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Nolan Murphy’s 2019 NFL Draft Guide

For the first time since the “Long Night” better known as the 1980’s the Green Bay Packers find themselves late to party. No date to the dance and watching from the sidelines as the state of Wisconsin rejoices in watching championship contenders in the Brewers

Gio Gonzalez’s Return is a Win For Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers are in need of some help with their pitching and hitting at this point of the season. Brewers’ offense has the players to get going, and at some point, it will happen to them. Pitching remains a question mark. Yes, Jimmy Nelson is

BrewCap: St. Louis Sweeps Milwaukee Right Out of Town

Earlier this week, we enjoyed the sweep of the Detroit Pistons as Bucks fan. A couple days later, one of our teams was on the opposite end of a sweep. This one is in the regular season and early on in the year, it still

Introducing The Tapper Takeover by SnoTapWI

Before SnoTap was a thing, I had my own blog in college. Many people thought this was a cool thing and wanted to get involved. I created ‘Free Talk Friday’ where people could write in with their own topics (You may remember that name if

Oh My God, Jason Kidd Could Coach The Lakers

Reports came out yesterday that Jason Kidd interviewed for the Los Angeles Lakers job. Yes, this is real and spectacular. He interviewed with Rob Pelinka and Kurt Rambis for the role. It is amazing that Kidd is getting another chance to coach especially after what

BrewCap: No Offense Allowed for the Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers are in a bit of a rut right now. They’re 13-12 inching closer to a .500 mark. They can not seem to generate any sort of offense, and they struggle pitching. Things are not good right now for the Brew Crew. Milwaukee dropped

PODCAST: All The Previews: Bucks/Celtics, Packers Draft

Tapping The Keg ready for you today chatting about all of the local sports happenings. Charlie and Mitch begin the podcast talking about the Bucks-Celtics series. They look over storylines and give their predictions. Podcast moves on to talk about the NFL Draft. Charlie and

Sports FOMO Is The Absolute Worst

We’re going to have some honesty hour to kick off our day on SnoTapWI. I had a wild day. Worked late, had to workout at night, work issue, taped a podcast with Mitch, therefore, things to do around the house were still needed to be

PODCAST: How Sweep It Is For The Bucks

Daily Tap coming to you on this Tuesday. Charlie is here to chat about the Bucks sweeping the Detroit Pistons last night. He looks back on Giannis’ big performance along with some winners and losers from the four-game sweep. He moves on to chat about