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Should We Embrace James Harden’s Run vs Hating It?

ABC launches their primetime Saturday night games tomorrow evening. It’s exciting for ABC, and for us, who enjoy pro basketball. This means that they’re a pro game on almost every night of the year, and the primetime slate means we’re getting closer to the postseason.

Bradley Beal Pipe Dream is Over, Sorry.

Bucks fans are weird creatures. There’s no other better way to describe them. Even when everything is going right, they either want something better or the pemissism sinks in. For some, they wanted Bradley Beal from the Washington Wizards. Some Bucks fans believed that he

Weekend Watchlist: Conf. Champ Weekend + Must-Win Badgers

Weekend Watchlist is here with your host Charlie talking about all the big games from a local then national perspective. Here’s the order for this weekend in what should be a good one.1.Wisconsin-Michigan 2. Marquette-Providence 3. Bucks-Magic 4. Rams-Saints 5. Patriots-Chiefs. 6. Virginia-Duke 7. Thunder-Sixers

Matt LaFleur Makes His Media Rounds

Matt LaFleur did some interviews today with Jason Wilde of ESPN Wisconsin and Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk. When these interviews happen, they’re usually very heavy in coach speak, and the hope is you get maybe one or two nuggets that you could take away from

Poor Ersan Got Dunked on Last Night

Milwaukee Bucks won their third straight game last night beating the Memphis Grizzlies. It was their third game in four nights yet Milwaukee handled their business against the suddenly bad Grizzlies. There were mostly highlights and a few lowlights including Ersan Ilyasova getting dunked on

Bucks Buzz: Milwaukee Hammers the Heat

Milwaukee had a Heat problem. For the last two years, Miami has been Milwaukee’s worst matchup. That is, until last night, as the Bucks laid the smackdown on Miami being up 30 points to start the fourth quarter. Bucks were dominant in their victory against

MubbCap: No Howard? Sam Hauser Provides the Answer

What would Marquette look like without Markus Howard? That’s hopefully a thought that didn’t cross a lot of Marquette fans’ minds through the last couple weeks. But they saw a glimpse of it on Tuesday night. Marquette did not have Howard for most of the

Brook Lopez Nearly Gets Impaled by a Free Throw

Milwaukee Bucks faced the Miami Heat for the second time this season. Bucks have not had much success against the Heat this season or last one. In fact, Milwaukee had six straight losses before tonight. This wasn’t one of those games. Milwaukee kicked their ass.

BuckyCap: Wisconsin’s Comeback Comes Up Short

Wisconsin put themselves in a tough spot. Badgers trailed Maryland by 18 points at the half and only scored 15 points. This is their second time this month where they’ve scored fewer than 20 points in a first half. Wisconsin looked like this would be

Hackett’s Hiring Gets LaFleur Out of His Comfort Zone

Green Bay Packers have a new offensive coordinator. Nathaniel Hackett will be the offensive coordinator for the team. Hackett coached at Jacksonville, Buffalo and Syracuse prior to his stop in Green Bay. His dad was a Bill Walsh disciple and carried the West Coast principles