If Grey Worm Can Get Laid, Anyone Can

Game of Thrones finished their second episode of the season. All in all, it was another great episode. At the very end of SnoTap After Dark, we talk about it. You can listen here. My big talking point from the episode was my man Grey

The Open Showcased Future of Sports TV Ads

Open Championship might have been one of NBC Sports’ finest hours in the past few years. NBC took The Open over from ESPN/ABC last year, and it’s been a welcomed changed with Golf Channel partnership, it’s been perfect. Jordan Spieth stole the show with an

Phillies Becomes No Cure For Brewers

This weekend was the time when everyone thought Milwaukee Brewers would find their way back to the winner circle. Philadelphia Phillies came into the series with a little bit of swagger winning three of their last four, and they continued their good fortune with two

Joey Hauser Takes Marquette To Another Level

Marquette Golden Eagles and Wisconsin Badgers along with Michigan State have been chasing five-star 2018 recruit Joey Hauser. The last name is obviously familiar as he’s Sam’s younger brother. Joey wasn’t completely locked into Marquette amid what others had thought about him. He played out

Brewers Stall Out Of The Gates In Second Half

The worst thing to happen to Milwaukee Brewers was the All-Star Break. The second half start isn’t a nightmare per say, but it’s getting ghoulish with losing five straight games tying a season-high. This included a four-game sweep by the hands of division rival and

SnoTap After Dark: Don’t Panic About Brewers

We’re still doing the SnoTap After Dark thing on Instagram Live. I’m not sure if we’ll have a morning post every day but to build awareness, I want to get it out there. Any feedback is welcomed. We did this one late last night and

Somehow, Giannis Is More Jacked Than Last Year

Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo is back in the City of Milwaukee to train for the next couple of weeks. Bucks’ social media team took some pictures of him as one does, and he looks more jacked than we saw him last season. Like I’m

Wisconsin’s Most Hated Thing? – Trap Music

Are Wisconsin full of haters? Depends on who and when you ask that question. I feel like during Packers season, people hate everything and are never satisfied with results. Packers could win 38-3, and a couple fans would figure out something Mike McCarthy did that

SnoTap After Dark: Brewers, MLB Trades, The Challenge

If you didn’t know, we’re on Instagram and Instagram Live. You can watch what we posted last night in the upper right hand corner and enjoy the stylings of a near 15 minute livesteam. If you want to see anything change, feedback is appreciated since

Brewcap: Umpires Play Large Part in Brewers Defeat

You never really want to blame the umpires for a team losing any game, but it’s hard not to think the umpiring crew in last night’s Milwaukee-Pittsburgh didn’t play a large role in how the game ended up. Brewers players still didn’t overcome the bad