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Bad News Guys, We Can’t Eat Avocado Toast

Pardon me for being late to the party for the first couple blogs of the day, but it was a travel day for your boy. Twitter was on fire on Monday and the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theory slowly died down because there were more important

Marquette Adds SMU Transfer Harry Froling

We didn’t recap Marquette-Villanova for reasons unknown, but there would have been some frustration there. Golden Eagles are 1-2 in conference, but Steve Wojciechowski keeps recruiting top tier talent to Marquette. The latest is SMU transfer and Australian native Harry Froling who Golden Eagles closed

What We Learned Today: Jarryd Hayne’s Phone is Full of Porn

Y’all remember Jarryd Hayne, right? The former rugby star who played for San Francisco 49ers last season for a cup of coffee. He gave a speech to some teenagers about safe-guarding your phones, and as an example, he let the Norton hack his phone. Sadly