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Marquette Golden Eagles Grades for 2018-2019 Season

Marquette Golden Eagles had a weird year. No one can question that one. Golden Eagles had a great non-conference season with wins over Buffalo, Kansas State, Louisville and Wisconsin. All four of those teams made the tournament, and they were higher than eight seeds. Marquette

Who’s Seat is Warmer – Wojo or Gard?

On Monday morning when people get to work to talk about the NCAA Tournament, the conversation of both Marquette and Wisconsin getting bounced in the first round by 17 or more points will get brought up. Whether they’re a fan of either team or a

MubbCap: Murray State Mauls Marquette in Round 1

When Marquette drew Murray State in the first round, it felt like a good draw for Marquette. The matchup actually looked petty good on paper with Marquette ability to stop interior scoring and the Golden Eagles had more size than the Racers. Ja Morant did

How Marquette Gets to the Final Four

Marquette Golden Eagles might have been a sneaky Final Four team for some prior to their four-game losing streak. If the Golden Eagles go 2-2 to finish the season, they’re probably a four or even a three seed. Due to their losing streak, it knocked

Join The FREE SnoTapWI March Madness Pool

March Madness is officially upon us. Hope you’re all as excited as I am for it. I believe that it is much more fun when Marquette and Wisconsin are both involved in the tournament. Is it better for content purposes? Yes, yes it is. But

Marquette Gets a Five & Showdown With Ja Morant is Set

When CBS began to reveal brackets on Sunday night (By the way, they did a great job bringing back the old school and leaving Charles Barkley, Ernie Johnson off the broadcast), Villanova received a sixth seed. I thought for sure this meant Marquette would be

Wisconsin Heads West & Gets Oregon (Again.)

Wisconsin Badgers found out where they’re going to play for the NCAA Tournament. They’ll be heading to San Jose, California to take on the red hot 12th seeded Oregon Ducks. The draw that Wisconsin has though is rather favorable. I know Oregon has been red

BuckyCap: Badgers Offense Goes Cold At Wrong Time

Wisconsin Badgers had a tough task on Saturday afternoon. They faced a red-hot Michigan State team. The Spartans have been dominant in the last few weeks after their few small blips in the radar. Sparty is hunting a potential number one seed as well. Wisconsin

BuckyCap: Badgers Pick Happ Up & Hang On

Wisconsin entered the Big Ten Tournament quarterfinal against a hungry Nebraska team. Cornhuskers knew they had to win this game to have any shot of playing their way on the NCAA Tournament bubble. Additionally, these guys could be fighting for Tim Miles’ job who might

MubbCap: Big East Ruins & Robs Marquette’s Matchup

Marquette played in the Big East semifinals for the first time since realignment came into the fold. Last time they played in this game, Buzz Williams was the coach and Louisville played in the Big East. Marquette had an opportunity to get revenge on Seton