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Super Bowl 51: Patriots Secondary Ready For Ryan?

It’s Super Bowl week, and while the SnoTap gang isn’t in Houston, the hope is to give you a preview that would be similar to what we did for Packers on Friday except a little longer and break them out over the next four days

Lane Kiffin’s Hype Video Is ELECTRIC

Oh Lane. Sweet, sweet Lane. What happened here? Some of young Florida Athletic sports marketing guy or girl decided to a do a video with the Owls new coach and boy did he sell the program if selling the program meant being a relative to

Stephen Jackson’s Pregame Weed Ritual Surprises No One

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson shared a story on Monday about how he enjoyed to smoke weed before games after he passed the four mandatory drug tests of the season. To me, this is the least surprising thing ever. I don’t know where I stand

Marshawn Lynch Needs A Travel Show

Marshawn Lynch is living his retirement right. It’s been about a year since Lynch announced his retirement from football, and no athlete expanded their brand more than him. The Skittles sponsorship has been a great one and it proved great for Beast Mode again for

Hoopcap: Happ’s Heroics Prevent NYC Disaster

Wisconsin Badgers played a part in the Super Saturday event with Big Ten in NYC. It started with Wisconsin basketball for the morning and hockey in the evening. It seemed like the start would be smooth sailing for Badgers as they played lowly Rutgers, but

The Biggest Offseason of Ted Thompson’s Career

A term many Green Bay Packers fans used throughout the years was ‘In Ted we trust.’ The reason being Ted Thompson, Green Bay Packers General Manager, put the team in position to win football games and achieved the ultimate goal once by winning the Super

Hoopcap: Providence Escapes Milwaukee With A Win

After being back-to-back top 10 teams, many Marquette faithful expected a letdown against a Providence Friars team still looking for their identity for the season. To make things more difficult, Friars fell to St. John’s earlier this week meaning this game was a must-win if

John Lynch Is Somehow The 49ers GM

In one of the weirder moves of the offseason, San Francisco 49ers hired John Lynch, FOX color analyst, as their general manager. That actually happened with San Francisco. It’s hard to believe a move like this was made with a team who really needs stability

Bucks Buzz Vol. 47: Big Boston Comeback Falls Short

Milwaukee Bucks finished off their January on a disastrous note losing their eighth game in their last nine games. Bucks fell to Boston Celtics in overtime, 112-108, where once again, they struggled in one quarter and played well in the other three. If Milwaukee showed

Justin Bieber Getting Smashed Into Glass… Priceless

For those who care, the National Hockey League is having their All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles this weekend. There’s not much to it, but the game is fun if you enjoy a ton of goals. Like other sports, they have a celebrity game, and with