Packers Cut Martellus Bennett in Nightmare Scenario

When the Green Bay Packers signed Martellus Bennett, I remembered being pretty stoked about the whole thing. Packers general manager Ted Thompson finally made a move in free agency, and he got a premier tight end in the league. Bennett had a reasonable three-year deal

Give Greg Monroe The Credit He Deserves

Do you remember the day that Greg Monroe signed with the Milwaukee Bucks? I do. I remember sitting at my table farm which isn’t even a cubicle at my old job. It was a Friday morning. I started to see tweets about the ‘Milwaukee Bucks

PODCAST: Eric Bledsoe Cures Packers Blues

Welcome to another edition of Tapping The Keg Podcast. This is a good one for Mitch and I. If you want to get to the nitty gritty of both the Milwaukee Bucks and Green Bay Packers, this is your podcast. Feel free to subscribe on

Free Throw Line Continues to be Bucks’ Enemy

Milwaukee Bucks grabbed the headlines today by trading for Eric Bledsoe. Many believed this was a step in the direction of contending in the Eastern Conference. Reality set back in tonight as Milwaukee lost their fourth straight game dropping their record to 4-6. What was

Bench or Starter? The Eric Bledsoe Decision

Milwaukee Bucks traded for Eric Bledsoe on Tuesday morning. It cured every Wisconsin sports fans hangover from the Monday Night Football debacle. Bledsoe coming to Milwaukee gives Giannis Antetokounmpo another scorer off the dribble, a good passer and an occasional shooter. He will likely be

Playoff Picture Becomes Cloudy For Packers

When Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury, we all probably assumed that the playoffs may be out of reach for this team. Even though Green Bay looked deeper in years past, it seemed like a strong possibility that this might be the first year

Star Ratings: Lions-Packers

Most of the anger from last night is somewhat gone this morning, but the fact still remains that Detroit Lions dominated the Green Bay Packers. There’s no way around it. I would love to give a moral victory paragraph about how Green Bay came close

CELLY GRADES: Lions Rock Em Sock Em Robots

Of course, the day after I create celly grades for this website we have the Detroit Lions celebrating a touchdown right in my eye against the Green Bay Packers. I can’t probably judge this fairly as Green Bay got absolutely leveled by Detroit on Monday

Packers Would Be Better Off Without Dom Capers

“Fire Dom Capers” is probably one of the more talked about phrases in the Packers Twitter universive. I’ve never really joined that clan. Why? There’s been a reason here and there throughout the years, and I never really felt the need to join the rest

Pathetic Packers Look Hopeless and Hapless

Mike McCarthy elected to take the ball after winning the toss. This is not something that Mike McCarthy does on a regular basis. He defers and goes with the second half kickoff. Instead, they take the ball and put together an impressive drive that results