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Seahawks’ Frank Clark Is Human Garbage

You know me, I try to keep my outrage when I see it’s fit to rage about something. Last night, this is one of those things that caused me rage. Natalie Weiner, a talented writer for Bleacher Report, wrote a story about Greg Hardy and

If Richard Sherman’s Price Drops, Packers Should Listen

Richard Sherman is one of the best corners in football. He’s a ballhawk who finds the football near him at all-time. Sherman led the league in overall interceptions in the span of the last three years. It appears the relationship between Seattle Seahawks and him

Eddie Lacy’s Rummage Sale Is A Cool Idea

New Seattle Seahawks running back Eddie Lacy is saying goodbye to the city that drafted by him this weekend. Lacy is having a rummage sale at his De Pere home where he’s selling items with 100 percent of the profits going to charity. We don’t

Eddie Lacy Eats His Way Out Of Green Bay

News broke this morning that former Green Bay running back Eddie Lacy signed with Seattle Seahawks. Fans patiently awaited the offer figuring the NFC West champions gave him two or three years like he desired from teams. That didn’t happen. He received a one-year deal

Ciara & Russell Wilson Continue To Be The Weirdest

I’m sure you saw the picture that Ciara posted yesterday afternoon. If you didn’t, the singer had a photo with her holding Future Jr. in her arms whilst naked and pregnant. Behind her is Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson holding the pregnant stomach of his

Feel For Falcons Fans This Morning

I’m trying to hard to picture what things must be like for Atlanta Falcons fans this morning. We can make jokes about Falcons fans not having this strong base, but there are still fans out there. I have to think most of them are not

Randall Cobb Calls Seattle, “Front Runners”

DON’T HURT EM RANDY! Randall Cobb of your Green Bay Packers had some thoughts about the Seattle Seahawks, and the way the team handled themselves on Sunday afternoon. We have said this rivalry matters for the last couple days, and this is an official statement

Cliff Avril, Noted Nut Puncher, per T.J. Lang

There were some funny moments in last night’s Packers game. We’ll get to another one later this afternoon. FOX Sports told us the Walter Payton Man of the Year nominees this year for Seattle and Green Bay are Cliff Avril and Jayroe Elliott. Not more

Star Ratings: Seahawks-Packers

Packers made believers out of everyone this week. The national media, local media and everyone else knows Packers are back. This team showed its teeth in the best way dismantling the Seahawks by 28 points. This is Seattle’s worst loss since 2011. There are two