Cardinals Should Forfeit Games If Taxi Squad Cannot Play

St. Louis Cardinals continue to not play baseball. Cardinals have only played five games all year and have a record of 2-3. There is no longer time for the Cardinals to wait and make up all of these games. They will not get to 60

BrewCap: Smoak Breaks Out of Slump & Leads Brewers to Victory

Justin Smoak is one of the players that many fans have under fire to start the season for Milwaukee. The reason being is Smoak was supposed to replace Eric Thames and Jesus Aguilar. He hasn’t done a good job. Both Thames and Aguilar are very

BucksCap: Late-Game Blunders Hurt Bucks Yet Again

Milwaukee Bucks found themselves in a similar position on Saturday as they did last Sunday against Houston. They had a big lead late and just needed one or two more baskets to close out the team. Then weird shit started to happen. Miss shot here,

College Football Is Choosing To Protect Amateurism Over Anything Else

Big Ten football will likely not be a thing by Monday at 9:00 AM. If you’re reading this and the Big Ten is already canceled, it is a fucking shame. Those who always caveat with ‘Well if they play’ are right. The fact is that

BrewCap: Bats Go Silent Again For Brewers As Home Struggles Continue

In the Brewers’ first four home games of the season, there have been moments where the fans would have been absurdly loud. Think about last night. Saturday night game in the middle of summer. Everyone in their cups. Brewers trailing 4-0 and put runners on

Luka Doncic’s Between-The-Legs Pass Was Absolutely Silly

Dallas Mavericks’ guard Luka Doncic is one of the best young superstars in the game. There are some people that like to gas up Luka more than they do Giannis. Is it a big deal? No, not really. I’m not going to get all fired

BrewCap: Bauer & Reds Put Holes in Brewers’ Bats

Milwaukee Brewers came into Miller Park this weekend riding high. They won two straight against Chicago and got their record back to 5-5. Then they came back to their unfriendly confines. Brewers are still looking for their first win at Miller Park after falling to

Milwaukee’s Giant Red Solo Cup Is Very On Brand For MKE

The City of Milwaukee started a tradition a few years back putting all different types of sculptures through the city. They called it Sculpture Milwaukee. Some are very pretty pieces of art. Some are a little weird like the hot dog vendor last summer that

The Movie Refs Episode 15: The Natural

SnoTapWI Network ยท The Movie Refs Episode 15: The Natural Is this the first movie that Sam and Tony both disliked? The Movie Refs podcast takes a look at The Natural, a “classic” 1980’s baseball movie that gets the guys talking about their favorite old

BrewCap: Brewers’ Bats Finally Wake Up & Get Split From Sox

Milwaukee Brewers are .500 after the first 10 games of the season. In most years, you would not even have that conversation. This year, you do because 16% of the season is already completed. Brewers took a split from the Chicago White Sox winning 8-3