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The Only Way Drafting a Running Back Early Makes Sense

Topics are needed more than ever for sportswriters. I know it as a sports blogger. Thankfully, I do not report to anyone so I can write stories about movies, TV shows, and reality television to supplant the few sports stories going on in today’s weird

Sports Cancellation Stories Need More Context

There is no bigger story to publish or get a scoop about than a cancellation. It is an immediate click for those who are sports fans. Why? Because they’re concerned about the other sports. Even if they do not like that sport or the sporting

ChallengeCap: Wes & Johnny Become The New Super Powers

Welcome to The ChallengeCap. This is a recap on Thursday mornings of what happened on The Challenge last night. The Challenge Total Madness started off with a bang. It is a different type of season, to say the least. They’re in Prague, Czech Republic. They’re

Let’s Build Our Ideal Modern Packers Offense

There is nothing hotter in the streets than putting together ideal lineups. Those things are engagement bait and everyone takes the cheese. We haven’t taken the cheese at SnoTapWI headquarters until now. Last night, Joe Kipp of Packers Wire, put out an ideal modern Packers

The Challenge ‘Total Madness’ Preseason Power Rankings

Welcome back. After a long hiatus, The Challenge Power Rankings have returned for this season of Total Madness. Why? Well, we do not have sports currently. This is our sport for the foreseeable future. It is on MTV at 9:00 pm CST. My goal is

Should I Stream This?! The Talented Mr. Ripley

When I started doing TV and movie recaps, I wondered if I should do something that is dated. Part of me thinks that there is a group of you who have already seen this movie. But there is another part of me that thinks there

Classic Sporting Events Do Next to Nothing For Me

Sports are completely gone until mid-May at the earliest. Some people believe that it will not be until June before we have sports again. There are a few things to quench our thirst though. The NFL Draft is here in the final week of April.

D’Mitrik Trice Hilariously Keeps Scaring Aleem Ford

You have to do different things to keep yourself occupied in these times. Maybe you’re reading more books or watching more television. Maybe you’ve got into board games again. Some have taken back their video game habit like a drug addict. There are opportunities all

NFL Playoff Expansion Gives Packers More Chances

The National Football League made the playoff expansion official yesterday. There will be seven teams in the playoffs for each conference. The two seed will no longer get a bye. Wild Card weekend will feature three games on Saturday and Sunday. Each day will have

THE DAILY TAP PRESENTS Teams That Hurt Wisconsin Sports’ Fans Feelings

The Daily Tap presents is back for another edition where Charlie is talking about different teams that have hurt Wisconsin fans’ feelings during Charlie’s time as a sports fan. Charlie reflects back on teams that have hurt the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Brewers,