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Kevin Durant Brought Twitter Fiyah Last Night

Golden State Warriors forward Kevin Durant enjoying his time as NBA Finals MVP. Durant is one of those sneaky great premier athletes on Twitter because he doesn’t really have a filter on his tweets. Most of them are not corporate, rather, Kevin lets loose on

Trump’s Halfway Tweet Drives Twitter Crazy

President Donald Trump and Twitter go together like oil and water. It’s never good. I don’t think people who voted for him want to see the 45th President of the United States spewing off at the mouth. But he cannot help himself. It’s like a

NBA’s Twitter Account Disrespects Dave Chappelle

I get that it’s hard to run a Twitter account. I’m sure it’s really really hard to run a professional sports account whether it’s with a team or the organization. I try my hardest to be fair, but some things just go too far. Case

Hate That Aaron Rodgers Got In Retweet Game

For a couple years, we went away from ‘Hey if we get 5,000 retweets, we won’t have to take a final!’ At least, it felt like that then it started popping up again. Kids took it to another level though. A smarter level. They went

David Bakhtiari Would Like Keep His Twitter Followers at 69k

Green Bay Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari is one of the my favorite athlete follows on Twitter. Not only is he eskimo brothers with my roommate, but he’s generally a funny guy. Bakhtiari locked his Twitter account to keep himself at 69,094 followers to ensure

Tapping The Keg Podcast: Stick to Sports Super Bowl

Mitch and Charlie return for another strong episode of Tapping The Keg podcast, your favorite sports program. We talk about the not ‘Sticking to Sports’ on social media from sports media types. It’s a good, healthy discussion about where we’re at in this world. That

Ted Cruz Roasted Deadspin On Twitter… What?

Look man, Twitter is having a weird week. We had the Johnny Manziel to Donald Trump tweet, and now, we have Ted Cruz giving Deadspin the business. People will say ‘It’s a staffer’, and that’s probably true, but they need to get approval from Ted

Manziel Tweets Trump Then Deletes Account

There’s never a dull day with Johnny Manziel on Twitter. Last night, we saw him at the New England Patriots game repping gear for the ‘GOAT’ Tom Brady as he called it. This afternoon, he basically told President Donald Trump to ignore the haters. In

CFB Nat’l Championship Brought Out Time Complainers

I’m starting to write this at 11:00 am. The game isn’t over yet. We’re probably looking at a 4.5 hour game, and people were just pissed about it. This is one of those things I don’t get on Twitter. I talk all the time about

Davante Adams, Big Fan of “Tuggys”

GREAT TEAM DIVISION WIN!! And a tuggy from 12 for my bday?! 24 how could I ask for more?!!! Thanks for all the love.. — Davante Adams (@tae15adams) December 24, 2016 Davante Adams is a slow-rising social media superstar. He had a funny moment last