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Bucks Buzz: The Prez Makes His Campaign Pitch

“This is starting to feel real.” Mitch, my podcast partner, texted that to me. I couldn’t help but agree with him. Milwaukee Bucks swept their back-to-back, and they’ve won 12 of their last 15 games. They’re 17-6 since early February. No one expected them to

Bucks Buzz Vol. 66: Vince Carter Turns Back The Clock

Milwaukee Bucks were riding high heading into Memphis with a six-game winning streak. They faced Memphis Grizzlies who had lost five straight games before taking on Milwaukee. This turned into a must-win for Grizzlies, and for a team with as much pride as Memphis has,

Malcolm Brogdon’s Rookie of the Year Campaign Begins

News came out on Monday that Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid will be out for a significant amount of time with a knee injury. There’s no timetable, and it looks like the tanks returned to the City of Brotherly Love. With only 31 games played,

Bucks Buzz Vol. 58: Cleveland’s Counter-Punch Is Too Strong

Milwaukee Bucks faced a bit of a challenge on Monday night. They stared down Cleveland Cavaliers coming off a home loss on Saturday night to Chicago Bulls, and LeBron James coming back from illness over the weekend. Bucks also had the back-to-back after a matinee

Bucks Buzz Vol. 57: Sloppy Sunday Still Results In W

Milwaukee Bucks and Sunday’s haven’t been great this season. Before today’s game, Bucks had not won a Sunday game either at home or on the road. That changed with Phoenix today where Milwaukee won their first game after All-Star Break with a 100-96 victory. Bucks

Dellavedova Looks Like Another Bad Bucks Contract

Last night, I took in Utah Jazz and Milwaukee Bucks game from 13th row in section 226. My seats were great, and you’re really able to see things on the court that you might miss at home or farther away from the court. One thing

Bucks Buzz Vol. 55: Bucks Head Into Break On High Note

Milwaukee Bucks are hot again. They head into All-Star Break with a three-game winning streak. They’re 25-30, and one game out of the playoffs. Additionally, they’re playing good basketball. Tonight, the fourth quarter was a near hiccup, but Bucks preserved with a great win as

Bucks Buzz Vol. 45: Another Late Game Disaster

We’re at the scene where Lloyd telling Harry ‘OUR PETS HEADS ARE FALLING OFF!’ Bucks have lost five of their last six. Milwaukee is 5-8 for the month of January. Worst part about tonight is Bucks had a spirited comeback only to fall apart in

Bucks Buzz Vol. 33: Milwaukee Closes Out Oklahoma City

Milwaukee Bucks have been here before. They’ve been involved with so many close games down the stretch, and the final five minutes were a complete disaster. Stats rate Bucks out as the worst clutch-rate in all of the league. That made it terrifying when they’re