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King & Jones Add Depth To Packers Secondary

Green Bay Packers surprised many fans when they traded out of the first round on Thursday night. Many mumors swirled around what Packers would actually do with the first pick on Friday night. Some thought it might be for DeShone Kizer to flip him later

What We Missed – Bucks Season Ends With A Spirited Comeback

I’m back from vacation. If I had know that I would have WiFi in my room, I would have brought the blog to paradise. Anyways, I’m back and realize I have to teach the boys how to work this machine. Bucks season ended on Thursday

Nolan Murphy’s 8th Annual NFL Draft Preview

Nolan resides in West Palm Beach, FL,  where he co-hosts ESPN WEST PALM’S #MikeandMurph.  Follow him @TheNolanMurphy on Twitter, Instagram or NBMURPHY ON Snapchat. His Floridian tan is still pending. Similar to his Millionaire status. The Packers; my friends and family and the Green Bay Packers –

Tapping The Keg Episode 235

The Chief is out of town but Mitch and Murph keep the podcast game strong as usual. We get you set for Game 6 between the Bucks and the Raptors, the NFL Draft and try to strike down all of Eric Thames’ haters. SOUNDCLOUD LINK

Does Infighting Among Packers Organization Matter?

News came out yesterday from the esteemed Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that Packers coaches were all pretty ‘pissed’ that T.J. Lang didn’t find his way back to the team. This isn’t surprising given Lang’s impact on the team, and most of the

Jimmy Butler vs. Marcus Smart Is NBA’s Next Rivalry

We’ve been down this road before. We have a star player who is bothered by the peskiness of a good, not great, player. As a whole, the Chicago Bulls-Boston Celtics might be reaching the chippiest series of them all, but the main focus is on

Dwane Casey Wants Toronto Fanbase To Be Like Milwaukee’s

This was a surprise. When Toronto Raptors head coach Duane Casey met with the media on Sunday, he talked about how Milwaukee Bucks crowd was on fire basically for Game 3 and 4. Casey sung high praises for a fanbase that isn’t known for selling

BrewCap: St. Louis Is Milwaukee’s Daddy Again

What a bad weekend for Milwaukee Brewers. After a successful Thursday night, Brewers dropped three straight games to St. Louis Cardinals. All of the sudden, Cards are hot, and Brewers are struggling. There are still some encouraging things about the team heading into a series

Bucks Buzz: Toronto Puts Clamps on Milwaukee Offense

The City of Milwaukee had so much excitement in the air. Bucks shirts were everywhere in the city. People showed off their Bucks pride all over town. There was a special sort of energy at Milwaukee Brat House on Saturday afternoon with booze and shots