NFL Picks Week 2: AFC Match-ups Take Center Stage

Top three games of the week Cincinnati (1-0) at Pittsburgh (1-0) (-3.5) 12:00 pm CBS – This game will have some hitting in it if you’re interested in that sort of thing. I’m majorly concerned about the Bengals offensive line. They gave up seven sacks

Darrelle Revis Shoved J.R. Smith in a Locker

We all know Darrelle Revis has been straight trash to begin the year. He looks washed and not the same football player. Revis is still one of the best corners of the last 10 years though. NBA Free Agent and champion J.R. Smith hopped on

Three Things to Watch: Georgia State-Wisconsin

Wisconsin Badgers finished the non-conference on Saturday playing Georgia State. They are new to the bowl subdivision, and they’re not very good. Vegas has Bucky favored by 34.5 points. Georgia State has issues stopping the run, and you can see how that might be an

Eric Decker’s Junk Dominates Thursday Night Football

Eric Decker and his wife Jessie James Decker have what some people like to call #SquadGoals. They are one of the internet’s favorite couples. Reason being is they are very supportive of each other. Mrs. Decker cannot stop talking about Mr Decker’s pecker on social

SnoTap Packers Preview: Green Bay vs. Minnesota

Green Bay Packers head to the road again to take on defending NFC North champion Minnesota Vikings. This is one of the better rivalries in the National Football League currently even though it’s been more lopsided than you think. Green Bay is 10-2-1 since 2010

College Football Picks Week 3: Top Three Heads On The Road

There are bad weeks, and then, there’s this week. There isn’t much excitement on the board for the casual college football fan. For me, this is perfect. As someone who has a wedding this weekend, I need college football to be as dull as possible.

Five Things About Brewers 2017 Schedule

1. They open with Colorado again – This is the fourth time in like seven years Milwaukee will begin the year with Colorado Rockies. They did in 2011 when they won the division. Just saying. They start out the year with 17 at home which

Mike McCarthy’s Metrodome Dig Was Classic

McCarthy with the subtle dig at the pumped-in-noise in the old Metrodome… — Aaron Nagler (@AaronNagler) September 15, 2016 Props to Aaron Nagler for catching this one. Mike McCarthy busting out the jokes at his Wednesday press conference about the piped in sound at

It’s A Disgrace Darren Sharper Is A Hall of Fame Nominee

When the list of names came out for the NFL Hall of Fame last night, former Packer, Viking and Saint Darren Sharper’s name was listed. Sharper is currently serving time for raping multiple women in multiple states. Sharper will likely spend most of his adult

Four Things About Marquette’s Big East Schedule

I’m a little behind on this, but let’s get into Marquette’s Big East schedule. Marquette hosts Villanova It’s the first time since 1978 that Golden Eagles will host the defending National Champions on Tuesday, January 24th. Golden Eagles gets them middle of the Big East