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BrewCap: Cubs Bats Bash Brewers In Blowout

This kind of felt inevitable, didn’t it? Brewers’ brass runs their mouth about Chicago Cubs, and they follow it up by getting their asses kicked. It didn’t motivate Cubs, but it’s just something that tends to happen on occasion. Jake Arrieta struggled all May, but

Brewers Send Fightin’ Words To Cubs Over Rain Delay

I regret to inform you all that the bad boy Brewers are officially back. When Milwaukee is at their best over Yost, Roenicke and now Counsell, they played with an edge about them. It’s only a matter of time before a team gets mad at

BrewCap: Bullpen Has Case of Monday’s

The thing about the Milwaukee bullpen is it’s not good. They are the sore spot in what has been a great six weeks thus far. Milwaukee Brewers put together a b-squad lineup tonight, and the team nearly cobbled together a victory. Sadly, Milwaukee suffered their

The Last Days of Wily Peralta Starting For Milwaukee

At the end of 2014, Wily Peralta looked like a near-ace for Milwaukee Brewers. He finished off his season on a high note versus emerging Chicago Cubs by striking out 13 batters in seven innings allowing five hits and one run. Everyone thought that Peralta

BrewCap: Manny Pina’s Mother’s Day Moment

Milwaukee Brewers did not have much to play for this afternoon. Milwaukee won the first two games of the series, and they would be 4-2 this week. Not to mention, Jacob deGrom was on the hill for New York Mets. Brewers were down 7-1 in

Odds On Who’s Replacing Ryan Braun

It’s likely that this afternoon Ryan Braun goes on the Disabled List with multiple injuries. He still can’t throw the baseball and now hurt his calf on Tuesday. There are going to be so many takes about how Braun is an untradable asset which I

BrewCap: Brewers Solve Cardinals Curse (For Now)

Milwaukee Brewers had not won a series against St. Louis Cardinals since April 2014. They were 0-15-2 since they beat Cardinals in 2014. That’s incredible streak of futility by Brewers. It ended on Thursday night as they took two of three from St. Louis with

BrewCap: Cards Win Pitcher’s Duel in St. Louis

Milwaukee Brewers usually don’t win two straight versus St. Louis Cardinals. Like a cat with a mouse, they sometimes like the mouse get away for a little bit then put their big-ass paw down. That’s what Cardinals did last night as Carlos Martinez outduels Wily

Cubs Anger At Coach For Thames’ Comments Is Encouraging

Eric Thames did cool down over the weekend. He did not hit a home run in his last four games. I’m sure people are wondering if he’s in a slump, but that’s not the case likely. I’m embracing the Cards hate if Thames has a

What We Missed: Brewers Ride The Roller Coaster

While in the Dominican Republic, I didn’t try too hard to introduce them to Milwaukee’s Dominican contingent because what I learned in 2008 when I was there last is they really only have affinity for the big-name guys like Big Papi. That said, I did