Daily Tap: NFL Should Let Their Freak Flag Fly

Tappers, how are we doing today? Sorry for being a little late today for your 20 mins or less dose of Wisconsin sports. Let’s talk about what Aaron Rodgers said to The Ringer about being commissioner for a day. Why the NFL has themselves to

BrewCap: Same Start, Different Result for the Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers started the same way on Wednesday night like they did on Tuesday night with a big first inning. This time though, the start finished better with the Brewers winning 8-4 against the San Diego Padres. Milwaukee scored six runs in the first two

Don’t Shame Rodgers for Speaking his Mind

Aaron Rodgers had some things to say after yesterday’s practice about his young wide receivers. He called the effort ‘piss-poor’ and ripped them for a bad effort. This might cause some pause for some people. In today’s society, we try to sugarcoat everything in life.

SnoTap Gaming: Murph’s Big Board RB Analysis

Murph’s Big Board had an update with breaking down the running back position. He gives information on who he likes, who he doesn’t like and why. The same thing you can find with the QB. The WR/TE portion is coming soon, but those are ranked

Tapping The Keg: Your NL MVP – Yelich or Cain?

SnoTap’s Tapping The Keg Podcast is back for the its 299th edition. 299. Incredible. We talk about the Brewers, Packers and Bucks in this week’s podcast. We lead off the podcast chatting about who is the better NL MVP candidate between Lorenzo Cain and Christian

BrewCap: Promising Night Turns Embarrassing

Brewers started off strong on Tuesday night. They led the game 4-0 at the end of the first inning. Milwaukee had chances in the second and third inning as well. But the San Diego Padres found their offensive stroke once again with 11 runs against

Bucks Are Playing on Christmas Day!

LET’S GO. Milwaukee Bucks are going to be playing on Christmas Day against the New York Knicks. Milwaukee will be taking the annual spot in New York City where they play the 11 am start. There are some rumors that this game could be at

Will the Packers Trade for Khalil Mack?

Green Bay lacked a pass-rush last season. They did not have one due to the resources not being there and Green Bay being too predictable. They could potentially be in the mix for one of the best pass-rushers in football, Khalil Mack. Packers have what

Badgers O-Line Makes Sports Illustrated Cover

Wisconsin Badgers hype train continues to roll on. We talked about this on the podcast but worth noting on the blog that Wisconsin Football hype has never been higher. The o-line makes the cover of Sports Illustrated in a fun image with the five of