THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Top Wisconsin Sports Storylines That You’ll Care About In August

Charlie runs through the storylines that will matter for the month of August. He talks about what the different positions for the Packers could look like. He discusses Jordan Love and what this preseason could do for his trade value. Charlie also chats about the

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Can Brewers Regin In Their Emotions For Two Hardest Weeks Of The Season?

Charlie returns for the Monday edition of The Daily Tap podcast. He talks about how the Milwaukee Brewers need to reign in their emotions to be a good baseball team in the coming weeks. Can they do it? What needs to change? Will Craig Counsell

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Brewers Therapy Is Now In Session

Charlie checks in as the Brewers’ therapist as the fans and players have gone through a hell of a week. Charlie talks about why the players should not be perceived as robots. Then discusses how important this weekend is for the rest of the Brewers

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST: The Great Josh Hader Debate

Charlie and Mitch react to the Josh Hader deadline deal with two sides of the argument. Charlie talks about how the organization is seeing the deal with the Hader deal. While Mitch talks about the disappointment that he sees from this deal. Additionally, Mitch discusses

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: What the Josh Hader Trade Means For Brewers This Year & Beyond

Milwaukee Brewers trade Josh Hader. Charlie breaks down what happened here. Why the move was made at this time? What the Brewers got back in return and what this bullpen might look like moving forward. Charlie also discusses the newest Brewers pitcher Matt Bush. What

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Badgers Football Catch Up: Can They Contend For a Playoff Spot?

Charlie gets you caught up on the Wisconsin Badgers football team on this edition of The Daily Tap podcast. He talks about what to expect from this Badgers’ offense then talks about the defense. What holes do they have to fill? Who can be a

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Don’t Freak Out About Bakhtiari On The PUP + Brewers Big Weekend

Charlie opens today’s edition of The Daily Tap by telling Packers fans not to freak out about David Bakhtiari. Despite the reasons to be concerned, it is likely that the Packers are taking their time to get him back to practice. While the PUP is

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Revisiting WI Sports History: The Christian Yelich Contract

Christian Yelich got paid by the Milwaukee Brewers right before Covid hit our country on March 6th, 2020. Anyone would have done the deal at that time. So far, it has looked like one of the worst investments made by a Wisconsin sports franchise. Charlie

TAPPING THE KEG PODCAST 468: Bucks Championship Window Is Wide Open

Mitch & Charlie return for another edition of the Tapping The Keg podcast and they’re talking about the Milwaukee Bucks’ championship window. After a day of celebrating the Bucks’ first title, the question is when will they get their next one? Charlie & Mitch believe

THE DAILY TAP PODCAST: Reliving The Bucks Championship One Year Later

In a special edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie looks back on the Bucks’ championship day as it was a year ago to this date. Milwaukee Bucks were champions at this time. The feels get brought back as Charlie remembers the game and talks about