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Badgers Musings: Houston’s Big Throws Beat Broncos

This is a no-win situation for Wisconsin Badgers for their bowl game. If they win, people say ‘It’s just Western Michigan, they’re a MAC opponent’ and if they were to lose, ‘Oh Badgers weren’t that good.’ Wisconsin beat Broncos rather soundly with a 24-16 victory.

Four Things to Watch: Wisconsin-Purdue

College Football Chaos is still alive and present as we saw last night with Louisville going down to Houston. Who could be next on the chopping block? Wisconsin plays Purdue, and that sure would be a surprise if Wisconsin fell to the lowly, yet frisky,

Badger Musings: Wisconsin Takes Care of Illini Business

The gauntlet finally ended for Wisconsin on Saturday. For the first time since mid-September, they weren’t playing a high level opponent. People could have assumed that Badgers may let up a little bit when playing Illinois. That wasn’t the case. Wisconsin demolished the Fighting Illini

Three Things to Watch: Georgia State-Wisconsin

Wisconsin Badgers finished the non-conference on Saturday playing Georgia State. They are new to the bowl subdivision, and they’re not very good. Vegas has Bucky favored by 34.5 points. Georgia State has issues stopping the run, and you can see how that might be an