PODCAST: Brewers’ Hot Stove is Steaming

Daily Tap podcast presented by the SnoTapWI network is back on the slowest sports day of the year. There is news to talk about though! Charlie discusses how Tom Verducci looked like a clown talking to Christian Yelich. Charlie looks at the different pitchers that

Rate Marquette and Wisconsin’s TBT Jerseys

This year, Marquette and Wisconsin will both be taking place in The Tournament, formerly known as the TBT. Last year, Marquette played in the TBT and made it to the Final Four in Baltimore before losing to Overseas Elite, the Alabama Football of this tournament.

Christian Yelich Is Not a Scientist, Guys

Christian Yelich played in yesterday’s All-Star Game. He did not do much with two at-bats and a strikeout. Yelich was not able to deliver a cat to the Lockwood residence (Shouts to all who listen to Pardon My Take). FOX mic’d up the players to

Milwaukee Deserves Another MLB All-Star Game

Milwaukee Brewers hosted an All-Star Game in 2002. They had the All-Star festival at the Wisconsin Center, which probably had a different name at that time since they’ve changed it more times than Prince changed his name. The Home Run Derby was awesome because Sammy

Davante Adams Goes Nuclear on NFL Media

People seem to keep Davante Adams’ name in their mouth this offseason. Unsure why but there is a growing narrative around Adams that he would not be the same player without Aaron Rodgers. People seem to ignore the year he had when Brett Hundley was

Malcolm Brogdon Needs to Look in a Mirror

Do you know that person who blames others for their misfortunes? I’m sure you do. We all know that person. They’re usually the worst. I do not think any of us that are Bucks fans would put Malcolm Brogdon into that category. He is one

MLB Goes All In on Beli vs. Yeli Campaign

Major League Baseball is not shy from highlighting a major race between stars. When debates happen about who should be the MVP, the professional sport usually stays away from talking about it directly. The teams will call out the player is having an ‘MVP-like’ year

PODCAST: Westbrook to Bucks Make No Sense. At All.

Daily Tap podcast presented by the SnoTapWI network is back for a Tuesday edition. Charlie talks about the Home Run Derby last night. Why he’s happy that Christian Yelich didn’t participate and it’s not for the reason you think. Also, how MLB is making some

Reasons to Worry and Not Worry About The Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers did not play good baseball to wrap up the proverbial first half of the Major League Baseball season. They scuffled their feet finishing 9-16 in the last month. That’s not going to make it back to the playoffs. Luckily for Milwaukee, the entire