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JR Smith Says Cavs In 7 Then Deletes Tweet

JR Smith is an American legend. We already know that. Right after the Cleveland Cavaliers were stunned by Golden State Warriors in Game 3, JR tweeted ‘Cavs in 7.’ He pulled the Kevin Millar card minutes after Cleveland just lost the game. It’s an incredible

Nothing Says Celebrating A Finals Win Like A Fight

Golden State Warriors took Game 2 of the NBA Finals. We thought this game would be close as it was a three-point Warriors lead at halftime, but that didn’t happen as Golden State put on the afterburners led by Steph Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay

Consider Me A Fan of Curry’s High-Kick Celly

Golden State Warriors dismantled Cleveland Cavaliers in the second half of this game in yet another NBA rout. The game pace was fantastic. I’m trying to decide if I want to write about it more tomorrow or not, but if I do, we need to

PODCAST: Base-Brawl & Finals Trilogy

I’m not kidding you when I say this one of the best podcasts we’ve done in 2017. Please share with your friends who might enjoy two guys shooting the breeze about the sports topics of the week. Our main focus on today’s show features talking

Does NBA Finals Delay Hurt or Help The League?

Over Memorial Day weekend, there was a constant thought – ‘I should be watching playoff sports in some capacity.’ For Friday through Sunday, we did not have a single game of basketball or hockey. Stanley Cup Final kicked off last night with a rousing game

Golden State Warriors Revenge Tour Next Stop: NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors are 12-0 in the NBA Playoffs. That’s an unreal start to the playoffs, and a first in NBA history. Los Angeles Lakers went 11-0 to begin the playoffs before losing Game 1 in the infamous step over game against Philadelphia. Chicago Bulls