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Can We Stop Obsessing About Ty Montgomery’s Number?

Green Bay Packers are in their silly season when it comes to news. Things are coming across the wire at a rapid rate with OTA’s, but the stories itself are not much. I get it especially if you’re doing something Packers-specific. That said, I’m so

Rodgers Hooks Up Lineman With Offseason Gifts

Green Bay Packers are going through OTA’s currently so everyone is back in the great state of Wisconsin including Aaron Rodgers. This is the first time most of this year’s team will get together and start gelling together as one. There are a few mini

Josh Jones Hype Machine Starts Today

Green Bay Packers are in OTA’s to really launch the 2017 NFL season. It’s always an exciting time to be a Packers fan, but I feel like this year is the culmination of the last couple plus some pieces were added to the roster that

Hate That Aaron Rodgers Got In Retweet Game

For a couple years, we went away from ‘Hey if we get 5,000 retweets, we won’t have to take a final!’ At least, it felt like that then it started popping up again. Kids took it to another level though. A smarter level. They went

Greg Jennings Continues To Live A Sad Life

It’s a shame that former Green Bay Packers Greg Jennings lives the life that he does right now. The man is a walking headline for ‘bashing Aaron Rodgers’ fan club. There’s no former player that’s worse at it. Jermichael Finley runs his mouth too, but

Jamaal Williams Broke Sacred BYU Honor Code (Gasp)

News came out yesterday from ESPN reporter Rob Demovsky about Green Bay lack of concern for Jamaal Williams’ honor code violation at BYU. If you followed me for awhile, you know I use to clown the honor code more than most people. So when I

Green Bay Nearly Went With Cook, Not King

When people woke up on Sunday morning, articles were being published that the measure of success with this draft would be how T.J. Watt’s career pans out in Pittsburgh versus Kevin King and Vince Biegel’s. With Watt going one pick after Packers traded out of

Does Infighting Among Packers Organization Matter?

News came out yesterday from the esteemed Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Packers coaches were all pretty ‘pissed’ that T.J. Lang didn’t find his way back to the team. This isn’t surprising given Lang’s impact on the team, and most of the

Five Thoughts About Packers 2017 Schedule

If you missed it when you’re enjoying Bucks domination or Brewers win, Green Bay Packers came out with their 2017 schedule. This got leaked early in the afternoon, but still seeing the schedule out is a good feeling every year even if it’s all for

Answering Questions About Potential Packers Schedule

Green Bay Packers and their fans will be receiving next year’s schedule at some point this week. There are rumors that this will happen on Thursday, April 20th. NFL loves to grab headlines from the NBA and NHL, so releasing the schedule will get people