BrewCap: Brewers Are Letting Season Slip Away

Milwaukee Brewers knew these three weeks were on the schedule. They knew they would have a chance to make a major statement. Washington, St. Louis (x2), Chicago and Arizona all were on the slate in the next couple of weeks. Milwaukee could finally welcome themselves

PODCAST: What Teams’ Apparel Can You Never Wear?

The Wednesday edition of the Daily Tap features Charlie talking about sports apparel based on a conversation he had today. Charlie talks through what teams he could never wear. He also goes on a solid rant about the Milwaukee Brewers after their loss to the

Allen Lazard Gets the Aaron Rodgers Bump

Allen Lazard is having himself a great training camp. After grinding through the league, Lazard is having his moment in the National Football League. Lazard is a beasty player being 6’4 and physically gifted receiver. He and Darrius Shepherd are making it very difficult on

BrewCap: Brewers Bat Go Silent in St. Louis

Milwaukee Brewers got their offense churning on Saturday and Sunday with 23 total runs. Even though Sunday was a loss, you have to think the offense felt pretty good about themselves. Well all of that went for naught. Brewers could barely muster a hit in

PODCAST: Has Fantasy Football Hit Its Peak?

Tapping The Keg podcast featuring Charlie and Mitch gets after it again for another week. As always, the boys are presented by SnoTapWI Network. Charlie and Mitch chat about fantasy football as most people get geared up for their drafts. Why both guys are having

Aaron Rodgers Shows Confidence in Packers Offense

There have been a few questions about the Green Bay Packers heading into the third preseason game. One is ‘Will Aaron Rodgers play?’ The other one is ‘What are they going to do at backup quarterback?’ Some are worried about the Packers offense, and reporters

Derek Carr Wants No Smoke From Davante Adams

Davante Adams and Derek Carr are great friends. They went to Fresno State together, and now, they’re both successful starters in the league. Now, it is probably a surprise that Adams is the much better player than Carr. They train together in the offseason in

JERSEY GRADES: Rate These Bucks Baseball Jerseys

Reddit is a wonderful place. Some people might not like it, but I enjoy it across the board. Bucks, Brewers, Packers all have good Reddit communities. There are fun things there, and it is a great place to know what people are talking about with

Thansis Antetokounmpo Sends Game to Overtime

Right now, Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brother Thansis are enjoying their time over in Greece playing for the national team. They’re currently playing exhibition games before heading to China for the World Cup in two weeks. The Chinese crowd will likely be very hyped to