Giannis, Like The Rest of Us, Big Ed Sheeran Guy

Maybe, it’s because I’m a Bucks fan and I see a lot of things come through my feed but I feel like Giannis Antetokounmpo is owning All-Star Weekend. There’s some Kevin Durant-Russell Westbrook stuff, but no one has gotten the early attention like Giannis. Think

Kyrie Irving Thinks Earth Is Flat

News came out today that Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Kyrie Irving believes the Earth is flat. Yes, you heard that right. Irving thinks the world is flat, and the things taught to people are purely propaganda. I would love to tell you this is a made-up

Hoopcap: Wolverines Late Game Run Revenge

Wisconsin Badgers knew their trip to Ann Arbor would be an uphill climb. They had to do without Bronson Koenig who missed last night’s game with a calf injury. Wisconsin tried to do it without him and hung tough for most of the game. Until,

David Bakhtiari Would Like Keep His Twitter Followers at 69k

Green Bay Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari is one of the my favorite athlete follows on Twitter. Not only is he eskimo brothers with my roommate, but he’s generally a funny guy. Bakhtiari locked his Twitter account to keep himself at 69,094 followers to ensure

Bucks Buzz Vol. 55: Bucks Head Into Break On High Note

Milwaukee Bucks are hot again. They head into All-Star Break with a three-game winning streak. They’re 25-30, and one game out of the playoffs. Additionally, they’re playing good basketball. Tonight, the fourth quarter was a near hiccup, but Bucks preserved with a great win as

Mike Gundy Wearing Singlet Is An A-Plus Look

Oklahoma State football coach Mike Gundy is one of the best characters in college football and sports. Some thought he might be just be a beer commercial with ‘I’m a man, I’m 40’ in 2007, but he’s been more than that. Gundy has been one

Fire Up Your Adrian Peterson to Packers Rumors

NFL offseason is here. Adrian Peterson is one of the biggest names who could be out on the free agent market this summer. Minnesota Vikings running back will be highly coveted, but it will not be a cheap acquisition. Two different national respected writers wrote

Tom Izzo Takes Dan Dakich To Church

Michigan State won a critical game against Ohio State beating them 74-66. After the game, Spartans coach Tom Izzo addressed some of the things said by ESPN’s broadcaster Dan Dakich who seems to have gotten under the skin of the Michigan State faithful. The facts

Kate Upton Is A Three-Time SI Swimsuit Cover Model

Last time we heard from Kate Upton, she defended her fiance Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers in the most ride-or-die way possible. Upton is returning to the spotlight on her own as she makes the Sports Illustrated cover for the third time. Not many

Love’s Injury Opens Up Eastern Conference

The only real news today on the sports side of things (Politics is a way different story) was Kevin Love would be out for six weeks. Love will not be back until the first part of April meaning Cleveland Cavaliers will be down J.R. Smith