Marquette Has No One to Blame But Themselves

Marquette Golden Eagles are among the list of teams that just missed the cut when it came to the NCAA Tournament. Marquette could not get into the tournament in consecutive years. It’s disappointing to say the least, but the Golden Eagles can still continue their

Darren Rovell vs. Hot Sauce Went Exactly How You’d Expect

What started as admiration led to participation on Sunday afternoon. ESPN’s Darren Rovell loved the idea about the Atlanta Hawks brining former AND1 player Hot Sauce back who schools kids on the court in 50 seconds. After some Twitter pressure, Rovell got offered by the

Daily Tap 3/12: The Return of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods doesn’t win but good vibes all around (0-9 mins)Getting to watch a full Tiger Woods round felt fantastic. Couldn’t watch Saturday so missed the fireworks, but still awesome to see him hold up. He’s definitely winning one tournament this year. Much harder than

Daily Tap Special Edition: Damarious Debrief

So this podcast was supposed to be on Saturday, but I had some issues with time, so, I’m getting it up now. We’ll have a new one that we’ll tape around 6-630 once the bracket is out. Here we go. Damarious Randall dealt (0-6)At first,

Villanova Hot Second Half Overwhelms Marquette

With the bubble games not breaking in Marquette’s favor on Thursday afternoon, a part of me thought it was all part of the master plan. Marquette would do this their damn selves and finally climb over the hump versus Villanova, a team who they’ve came

Dallas Keuchel, a New Friend to the City of Milwaukee

Dallas Keuchel is one of the best pitchers in baseball. He will be part of a great rotation in Houston next season along with Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole. For whatever reason yesterday, Keuchel took a shot at the Chicago Cubs, and as a noted

Daily Tap: Bucks Fans Need to Relax

Bucks Expectations (0-9 mins) Everyone is losing their mind for no real reason. Have we even considered how the losses of Brogdon and Delly are affecting this team?toughest eight game stretch wrapped upYes, if they lose tonight, it’s panic button time.Time for a lineup shakeup

Rockets Keep it Rolling Against the Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks faced an uphill climb on Wednesday night. They took on the best team in basketball, the Houston Rockets. This squad led by James Harden and Chris Paul are also the hottest team in basketball. Milwaukee has been known to end streaks before like

NFL Team Asking Guice About Sexuality is Wildly Inappropriate

National Football League finds a way to show its ass at least once a week. And this is one of the worst in recent weeks. An NFL team asked first-round prospect Derrius Guice if he ‘liked men’ during his NFL Combine questions. That’s appalling. ALmost

Daily Tap 3/8/18: Marquette’s Bubble Hasn’t Popped

Daily Tap is live with recapping all the hoops that happened in the state last night. Marquette-DePaul (0-10 mins) That was a sweat, DePaul scored way too much. Are they in the tournament?Howard goes silent again vs DePaul, good to finally get one at MSG,