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Indians Fans Need To Get Over Themselves About Lucroy

For a city who has seen two teams make it to the final championship round in the last six months, Cleveland is still the same bitter, whining fanbase they’ve been since the start of time. . If you searched ‘Jonathan Lucroy Cleveland’ into Twitter last

MLB Playoff Recap: Donaldson’s Dash & Nats Even It Up

What’s with the rainouts. The MLB schedule gets two rainouts in two days throwing off the schedule a little bit. There will be three games tomorrow with Boston-Cleveland a step behind. Interested to see how the Dodgers-Nats handle the turn around time and if Cubs

MLB AL Playoff Recaps: Rangers & Red Sox On The Brink

This is a out a little later than I would have wanted to be but here we go. Thoughts on the National League will follow. Blue Jays 5 Rangers 4 Player of the Game: Roberto Osuna – What a set of nuts on Toronto’s closer.

Tap’s MLB Playoffs Recap: Jays & Indians Use The Lumber

With the MLB Playoffs, I’m going to do a little differently than what we’ve done in the past. If a big moment happens like what the Giants did on Wednesday or the whole saga with Tuesday’s game, I’ll hope to have it blogged that day.

Your MLB Playoffs Rooting Guide As A Brewers Fan: American League

As a Brewers fan, I feel it’s my job to tell you who to root for in the MLB Postseason. We start in the National League. Milwaukee had some success against a few of the playoff contenders. There’s no real favorite in this one. 1.

Can We Agree Lucroy & Brewers Front Office Never Got Along?

Jonathan Lucroy is one of the more interesting players of the last decade for Milwaukee Brewers. He was a beloved player by the fans because he gave off the look of being this gritty, blue collar player that plays well in the city. Lucroy also