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Rodgers Isn’t Playing Role of Savior

Ask people around Wisconsin on Wednesday, they were probably smiling a little more than they were the day before. Aaron Rodgers returned to the Green Bay Packers officially and will play on Sunday versus Carolina. After Wednesday’s practice, Rodgers did his usual meeting with the

Star Ratings: Green Bay-Cleveland

Green Bay Packers looked like they were not going to escape Cleveland alive on Sunday afternoon. Packers trailed 21-7 to the Browns in the fourth quarter, and things did not look good for the team. Like last week, they found a way in the fourth

Seahawks Players & Jags Fans Both Acted Reckless

Seattle-Jacksonville are two teams that do not play each other often. They used to be cousins when the Gus Bradley regime was there, but things changed a little bit since the last time around. Jaguars are contenders for an AFC South crown, and Seattle is

Brett Hundley Deserves Credit From Packers Fans

Brett Hundley will look back at this season as one where he saw more playing time than he had all of his first three seasons. No one really saw this year being about can the former UCLA quarterback take this team far enough to have

Open Auditions To Write For SnoTapWI

Good morning, Happy Monday. I’m seeking out people who might be looking for interest in writing for SnoTapWI. Consider this the start of the official hiring process. I can’t pay you at this point because we do not take revenue, but it’s a great place

Howard’s Hot Streak Engulfs Vermont

Markus Howard is red hot. He scored 90 points over his last three games. He’s the only player to ever do that in Marquette basketball history. Not Dwyane Wade, Jae Crowder, Wes Matthews, Butch Lee but Howard is the only one in this rarified air.

PODCAST: Whatever You Do… Don’t Lose to the Browns

The podcast returns for another week as we get closer to wrapping up 2017. Mitch and Charlie had a fun podcast this week talking about three big topics – Wisconsin’s loss to Ohio State, how the boys are terrified of the Browns and could Bucks

Four Loko Testing Shot Brand in Wisconsin

One of my fonder memories in college was the Fall of my fourth year when Four Loko became a thing. I don’t really remember the first time it became introduced to me, but after friends talking about, I tried it one night. Obviously, the original

Clinton Portis, Santana Moss & Sean Taylor Pregame Henny Shot >>>

There are certain stories that are made for me, and one is the Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Sean Taylor story from an interview the first two guys did with Washington D.C. media. I love the idea that the three former Washington Redskins players, all from