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Marquette Can’t Cure Their DePaul Problem & That’s An Issue

All Marquette had to do was beat DePaul at home. That’s all that needed to happen for the Golden Eagles to keep themselves hanging around the bubble. From the looks of the last two weeks with DePaul, that seemed to be easy. Marquette was an

SnotapWI Star Ratings: Packers Fall Short When It Matters The Most

During the broadcast, FOX Sports’ Troy Aikman said to Joe Buck, “It’s harder to win the Championship round than it is in the Super Bowl. These teams know each other better than whoever you’re playing in the Super Bowl.” I thought about that a lot

Aaron Rodgers’ Postgame Comments Get Overblown By The Bloodthirsty Media

In the offseason, the media painted this picture of Green Bay being a contentious place. Aaron Rodgers pissed off that Green Bay selected Jordan Love. Rodgers not entirely on board with Matt LaFleur. It was the story they have been selling to their readers and

The Ramblings of a Sad, Depressed Packers Fan | The Daily Tap

SnoTapWI Network · The Ramblings of a Sad, Depressed Packers Fan | The Daily Tap On Monday’s edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie doesn’t have much of a show structure. It is just him talking into the microphone about what happened on Sunday. He gives

Tampa Bay Proves to Be This Year’s Thorn For The Green Bay Packers

In Brett Favre’s career, there was only one team that you classified as the team that gave him the most trouble in the postseason. It was the Dallas Cowboys. He lost to them three straight years in the postseason. In today’s hyperactive world, that would

Win It For Ted | The Daily Tap Podcast

SnoTapWI Network · Win It For Ted | The Daily Tap Podcast On the Friday edition of The Daily Tap, Charlie talks about the life of Ted Thompson and what he meant to the Green Bay Packers. He explains how Thompson is more of a

Bucks Fail to Beat Another Good Team Losing to Lakers, Should You Be Worried?

Milwaukee Bucks cannot seem to beat a good team this season. So far, this season, Milwaukee is 3-5 against teams with a .500 record or better. They’ve beaten up on the Detroit’s of the world which has helped their overall record. Things are not entirely

Five Questions About Buccaneers-Packers NFC Championship Showdown

Green Bay Packers are playing for the right to go to the Super Bowl. This is the fifth time in Aaron Rodgers’ career that he will have this chance. For the first time out of those five, Green Bay will be favored and be home

No One Embodies The Packers Like Ted Thompson

Former Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson passed away yesterday. He was 68. Thompson is one of the biggest figures in recent Packers history. He only stepped down recently in a stunning announcement on New Year’s Eve. But Thompson’s impact is all over this

Greg Gard’s Switch Is Paying Off For Wahl and Wisconsin

Greg Gard did the thing that many people including me thought he should have done last season. Make sure that Nate Reuvers and Micah Potter are not on the court together. Rather, he should have one starting, one on the bench. That began against Rutgers.