Badgers Musings: The Embarrassment in Ann Arbor

Wisconsin Badgers had a chance to throw themselves back in the College Football Playoff hunt. In what’s being called Shakeup Saturday, four top ten teams lost and if Wisconsin could beat Michigan, they would reestablish themselves as a top ten team. What happened at Ann

SnoTapWI Packers Preview: San Francisco vs. Green Bay

Over my London vacation, I read Jeff Pearlman’s book ‘Gunslinger’ about Brett Favre. It doesn’t paint the prettiest picture of Favre, but it’s a good book for all Packers fans who grew up during that time. There were definitely things I forgot throughout the years

Game 1 Zero Yasmani Grandal Will Catch Game 3

Yasmani Grandal is one of the better hitting catchers in baseball. He will be a free agent next offseason, and some think that the Milwaukee Brewers might have some interest in him. That said, fans will have to be turned on to that idea after

The NFC North & NFC are Wide Open

Good morning, football fans. I feel like when you have a day off from the NFL aka your team not playing, it opens your eyes to what’s going on in the league. Division foes Chicago fell to Miami in a stunning upset where Brock Osweiler

Packers Should Be Involved in Amari Cooper Trade Talks

Green Bay Packers offense needs a shot in the arm. You can pick and choose why this team hasn’t hit their peak yet through six games. Some might go with Aaron Jones needs the rock more. Joe Philbin is calling plays using the Magna Carter.

BrewCap: Jeffress Collapses Yet Again for the Brewers

Jeremy Jeffress is one of the best stories of the 2018 Milwaukee Brewers. He’s an All-Star after a long-term struggle with drugs and alcohol throughout his minor league career plus having issues outside of Milwaukee. Jeffress has been nothing short of amazing for this team

Dodgers Beat Writers Believe Miller Park is ‘Quiet’

Beat writers are a funny thing and profession. First, I respect the hell out of them especially baseball writers. They have one of the most rigorious schedules in all of professions. There are games every weekend in the summer, traveling all over the country and

BrewCap: Brewers Survive Near NLCS Disaster

Game 1 started on Friday night, and I had a ton of hope in my eyes like most Brewers fans. Those eyes grew tired quickly. Jet lag hit like a motherfucker. I returned to Milwaukee after a seven hour flight and being back when my

I’m Back From London & Brewers Haven’t Lost

Thank you for your patience when I took a trip to London with my family. It was a great trip, but I missed the hell out of SnoTapWI. Thank you for Mitch and Murph for holding it down on the podcast in the last two