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Star Ratings: Packers-Falcons

Five Stars Ladarius Gunter – Sometimes, we overreact at SnoTapWI HQ, and two weeks ago when I asked for Gunter to be ‘off the roster’ that’s what we call an overreaction. He looked good against Alshon Jeffery and held his own against Julio Jones. Dom

Despite Cleveland’s Winning, Browns Remain The Browns

This is so Browns it hurts, but I love it very much. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Cleveland has Cavaliers winning championships, Indians are one win away and the Browns remain the ugly stepchild of their city. This has to be a trending

Cam Newton’s Comments Should Scare Goodell

Cam Newton is always one of the more electric post-game press conference attendees for a wide-range of reasons. He dresses to the nines every week, and he usually has something to say whether it be about his play or about another thing happening in the

New Fan Trend: Throwing A Dildo On The Field

In the least surprising news of the day, Bills Mafia started a new trend by throwing a dildo onto the field while New England was driving for yet another touchdown. My roommate and I were watching the game, and sure enough, we spotted what looked

Cubs Live To See Another Day

My roommate is a Cubs fan and before leaving my apartment, I wished him “Good luck.” He said, “Thanks, I don’t want to this end tonight.” Him and other Cubs fans will get to have Game 6 on Tuesday night in Cleveland as Cubs look

Packers Lose a Good Old Fashioned Shootout, 33-32

Tough loss for Green Bay. This game went back and forth for the entire four quarters. It really came down to ‘Whoever had the last with the ball would win the game.’ What’s funny is the secondary wasn’t the problem, rather, the young inside linebackers

Cubs Are Not Dead (Yet)

Chicago Cubs were in a sort of must-win situation last night. They knew Corey Kluber waited on Saturday night at Wrigley Field, and with the wind blowing out, and a pitcher like Josh Tomlin whose served up meatballs like an Italian Deli, it seemed inevitable

KG Possibly a New Bucks Coach?

This isn’t really a Woj Bomb, but news came out late last night that Kevin Garnett talked with Milwaukee Bucks about a coaching consultant role. He also talked with Cleveland about a similar role. Sources: Beyond joining TNT's studio show, Kevin Garnett still talking w/