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Tyler Herro Decommits From Wisconsin

In a surprising move, four-star in-state recruit Tyler Herro decommitted from Wisconsin and opened up his recruitment again for his senior season. Apparently, this is a rumor that’s been out there for awhile in the summer AAU season, but nothing came of it at that

Virginia Tech Hoops Is Marquette’s Newest Recruiter

Virginia Tech basketball is attempting to make their rise in the very tough ACC. Buzz Williams came over from Marquette in a move that many saw as sideways or backwards from the Golden Eagles. As it’s been unearthed, there were several problems with Buzz and

Could Big Ten’s Need For NYC Hurt the Badgers?

Big Ten announced their schedule yesterday when it comes to the college basketball season. It’s a schedule that I feel like many were waiting for because it’s different this year with the Big Ten heading to New York City, a week earlier than the Championship

Marquette & Bucks Keep Special Milwaukee Bond

An announcement was made on Tuesday that Marquette Basketball will have a seven-year contract with the Milwaukee Bucks to play home in their new stadium starting next season. This is great news for all parties involved. At different points of negotiating, there were some rumors

Marvin Bagley Heads To Duke & Sigh, They’re The Favorite

Marvin Bagley is the biggest recruit in the 2018 recruiting class, and he became the biggest one in the 2017 as he reclassified to this season. Bagley will be attended Duke University joining an already loaded young roster, and Blue Devils will once again be

Badgers Fans Should Be Mad at Bo Ryan, Not Hauser

There is an alternative reality where Bo Ryan recruited Sam Hauser with his younger brother Joey in mind, and Ryan convinced Sam to come play for Wisconsin. Sam ended up having a big year off the bench for now-coach Greg Gard, and the team would

Joey Hauser Takes Marquette To Another Level

Marquette Golden Eagles and Wisconsin Badgers along with Michigan State have been chasing five-star 2018 recruit Joey Hauser. The last name is obviously familiar as he’s Sam’s younger brother. Joey wasn’t completely locked into Marquette amid what others had thought about him. He played out

Sam Dekker Enforces A ‘No Duke Law’ To Kobe King

Confession time – Sam Dekker is a fun follow on Twitter even though I’m not a Badger fan and don’t pretend to be anywhere close to one. He admitted to me once that Marquette had much better uniforms than Wisconsin as well. Although, I found

Chris McIntosh Looks Like Barry Alvarez’s Successor

A bit of news came out of Madison yesterday that former Badger football great Chris McIntosh would be getting a promotion to deputy Athletic Director this Fall. If you connect the dots, Barry Alvarez appears ready to name his successor at Wisconsin, and it appears

Have To Respect Zak Showalter’s Troll Game

Milwaukee Bucks are bringing all sorts of guys into workouts for the team before the NBA Draft. These players are not always guys who are going to be drafted by the team, but they look at potential summer league guys for the organization. One of