Are the Packers and Antonio Brown a Match?

Green Bay Packers are heading into one of the more important offseasons in franchise history. This will be the first time in a long time that Green Bay tries to avoid missing the playoffs for a third straight year. They’re expected to be very active

Bucks Buzz: SuperSized Lineup Saves Milwaukee

Mike Budenholzer knew something I had to change with the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night. Indiana came back with a vengenance in the second half and flipped the score to a 10-point lead in the Pacers favor. While Bucks hung in there for the third

The Rise of the Greek Freak Brand

Most professional athletes care about their brand. That’s a thing that matters to people more than ever. Why? Follow the money. Sponsorships lead to more money going into the pockets of the players meaning contracts aren’t exactly needed. Most athletes make the most money on

BuckyCap: Close but No Cigar for Wisconsin

Wisconsin Badgers had their second straight big game playing Michigan State on Tuesday night at the Kohl Center. These two teams have a history with the infamous ‘Bo owns Izzo’ tag line as Bo Ryan always seemed to find a way to beat Izzo’s bunch,

MubbCap: Letdowns Are Not Allowed This Year

As sports fans, we all know what a letdown game looks like no matter the sport. After a big win, it is very possible to suffer a letdown and get beat by an inferior opponent the next game. Letdowns seem to happen more in college

Joe Maddon’s 2019 Slogan is Very Cringeworthy

Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room no matter what room he is in. Maddon could be with a group of NASA scientists, and there would be some belief that he is the smartest man here. He had his

PODCAST: Golden Eagles Up; Badgers Down

Daily Tap is back in action for another edition with Charlie hosting the show. Topics today include Marquette and Wisconsin’s Big Tuesday nights, why the Packers shouldn’t pursue Antonio Brown and does Indiana scare you as a team to contend with the Milwaukee Bucks. Charlie

Badgers Jon Dietzen Says Goodbye to Football

Jon Dietzen was part of the Wisconsin Badgers offensive line that received a great deal of hype heading into the season. It’s weird to see a lineman group receive a great deal of hype because that’s not what linemen are about typically. They want to

Marc Lasry’s Tampering Fine Legitimizes Bucks

It is weird to say, but I feel like everyone in Bucks Twitter was fired up to see their owner get fined $25,000. There are only a few times where an owner getting a fine makes some sense. When he or she speaks out against