Antonio Brown Celebration Twerk is an A+

Antonio Brown twerk — Jonathan Jones (@jjones9) September 13, 2016 If you didn’t bet on the Redskins or watch DeAngelo Williams crush your fantasy dreams, the first Monday Night game was a fun one. Pittsburgh dominated Washington in a resounding 38-16 planting their flag

Ryan Lochte Gets Attacked By a Heckler

What just happened on #DWTS?!?Did someone just rush Ryan Lochte?!? — Erik Hall (@HallErik) September 13, 2016 Oh man what a way to kick off Dancing With The Stars tonight. This was the much anticipated debut of Ryan Lochte. It would have flown under

Three Things We Learned From NFL Week 1

Overreaction Monday is here folks! The first Monday of the NFL season where everyone reacts to a small sample size. Philly radio have probably named Carson Wentz the second coming of Christ. Detroit radio thinks the Lions may have a shot at the playoffs this

Wisconsin Destroys Akron, 54-10

As someone who had other things on Saturday, it was a joy watching bits and pieces of the Badgers game on Sunday night. They really played a good football game after a huge win against LSU the week prior. They could have slept walked the

Star Ratings: Green Bay at Jacksonville

Star ratings returns for another season. Those not familiar with it, we look at how the Packers performed this week with five stars being the best and one star being the worst. Five Stars Damarious Randall – How can you give a five star to

Protests Continue On Week 1 of NFL

Colin Kaepernick’s protest movement continued on Week 1 of NFL Sunday. People expected more with eyeballs directly on today’s games even though it’s a very sensitive day for the United States as it was the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. There were different forms

Jalen Ramsey Says ‘Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Throw My Way’

Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey had his first NFL game against one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Ramsey made ways in his first post game press conference with comments about Rodgers being afraid of Ramsey by not throwing his way. Excuse me, but

NFL Picks Week 1: Home Dogs’ Revenge?

This week, I’m very short on time. I hope as we go on, I’ll be able to write more about each game, but we are going to rundown with a few sentences talking about each game. Packer previews are also hopefully in the mix. Mini

College Football Picks Week 2: The Ultimate Hangover

There are bad weeks, and then, there’s this week. There isn’t much excitement on the board for the casual college football fan. For me, this is perfect. As someone who has a wedding this weekend, I need college football to be as dull as possible.

Jabari Parker Defends Colin Kaepernick

Save Your Jabari Parker Hot Takes

Jabari Parker donned a Colin Kaepernick jersey on Instagram today showing support for the 49ers quarterback. Parker spoke out this summer regarding the gun violence in Chicago, and how he wanted to solve the problem of keeping young kids off the street. Additionally, he said