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BrewCap: Offense Goes Dark Yet Again

Milwaukee Brewers offense is unpredictable. They’re like your friend at the bar whom you never know which version you’re getting on a Saturday night. They could be a happy drunk where they’re living their best life and one of the best people to be around.

Josh Jones Comes Back at Right Time

Green Bay Packers defense will be getting a boost on Sunday. Reports are Josh Jones will be back in action for his first game of the 2018 season. Jones battled an ankle injury that kept him out of the first two games of the season.

Daily Tap: Division Dreams Dying for Brewers

Daily Tap rolls on with the Wednesday edition. We talk about the Milwaukee Brewers’ recent struggles as they drop another game to the Cincinnati Reds. Why it feels like Wild Card or bust with the Cubs staying hot over the past few games. We chat

Tapping The Keg Podcast: NFL Hates Football

Tapping The Keg podcast is back in full force for the 305th edition. Charlie and Mitch get into all of the latest headlines from the weekend. The podcast begins talking all of the problems with the NFL and their rulebook. Clay Matthews hit comes into

The Reason Why NFL Doubled Down on Matthews’ Hit

Clay Matthews’ hit is the talk of Packers fans all over the country. It’s what people talked about at the coffee machine on Monday morning, and what will still be talked about today before the focus moves to Washington. The conversation will continue because the

Christian Yelich Makes His Case for MVP

The Emmys were last night where they honor television in all forms. You could argue with the influx of great television shows that it’s a bigger deal to win an Emmy than it is an Oscar. When you’re submitting your show to the Emmy’s, you

Christian Yelich’s Cool Moment with Young Brewers Fan

Christian Yelich is the face of the franchise. Milwaukee Brewers looked for one since Ryan Braun in the early 2010s. For a second there, Jonathan Lucroy and Braun shared the crown, but no one took control like Yelich. He’s the man and the star of

Brewers’ Pittsburgh Problem is Frustrating but Not Uncommon

Milwaukee Brewers lost another series to Pittsburgh. The thorn in the Brewers’ side all year continued to dig in. Of course, it was Pittsburgh that stopped Milwaukee’s streak of winning series. Of course, the offense went quiet over the last two days due to pitching

Badger Musings: Wisconsin’s Embarrassing Home Defeat

Wisconsin dealt with pressure since the preseason polls came out before the season.The media and coaches saw Wisconsin as the fourth-best team in the country behind powerhouses like Clemson and Alabama. The expectations were sky high, and people asked the question leading up to the

Daily Tap: Wisconsin’s Disappointing Sports Weekend

What an awful weekend in the State of Wisconsin. Packers recap (0-15 mints): I hate the officials and cost them the game. Goodell’s overtime rules suck ass too. Aaron Rodgers screwed up in the overtime period. Inability to finish against the Vikings cost them dearly,

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