Manziel Tweets Trump Then Deletes Account

There’s never a dull day with Johnny Manziel on Twitter. Last night, we saw him at the New England Patriots game repping gear for the ‘GOAT’ Tom Brady as he called it. This afternoon, he basically told President Donald Trump to ignore the haters. In

Hoopcap: Clutch Koenig Comes Through Again

Wisconsin Badgers are attempting to be the shining light in what has been an otherwise bad Big Ten. The road was clear for the team after their game with Minnesota on Saturday afternoon. Most of their remaining tough games are at home, but an obvious

Star Ratings: Packers vs. Falcons

The final star ratings of the year. It’s always a fun thing to put together on Monday morning. There’s not much to be excited about in this game. You lose by 23 points, and your backup quarterback finds his way into the game, something must

Hoopcap: Marquette’s Offense Erupts in Omaha

Marquette Golden Eagles fan base had hit a rough patch with the season. The loss to Butler felt like the opportunity this team needed to help its bubble chances. They gave up 63 points in the second half and morale was very low especially facing

The Difficult Sam Shields Decision

Green Bay Packers will have day one of the offseason tomorrow. Players will come in and clean out their lockers with some media chats. Then decisions will be made before the NFL Draft and so on with the offseason. One of the bigger decisions that

What Aaron Rodgers Postgame Presser Means

Aaron Rodgers is a vocal leader on this Green Bay Packers team. He’s always someone you heard from due to his position, but this year, he’s become a voice of Packers if you will. Rodgers made a few pointed comments after the game. There’s no

Falcons Pulverize Packers & Advance To Super Bowl

Welp. Not much to say after this game. Green Bay Packers went down to Georgia and all they received was an ass-kicking. Falcons destroyed Packers with a resounding 44-21 victory looking like the best team on the field by a long shot. Atlanta’s offense made

All-Star Starter Giannis Antetokounmpo… Sounds Nice

Milwaukee Bucks haven’t had an All-Star since 2004 season when Michael Redd played for the team as a reserve. The 12-year drought ended on Thursday night when Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected to be an All-Star starter for the Eastern Conference. It’s a great honor, and

Bandwagon Fan Ric Flair Doesn’t Scare Me

PSA: @AtlantaFalcons — Ric FlairĀ® (@RicFlairNatrBoy) January 19, 2017 Let it be known, I’m a Ric Flair guy. But the facts are he’s a no good bandwagon NFL fan. He decided to send out a pep talk to the Atlanta Falcons yesterday on Twitter.