Welcome to Worst Three Days in Social Media

This is going to be brutal. No matter who wins the presidency this will be the most annoying times on the web. Overreactions in every direction possible. Groupthink all over the place, and people running their mouth on Facebook without any idea of what they

Richard Sherman Acting Like An Ass Per Usual

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good “Richard Sherman is an asshole” moment. All in all, he’s a good dude, but Sherman can be one of the best trolls on the field. He also bends the rules because that’s motto in Seattle. It’s not

Planet’s Earth Chase Set to NFL Primetime Music = Greatness

Set the Planet Earth iguana chase to the NFL Primetime music. Feel great about it. pic.twitter.com/Bug0Ej8bu2 — Brian Grubb (@briancgrubb) November 7, 2016 THIS IS AMAZING. Everyone on the Internet was captivated with the iguana getting chased by a pack of snakes in the brand

What We Learned Today: Jarryd Hayne’s Phone is Full of Porn

Y’all remember Jarryd Hayne, right? The former rugby star who played for San Francisco 49ers last season for a cup of coffee. He gave a speech to some teenagers about safe-guarding your phones, and as an example, he let the Norton hack his phone. Sadly

Bucks Buzz Weekend Wrap Up: Flash and Crash Offense

This is your Bucks Buzz wrap-up giving you a look at what’s happening with Milwaukee’s professional basketball team. Bucks split a weekend again in the exact same fashion as last weekend winning on Saturday at home versus Sacramento and losing on the road in Dallas.

Badgers Musings: Wisconsin Exorcises Nightmares at Ryan Field

What a win for Wisconsin Badgers as they now move into the top spot in the Big Ten West after Nebraska got blown out at Ohio State last Saturday. Wisconsin’s defense showed their teeth again holding Northwestern to only seven points. This is the second

SnoTap’s Star Ratings: Colts-Packers

Five Stars Ha Ha Clinton-Dix – It was poetic to see Ha Ha Clinton-Dix having a big game against Indianapolis. Ryan Wood wrote late last week how Clinton-Dix lacked ‘splash plays’ this season despite having a quality start to the season. He got a couple

Already Sick of Lambeau Squirrel

Lambeau Squirrel had 2 tds today.. Certainly celebrating by downing some nuts with the squad tonight #GetANut pic.twitter.com/zyzwqFzj3A — Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) November 7, 2016 I’m going to sound like the old guy in the room, but Lambeau Squirrel is going to be so tiresome

Green Bay Packers’ Milwaukee Problem

On Sunday, I attended my annual Packers game with my girlfriend. I usually pick one game out a year to go, and we landed on Indianapolis Colts due to the early November date versus Houston in December. We knew it would be a Milwaukee game