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Brewers’ September Push Begins Right Now

Milwaukee Brewers headed out West to play three teams including the best team in the universe while the Chicago Cubs took on the Cincinnati Reds and Philadelphia Phillies. Things did not look encouraging for Milwaukee heading into the month of September where Chicago’s lead could

Final Thrones Scene With DMX Works In Major Way

Game of Thrones is done for the year. It came and went very quickly, much like Rick Pitino at an Italian restaurant. I, myself, thought this was a pretty good season. I’m not saying it’s one of the best, but we got an enjoyable season

Mayweather-McGregor Lived Up To Its Hype

Cut to 9:00 pm on a Saturday night of the biggest sports spectacles of the year, and we cannot get into Red Lion. Our plan had been to pay 20 dollars to watch the fight at a bar close to our friend’s location, and if

Yankees-Tigers Brawl Was Old School Baseball & I Loved It

There’s nothing like checking your phone and Twitter account after a meeting to see two baseball teams got into a fight. A real fight. Not a couple shoves, and we’re done. But one where actual punches were thrown, and people were heading to the ground

This Olivia Munn-Nick Swardson Picture Hurts The Heart

Minnesota Vikings fans are always the little brother to Green Bay Packers. It pisses their fans off to hear this, but it’s true. Both teams found success in the last two decades, but Vikings could never emulate what the Packers have done throughout the years.

Taylor Swift Comes Directly At Kanye’s Neck

Taylor Swift is out with new music, and she’s making no friends with her first song off her new album ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ with direct shots at Kanye West throughout the song. Today is a 100-year storm on Twitter. We are going

Two Brewers Fit In Jesus Aguliar’s Pants… Really.

As someone who played on the offensive line in high school and college, you were always the guy with the big pants in the locker room. I never had the smallest ones that looked like leggings for some dudes who had bird legs, or the

Did Bucks Make A Serious Play At Kyrie?

Milwaukee Bucks were a team discussed when the Kyrie Irving sweepstakes happened at the end of summer. People thought Milwaukee had enough pieces to make a deal happen, and a report came out saying how Giannis Antetokounmpo was ‘untouchable’ (Uhh ya think?). After the Celtics

Pour One Out For Rich Hill’s Masterpiece

Rich Hill might be cursed by the baseball gods. He’s been a strong pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers over the last couple years, and for the second straight year, destiny shut him down at the last minute. Last year, Hill got denied a no-hitter

Brewers Cure Their San Fran Ballpark Woes

There was a reasonable amount of concern heading into this week’s Brewers series against San Francisco. Even though the Giants have one of the worst records in baseball, it appeared Milwaukee could have their hands full considering the Giants’ ballpark is not conductive to what