Thon Maker Deserved Better from Bucks Fans

Booing is an interesting practice by sports fans. Boos are common when a player returns to a team he spurned in free agency, or boos happen when a player did something wrong to your star player. But sometimes, fans boo at the weirdest times. Case

BrewCap: Brewers Bats Support Burnes & Break Skid

Corbin Burnes would like to have a word with the baseball gods. After being a dominant bullpen pitcher last year, he moved to the rotation. A move that Burnes cherished and wanted in his life as he is a starting pitcher first. Burnes is a

Markus Howard Returning Gives Marquette a Boost

Markus Howard decided to return to Marquette yesterday. Howard announced in late morning that he will be back at Marquette for his senior year. Howard calls it unfinished business. As mentioned earlier this week, the hype around Marquette will be crazy. This team will be

If You Watch Game of Thrones over Bucks, Get Lost

Sunday is shaping up to be an all-time day of television. First and foremost, you have the Bucks first playoff game on 4/14 Day in Milwaukee. That is extremely exciting for all of us locals. But it goes beyond that for other sports. The final

What You Should Know About the Detroit Pistons

Milwaukee Bucks’ first round opponent is the Detroit Pistons. This is the fifth time the Bucks and Pistons will get together in the postseason. It is the first time where the Bucks have home court advantage. Pistons could be running into a buzzsaw facing the

How to Set Expectations For Bucks Playoff Run

Milwaukee Bucks are the number one seed in the NBA Playoffs. People are not exactly acknowledging the Bucks’ existence which is okay for now. As some have noted, they do not want to see this team succeed. The ball gets tipped on Sunday evening and

Ty Montgomery Officially Says Goodbye to Green Bay

Green Bay Packers drafted Ty Montgomery in the third round in 2015. He played a vital role in the Packers in the ‘Run The Table’ year where they needed a RB, and Montgomery stepped up. People thought he would be the answer to the team’s

PODCAST: Bucks & NBA Playoff Preview

NBA Playoffs, are you ready? Charlie and Mitch are. The boys talk about the upcoming NBA Playoffs. Why they’re confident in the Milwaukee Bucks. Charlie talks about the best path and the worst path for the Bucks in the playoffs. They discuss all you need

PODCAST: Bucks Playoff Fever Hits Milwaukee

Milwaukee has a fever, playoff fever that is. Welcome to another edition of Daily Tap with your host Charlie talking about the Bucks playoff fever as the season ended on Wednesday. Bucks will be playing the Pistons, and the marketing team for the Bucks is