not seem to string together wins. At one point in early February, Jerry Palm of CBS Sports knocked the Badgers

Is Marquette Broken or Can They Figure It Out?

Marquette Golden Eagles are back at it again. For the second straight year, Marquette is falling apart. Golden Eagles have lost 10 of their last 17 games in February and March. Those are the months when college basketball teams are supposed to hit their stride,

BucksCap Special: Bucks Start Final Push With A Bang

Milwaukee Bucks began the final stretch of games for the season on Thursday night against the Detroit Pistons. Milwaukee did not trail after being down 6-5 in the early part of the first quarter. Other than that, Milwaukee routed Detroit. Bucks also dominated Philadelphia in

Bucks G League Coach Delivers Rant of the Year

Milwaukee Bucks have the best record in the NBA, you know that I know that. But what you might not know is the Wisconsin Herd also has the best record in the G League. They’re 28-9, and they’re one game better than the Maine RedClaws,

Is This Good? Bucks Clinch a Playoff Spot Before March

I’m back from my European vacation. I’m happy to be back and writing again. We should have a full day of blog posts and stories for you to check out. We start our day with the Milwaukee Bucks. They’ve clinched a playoff spot on February

Kanye West Not Being Involved In NBA All-Star Bums Me Out

This is veering a little bit off our Wisconsin sports stance. But hear me out. There will be Wisconsin sports athletes competing this weekend in Chicago. Therefore, I can talk about Kanye West. For those who do not know, he is my favorite artist of

SnoTapWI Bar Watch: Camp Bar in Shorewood

The first edition of the SnoTapWI Bar Watch talks about a popular bar in Milwaukee, Camp. Most people like Camp. I’d argue it is one of the more agreed upon bars in Milwaukee. Now, this will likely not be the only review of Camp’s locations.

Introducing SnoTapWI Bar Watch, a New Way To Watch Sports

If you’re a fan of SnoTapWI or SnoTap or Sports News on Tap, I had something called ‘The Bar Watch Game of the Week’ when making college football picks. The game would always be at 9:00 pm, 9:30 pm or 10:00 pm start time. I

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Off To Europe + Reacting To Latest Badgers Drama

The Daily Tap podcast is back for its final show before Charlie goes on hiatus for travel. He talks about his upcoming trip to Copenhagen and Dublin and why it took him a while to not feel guilty about going. Charlie discusses the latest from