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Kevin Harlan Narrates Another Streaker On The Field

Kevin Harlan proving once again why he's the 🐐. (Video via @R0BaTO) pic.twitter.com/R1c2mhFvk5 — Mike Lavieri (@mlavieri) December 6, 2016 If you watched more than one minute of the Colts-Jets game tonight, I feel sorry for you. The egg that New York laid tonight was

Darrelle Revis Shoved J.R. Smith in a Locker

We all know Darrelle Revis has been straight trash to begin the year. He looks washed and not the same football player. Revis is still one of the best corners of the last 10 years though. NBA Free Agent and champion J.R. Smith hopped on

Eric Decker’s Junk Dominates Thursday Night Football

Eric Decker and his wife Jessie James Decker have what some people like to call #SquadGoals. They are one of the internet’s favorite couples. Reason being is they are very supportive of each other. Mrs. Decker cannot stop talking about Mr Decker’s pecker on social