NBA Headlines: Cavs D Still Bad; Kawhi Still Good

The round of Game 2’s began on Monday night with Indiana Pacers taking on Cleveland Cavaliers and Memphis Grizzlies getting San Antonio Spurs. To be honest, these games didn’t do much for me, and I’m sure most people didn’t have many takeaways from it. Cleveland

Larry Bird Did Not Enjoy Himself at Pacers-Cavs

Sometimes, we forget that Larry Bird is still running things for Indiana Pacers. He doesn’t really put himself out there as much as he did when he coached the team, or when Pacers had some mild success in the early stages of Paul George era.

Grizz Coach David Fizdale Has No Time For Big Data

Memphis Grizzlies are showing their age in the first two games against San Antonio Spurs. Grizz aren’t set up to run with Spurs or really most of the playoff teams. They need to do a subtle rebuild and starting getting young with their roster. Memphis

BrewCap: Braun Continues To Own Wrigley Field

Chicago Cubs fans hate Ryan Braun. This isn’t breaking news. We all know they love to boo Braun. It doesn’t matter if it’s Miller Park or Wrigley Field, Braun gets booed by Cubs faithful. A part of me thinks he relishes in the hate. He

Braun Strowman & Big Show Collapse WWE Ring

We don’t blog about WWE. Probably should because I know people like to read it, and hey, if you’re a fan and want to write about wrestling, let’s talk. That said, there are some must-see moments that have to be blogged no matter what. One

Headlines From Game 1 of the NBA Playoffs

We are underaway with the NBA Playoffs after a thrilling weekend of hoops. For the most part, the games were pretty good. After a rough start last season, it appears we have a few series going long already with the results in the Toronto-Milwaukee, Los

Bucks Fans Need To Welcome The Bandwagon

After Milwaukee Bucks amazing Game 1 victory over Toronto Raptors, I started to see some Facebook statuses pop up like ‘You’re not a real diehard fan if you just started watching now, Bucks fans know!’ There were a few variations of this on Sunday. I

BrewCap Weekend: Eric Thames Power Factory

When General Manager David Stearns brought Eric Thames into the fold with Milwaukee Brewers, people had questions for him. This is a first baseman getting a three-year deal for putting up absurd numbers in South Korea. Many people say Korean baseball league is like playing