THE DAILY TAP: Do Packers Fans Underrate Aaron Rodgers?

SnoTapWI Network · The Daily Tap 7/9: Do Packers Fans Underrate Aaron Rodgers? On The Daily Tap for Thursday, Charlie talks about if Packers fans underrate Aaron Rodgers. He explains how Rodgers gets a bad rap for the last three years and talks about how

The Sports TV Schedule in August Is March Madness-Esque

We are gearing up towards what is possibly going to be the biggest sports month of recent memory. We typically have a few months out of the calendar where everything is rolling. But this feels different. Part of it is due to NBA and NHL

Please Send Raheem Mostert to the AFC, Thanks

Raheem Mostert dominated the Green Bay Packers last season. Mostert rushed for 220 yards and blew up on the scene going off against Green Bay. He had a great postseason for San Francisco and was one of the stars of the team in the postseason.

Wisconsin-Northwestern Gets Canceled at Wrigley; Is Lambeau Next?

Wisconsin Badgers are preparing for a unique season in 2020. Obviously, we know about the COVID-19 concerns, but there were a few games that are not typically on the schedule. Wisconsin-Notre Dame were set to happen at Lambeau Field, and Wisconsin faced off against Northwestern

League Executives Rank Aaron Rodgers A Justified Third in All QB’s

Aaron Rodgers is better than you think. Remember a month ago, CBS Sports had the gall to rank Aaron Rodgers outside of the top 10. This was a move to get headlines and draw attention to the fact Matt Stafford is inside their top ten.

Rate Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Zoom Freak 2 Shoes

Giannis Antetokounmpo hit a home run with his first shoe. The Zoom Freak 1’s were a massive success. The number of colorways available lets people’s creativity run well with them. The ‘Coming to America’ editions were awesome too. Then which helped draw even more awareness

Tapping The Keg Ep. 377: Football Is Happening This Fall, Don’t Doubt It

SnoTapWI Network · Tapping The Keg Episode 377: Football Is Happening This Fall, Don't Doubt It Tapping The Keg podcast returns for their bi-weekly edition. Charlie and Mitch get in the booth to discuss the current state of fall sports. Why the NFL is nothing

Ryder Cup Makes The Right Move Pushing Back Tournament

Wisconsin was supposed to have an awesome 2020. Someone pointed out that we would be winding down Summerfest this week and rolling right into the Democratic National Convention. Who knows, we may have also been celebrating a Bucks championship and all wearing championship gear by

People Freaking Out Over NBA’s Bubble Food Is Ridiculous

Leave it 2020 to not leave me surprised. NBA Twitter is a weird place. They latch on things and don’t seem to let it go. Many people went crazy when pictures were shown of the NBA food on night one. People compared to Frye Fest

Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Kid Already Loves The Ladies

We mentioned before on this blog that Giannis Antetokounmpo has to be one of the few that I have loved quarantine the most. He got to spend valuable time with his newborn, Liam that he would not have been able to during the NBA regular