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Marquette Makes Another 2020 Recruiting Splash

Steve Wojciechowski may be on the hot seat to start the year. With all the drama surrounding the Hauser brothers, Marquette’s collapse last season, and the general malaise of this basketball program, there could be some thought that a change may be needed. That hasn’t

Save Your National Marquette Day Outrage

When the news came out yesterday that Marquette would be playing National Marquette Day on a Sunday, I did not like it. Why? Well, I’ve always seen it as a tent pole event in the wintertime to look forward to drinking a Saturday afternoon away.

Travis Diener Calls Game Again & Praises Miller Lite

For the second straight year, the Marquette Golden Eagles TBT team will play for the chance at 2 million dollars. This year, they’ll do it against a group of former Ohio State Buckeyes, not Overseas Elite. Buckeyes aka Carmen’s Crew handed Overseas Elite their first-ever

Marquette & Wisconsin Both Featured in July’s Bracketology

It is probably way too early to talk about college basketball and the NCAA Tournament. But ESPN’s Joe Lunday released a preseason bracket yesterday on Twitter. Even if it’s too early, there’s still an excitement you have by looking to see if your team is

Top 100 Recruit Justin Lewis Commits to Marquette

The 2020 recruiting class for Marquette Golden Eagles might be one of the most important ones in recent history. That isn’t hyperbole. Steve Wojciechowski’s seat is a bit warm but not red hot after the Golden Eagles flaming out in the final month of the

The Athletic WISC has a Marquette Problem

Marquette Golden Eagles basketball and sports fans are used to the limited coverage of their team from local sources. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel made it a point to have it happen for years when they trotted out guys like Michael Hunt and Tom Enlund who barely

Markus Howard, Top Five Player to Start The CBB Season

The hype around Marquette basketball this season should have been sky high. If the Hausers came back, this would have been a top 10 team out of the gate. We’ll hear that statement a lot starting in October this season. But the hype around Markus

Joey Hauser & Marquette Wasn’t Build to Last

Joey Hauser and Sam Hauser are going to be a focal point of Marquette’s season early on. They have to be, sadly. Why? Marquette was ready to have their moment in sun after years of rebuilding their program from the ashes that Buzz Williams left

Rate Marquette and Wisconsin’s TBT Jerseys

This year, Marquette and Wisconsin will both be taking place in The Tournament, formerly known as the TBT. Last year, Marquette played in the TBT and made it to the Final Four in Baltimore before losing to Overseas Elite, the Alabama Football of this tournament.

UConn Heads Home and Rejoins the Big East

When the Big East did not have football, and they just had basketball, people thought of them as a mid-major conference when realingment happened in college sports. It was an ugly term, and one that probably wasn’t true, yet the national media allowed it to