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McCaffrey And Fournette Blaze A New College Football Trail

The hot take artists have been going off in the past couple days about if Christian McCaferry and Leonard Fournette should be playing in their respective bowl games. McCaffrey and Fournette are both forgoing to start training for the NFL Draft. It’s a move that’s

CFB Picks Week 12 Brought To By SEC Bye Week

The calm before the storm with college football. Even though it’s been crazy with five top ten teams losing in the last five days, this is still a down week thanks to the SEC. Those precious snowflakes in the south need a week off before

CFB Picks Week 10 Brought To You By SEC’s Best Rivalry

So these are obviously late. I get it. The six of you look for my picks. Our numbers are so low, you would think I’m on the Any Given Wednesday staff. Do I care? Yeah a little bit. Do I think I need to shake

LSU-Florida Gets Postponed Putting SEC In Bind

Hurricane Matthew caused LSU Tigers and Florida Gators to postpone their 11 am start on Saturday morning. It’s the right thing to do. Florida knew this was possible, yet they didn’t come up with a contingency plan for a new place to play Saturday’s game.

Tapping The Keg Podcast Episode 202: SnoTapWI Previews NFL Season

Podcast this week features Mitch and I talking about the NFL season that’s upcoming, but we begin with thoughts on the Josh Sitton release along with some other takes regarding the roster. We look into week one versus Jacksonville, and why we both think the

Texas Beats Notre Dame

CFB Week 1 Wrap-Up: Best Opening Weekend Lives Up To Hype

We are going to rank the top three to five biggest things from college football weekend every Sunday or Monday. This time, it’s on a Tuesday. Unlike others, I wanted to wait until all of the games played out and see where it stands after

Expectations For Badgers Should Remain The Same

Not many people gave Wisconsin a chance against LSU last Saturday. People thought the Tigers would embarrassed them with a top flight defense, the front-runner for Heisman Leonard Fournette and Wisconsin’s inexperience. Vegas agreed putting LSU as a 10.5 point favorite in an essential road

Wisconsin Beats LSU, 16-14

Badgers Stun SEC Favorite LSU, 16-14

What a big win for Paul Chryst and the Wisconsin Badgers. No one gave them a true chance in this game unless your name was Aaron Rodgers. People believed LSU would be too physical and strong for Wisconsin yet the Badgers enforced their will. If


College Football Picks Week 1: Saturdays Are For The Boys

I didn’t know if we would get a chance to do picks for the first week of the season. These will come Friday on most days, but since, I have a little time before kickoff, we should light this firecracker right. SnoTap is a work