PODCAST: Predicting What Comes Next In These Wisconsin Sports Rivalries

Tapping The Keg podcast returns after 10 days off. The boys get down to business discussing all of the great rivalry matchups this weekend. First, they start with Giannis-LeBron, then Packers-Bears, and lastly, Marquette-Wisconsin. They touch on Giannis and LeBron – Who is the next

PODCAST: Aaron Rodgers Doesn’t Give a F— About Packers’ QB Future

Charlie starts today’s podcast off by explaining why Aaron Rodgers does not care about the Green Bay Packers’ future at the quarterback position. Because of this, Rodgers is unwilling to hand the job off to Jordan Love. Charlie also discusses how the Milwaukee Bucks took

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Rodgers-Love Scenario Rankings + Badgers Hit A Home Run With Fickell

Charlie kicks off this week of The Daily Tap podcast discussing potential Aaron Rodgers-Jordan Love scenarios for next season after Love shows something in his relief effort in Philadelphia. What could possibly happen next? Charlie also goes through questions from the bar, Golden Kegs which

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: Packers’ Late Season Importance Rankings

Surprise! Charlie & Mitch get together for a rare Monday edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. They talk about the Packers’ importance rankings highlighting the most important players for the final six games of the season. They also talk about why you shouldn’t worry

KEG JAMS VOL 2: Packers-Titans Gutcheck, Bucks’ Big Cavs Win, T-Swift Hype

On the second edition of Keg Jamz, Charlie & ShayKenn talk about a host of topics using music to guide their discussion. They talk about the Green Bay Packers and their matchup tonight with the Tennessee Titans. Then the boys recap the Milwaukee Bucks’ big

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: Packers’ Season Theme Could Be a Little Too Late

On this edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast, Charlie & Mitch discuss how the Amari Rodgers release is another example of the team doing things a little too late. Why are the Packers so reactionary? How can they be more proactive? We discuss. We

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: Should The Packers Tank? A Case For & Against It

The Tapping The Keg podcast returns for its 483rd episode where we talk Packers, Bucks, and Brewers. Charlie & Mitch kick off the show by discussing the cases for and against the Green Bay Packers tanking the season. Mitch is on the side of tanking

PODCAST: Should I Bet My Team Vol. 7 (Detroit, Maryland)

The Daily Tap podcast is previewing the Wisconsin sports weekend with the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers, and Milwaukee Bucks. Charlie dives into the Detroit game. Should you finally trust the Packers as a favorite? Lions is having everything over so far this year but

PODCAST: Predicting How The Packers’ November Will Play Out + Bucks Likes & Dislikes

Charlie & Mitch are back for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast. The boys talk about the Green Bay Packers’ upcoming month and what might happen in it. With tough games against the Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans, and Philadelphia Eagles, can Green Bay

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: Can the Milwaukee Bucks Save Wisconsin Sports For 2022?

On this week’s edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast, Charlie & Mitch recap the Milwaukee Bucks big win over the Brooklyn Nets. We also talk about how the Milwaukee Bucks could save Wisconsin sports and their fans in 2022 with the awful year we’ve