BrewCap: Brewers Make Their Wild Card Push

Milwaukee Brewers looked like they were on their last gasp after Thursday night. Brewers were beat handily by the Cubs after playing well against Houston a couple of days prior. Maybe, it was the wake-up call that Milwaukee needed because they rattled off three straight

BuckyCap: Badgers Roll Opponent Yet Again

Wisconsin Badgers opened up on the road with a shutout. That is pretty rare to do. I believe it is the first time in years that Wisconsin opened up the season with a shutout. What’s even rarer is Wisconsin following up the next week at

PODCAST: Keeping My Brewers Promise

Daily Tap, your local Wisconsin sports podcast in 30 minutes or less is back for another Monday. Happy Overreaction Monday to you and yours. Charlie talks about a promise he made on an older show about the Milwaukee Brewers and how he’s keeping it for

Brewers Go Beachin’ To Miami Road Trip

Milwaukee Brewers have to be feeling themselves a little bit. They’ve won three straight games. They’ve won seven of their last 10 games. Things are starting to finally feel like they were last season. Whether it was planned or not, Brewers donned their best beachwear

Matt LaFleur Is Only First-Year Coach to Win in Week 1

It is not easy to be a first-year coach. There is a great deal of hype for a new coach. People are excited to hopefully have a coach that will lead them into the future. The first game of the year doesn’t always go as

Yes, It Was Weird Seeing Randall Cobb as a Cowboy

Sports are a business. You know that I know that. because of that, we see players we love and cheer for end up in other colors. A guy who used to write for us once time discussed being a fan is like cheering for laundry

BrewCap: Brewers Still Have a Playoffs Pulse

Christian Yelich knows the Milwaukee Brewers’ backs are against the wall. He said as much after the Brewers’ 7-1 yesterday. He told the media per Adam McCalvy, “It’s no secret we have a lot of ground to make up, and we’re running out of time

Yasmani Grandal Cleared The Miller Park Bleachers

Yasmani Grandal is on a bit of a heater at the right time. Grandal hit a home run for the second consecutive game. This is a good sign for the Milwaukee Brewers who are in desperate need of victories right now. Grandal hit a solo

Packers Locker Room Footage Gives You The Feels

Green Bay Packers are 1-0, Chicago Bears are 0-1 and the rest of the league is 0-0. Packers fans are feeling good this weekend. Sure, the offense isn’t where it needs to be, but this defense is the most exciting thing that’s happened to Wisconsin

PODCAST: Packers Victory Friday Feeling

Daily Tap, your Wisconsin sports podcast in 30 minutes or less, is here for its Friday edition. Charlie is talking about the Green Bay Packers hard-fought victory over the Chicago Bears last night. He talks about if the defense is for real and what he