BrewCap: St. Louis Is Milwaukee’s Daddy Again

What a bad weekend for Milwaukee Brewers. After a successful Thursday night, Brewers dropped three straight games to St. Louis Cardinals. All of the sudden, Cards are hot, and Brewers are struggling. There are still some encouraging things about the team heading into a series

That’s It, Folks. The Worst Dab Ever.

The dab is one of those things that I don’t think will ever die. Although I thought the same thing about Crying Jordan, and it’s apparently dead as it doesn’t get the same traction as it used to. Dab is still popular than ever even

BrewCap: Cardinals Devil Magic Returns in Milwaukee

This headline could describe Friday’s or Saturday’s game. No one would really know because both have been the type of games Brewers fans only see when they’re playing St. Louis Cardinals. Since 2013, Cardinals own a 54-26 record against Crew and continue to find ways

Five Thoughts About Packers 2017 Schedule

If you missed it when you’re enjoying Bucks domination or Brewers win, Green Bay Packers came out with their 2017 schedule. This got leaked early in the afternoon, but still seeing the schedule out is a good feeling every year even if it’s all for

Bucks Buzz: Red-Hot Bucks Destroy Raptors

Going into Game 3, Bucks fans didn’t know what to expect. Vegas liked them as a 1.5 favorites, but still, Bucks have laid some eggs at home in the past. With a sold out crowd full of black t-shirts, Milwaukee took center stage in the

BrewCap: Shaw & Thames’ Two-Man Show Continues

St. Louis Cardinals came to town to face Milwaukee Brewers. These series are usually like pulling teeth for Brewers fans and the team. Cardinals had their number at Miller Park. Matt Carpenter’s home run was the 23rd straight game St. Louis hit a homer at

Need All of The Korean Broadcasts of Eric Thames Homer

If you didn’t hear with all of Bucks news, Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Eric Thames hit his 8th home run of the season. He took two days off and decided it’s time to mash again. Thames hit a two-run homer that ultimately put Brewers over-the-top

Bucks Troll With Barney Then Kick Toronto’s Ass

Milwaukee Bucks played one of the best games of their franchise history. That’s not an understatement. We’ll talk more in the Buzz tomorrow about the game itself. This is a turning point for the City of Milwaukee. I work out on Water Street and as

Which NBA Team Down 2-0 Is In Most Trouble?

NBA’s first round is always a point of contention for people. They do not see the validity in playing seven games with most of the series ending early. It’s happening again at least after two games with six of the eight series being at 2-0