Marquette Golden Eagles-Jackson State Tigers Golden Keg Award Winners

Marquette Golden Eagles had to avoid the lookahead. They were taking on the lowly Jackson State Tigers at 8:00 pm Tuesday. It was not surprising to see Marquette struggled early in this one. Marquette woke up in a big way in the second half though.

When Will Adam Schefter Rumor Matt LaFleur As a Notre Dame Candidate?

Adam Schefter is not a real journalist any longer. Adam deserves all the money that he has and the fame. He got up through the ESPN ranks and is now the kingmaker of football news breakers on ESPN. Good for him. But Schefter is much

Milwaukee Bucks’ G-League Team Had a Dunk Show Last Night

The Wisconsin Herd is in full swing. They’re the Bucks’ G-League team, and the team isn’t too shabby. Sometimes when you have a great team, like the Milwaukee Bucks, your minor league teams are not that good. It speaks to the coaches that Milwaukee wants

PODCAST: Paul Chryst’s Seat Isn’t Warm But Changes Are Needed For Wisconsin

The Daily Tap is a near-daily Wisconsin sports podcast. Charlie, the host, talks about the Wisconsin Badgers, sports betting in Wisconsin, and the Packers’ playoff seeding today. Charlie discusses why the Wisconsin Badgers loss on Saturday should not mean that Paul Chryst is on the

Hardo Aaron Donald Thought He Was A WWE Wrestler, Not An NFL Player

Aaron Donald is one of the best players in the National Football League. He is really good. But when he plays the Green Bay Packers, for whatever reason, he comes off as a huge fucking bitch. Donald does not seem to enjoy playing Green Bay.

PODCAST: If The Playoffs Run Through Lambeau, The Rest of The NFC Is In Trouble

The Daily Tap is a near-daily Wisconsin sports podcast. Today’s podcast focuses on the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, and the Milwaukee Brewers. Charlie talks about why homefield advantage matters so much for the Packers, and why the rest of the NFC is in trouble

PODCAST: Packers-Rams Showdown Storylines + Badgers-Gophers Betting Preview

The Daily Tap podcast is a near-daily Wisconsin sports podcast. Today, we are focusing on the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers. Charlie talks about the Green Bay Packers matchup with the Los Angeles Rams and why the Rams need this game more than the

PODCAST: Part 2: Bucks Are Heating Up Finally + Marquette’s Surprising Start

The Daily Tap is a near-daily podcast for the state of Wisconsin and its sports. In part two, it’s just basketball. Charlie talks about the Milwaukee Bucks getting hot of late. Sure, they’re getting fat on cupcakes, but it’s good to see from the Bucks

PODCAST: Part 1 – Why Packers Should Still Be Successful Even With Their Injuries

The Daily Tap is a near-daily Wisconsin podcast. In part one, it’s just football so it’s the Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers. Charlie talks about why all is not lost due to the Elgton Jenkins injury and the Packers should be able to

PODCAST: What If Justin Jefferson Was A Packer?, Golden Keg Intro & Betting Preview

The Daily Tap is a near-daily podcast covering Wisconsin sports. Today’s teams covered the Green Bay Packers, Marquette Golden Eagles, Wisconsin Badgers football. Charlie starts the show wondering what the Green Bay Packers would look like if Justin Jefferson was on their roster then breaks