Dennis Rodman, 2018 Political Figure.

I spent most of Friday afternoon while I worked listening to a podcast by Bill Simmons with 90’s legend Charles Oakley. It was an incredible podcast, and a true throwback to some of my original memories of pro basketball. Dennis Rodman is the first ‘known

Tap’s PGA Tour Roundup: Three Things From Memphis

As we gear up for the U.S. Open on Thursday morning, the PGA Tour finished up in Memphis, and they saw something that wasn’t uncommon two years ago. Dustin Johnson oblierating the field en route to an easy win. Johnson won the tournament by six

Brad Miller Provides Pop to the Brewers’ Middle Infield

Sometimes, life is a little weird. I ended up on the phone with my dad for a sprawling 25 minute conversation which included some Brewers talk (Like always) and mentioned how the Brewers could use help from a guy like Miller. Whilst on the phone,

Daily Tap: Time to Cure Cubs’ Demons

Let’s get ready for Brewers-Cubs series that starts tonight. WIth the teams battling for the top spot in the National League Central, this is a huge series in mid-June. Why today’s game is so important for how this series and quite possibly the season plays

BrewCap: Breaks Don’t Go Brewers Way

Milwaukee Brewers were coming off back to back games of 12 runs scored. The first two games in Philadelphia felt like a breathe of fresh air considering Milwaukee’s bats have been struggling to say the least. It also was nice to have Milwaukee won another

Pro-Anthem Sign Displayed Near Lambeau

Well, here we go. As you know, Lambeau Field is in the middle of a city. It’s not like in its own area or anything like that. The stadium lives around a neighborhood. We’ve seen signs supporting the Packers across the street. This one is

Daily Tap 6/9: Warriors’ Worst NBA Champs Team

It’s Saturday. It’s 6/9 Day. Let’s get weird, Milwaukee. We chat about a hodgepodge of things this morning starting out with my mother didn’t let me get a Degeneration X jersey as a child. Who knew that a jersey with the #69 was inappropriate? (0-3

Jim Carrey Compliments Brewers on ‘Dumb & Dumber’ Parody

Milwaukee Brewers did it again on Thursday morning with their parody of the hit ‘Dumb and Dumber’ to promote their bullpen cart. Like they did with ‘The Sandlot’, this thing went viral. Brent Suter and Jeremy Jeffress did a great job of portraying Harry and

BrewCap: The Return of Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun isn’t having the best 2018 season. He spent some time on the disabled list and moved down to fifth in the order. Braun hasn’t got on one of his patented hot streaks this season. People have been waiting for it and waiting for

Daily Tap: Kevin Love to Milwaukee is Possible

Daily Tap is here for a Friday. Let’s talk why Kevin Love is a realistic option for the Milwaukee Bucks this summer IF LeBron James stays in Cleveland (0-8 mins). Let’s also chat about why you save your Sean Sean Sweeney outrage (8-11 mins). Let’s