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Markus Howard, Top Five Player to Start The CBB Season

The hype around Marquette basketball this season should have been sky high. If the Hausers came back, this would have been a top 10 team out of the gate. We’ll hear that statement a lot starting in October this season. But the hype around Markus

Joey Hauser & Marquette Wasn’t Build to Last

Joey Hauser and Sam Hauser are going to be a focal point of Marquette’s season early on. They have to be, sadly. Why? Marquette was ready to have their moment in sun after years of rebuilding their program from the ashes that Buzz Williams left

Rate Marquette and Wisconsin’s TBT Jerseys

This year, Marquette and Wisconsin will both be taking place in The Tournament, formerly known as the TBT. Last year, Marquette played in the TBT and made it to the Final Four in Baltimore before losing to Overseas Elite, the Alabama Football of this tournament.

UConn Heads Home and Rejoins the Big East

When the Big East did not have football, and they just had basketball, people thought of them as a mid-major conference when realingment happened in college sports. It was an ugly term, and one that probably wasn’t true, yet the national media allowed it to

Wisconsin Adds Davis’ Brothers to Their Recruiting Class

Wisconsin Badgers kicked off a recruiting period with a bang this weekend. The basketball team landed not one, but two players as they received commitments from Jordan and Johnathan Davis of La Crosse Central. Wisconsin continues to make an impact in the La Crosse area.

Marquette’s Ike Eke Makes An Incredible Gesture

We all love feel-good stories. There is nothing better than that especially in a world where there are so many negative stories out there. It is even better when the feel-good story features someone you are connected with in some way. Marquette’s Ike Eke has

NC State Gets Its Revenge on Brad Davison

One of the more talked about Badgers games from last season was NC State vs. Wisconsin. It featured Brad Davison taking five total changes in the game including a charge that won the game for Wisconsin. It took Davison to another level in the national

Marquette Adds a Grad Transfer Big Man Jayce Johnson

On the same day that Steve Wojciechowski signed his extension, Marquette added another player to the interior front line. Utah big man Jayce Johnson will be a grad transfer to Marquette given the Golden Eagles some additional size inside next season. Marquette showcased their size

Making Sense of the Steve Wojciechowski Extension

Marquette Golden Eagles extended Steve Wojciechowski for two more years yesterday. A move that is not exactly popular for the fanbase. Wojo did not bring himself into the good graces of the fanbase when they lost six of their last seven games and received an

Badgers Get Boost Being a Finalist for Jalen Johnson

Wisconsin Badgers are usually not in the mix when it comes to a top recruit in the state. Sure, Tyler Herro signed a letter of intent to Wisconsin, but he made a meteoric rise through the ranks in his last years at Whitnall High School.