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Milwaukee Is In The Regular Rotation For The NCAA Tournament

In 2020, Milwaukee was supposed to be the epicenter for a variety of big events. The biggest one was the Democratic National Convention. That didn’t happen obviously. NBA Finals might have taken place here too, but again, that didn’t happen either. Hell, Bucks didn’t even

Marquette’s New Uniforms Draw Varying Opinions From Love to Hate

Marquette Golden Eagles are donning new threads for the 2020-2021 season. The team aligned with Jordan brand to make new uniforms for the 2020-2021 season. The uniform leaked on Saturday showcasing the navy jersey on an online store. Then on Sunday, the university made it

Jimmy Butler Having The Game of His Life in NBA Finals Was Awesome

Miami Heat’s forward Jimmy Butler eliminated the Milwaukee Bucks three weeks ago. It sucked to cheer against Butler, and Miami left a bad taste in my mouth. When the Heat took on LeBron James, my Marquette part of my brain turned on. Cheering for Butler

Marquette Fans Shockingly Have No Problems With Iggy The Eagle Mascot

Marquette Golden Eagles decided to name their mascot yesterday. Why? I’m not sure. I’m sure their agency or the communications team thought it would be nice to put a name for the mascot. The choice was ‘Iggy’, after St. Ignatius, the father of prayer. Iggy

Miller Lite Drops The Bag For Number 1 Fan Travis Diener

Some people are just domestic beer guys. That is okay. We should not shame them. I hate the people that just craft beer guys. There is a time and place for domestics and crafts in my world. Travis Diener is a Miller Lite guy. He

A Marquette Million: Golden Eagles Take Home TBT Championship

Marquette Golden Eagles alumni team is full of Marquette legends. Those legends have come close to winning the TBT Tournament, but they’ve never finished the deal. After losing in the championship game last season, the Golden Eagles came back with hunger and revenge. They beat

Jamil Wilson Sends Marquette to the TBT Finals

Do you ever look at a player and wonder how he is not in the league? Jamil Wilson is one of those guys. Look, I know he is only 6’7, but still, Wilson could have a spot in the NBA with his abilities. But for

Marquette Adds ‘Under-The-Radar’ Guard for 2021 Recruiting Class

Marquette Golden Eagles kicked off their 2021 recruiting class yesterday. Golden Eagles added Kameron Jones, a 6’4 guard from Tennessee. Marquette will need the 2021 class to be somewhat of a rebuilding group. They’re losing three key players next year, and they have multiple scholarships

College Coaches’ Impossible Task This Fall & Winter

Paul Chryst has one of the biggest challenges of his career. Chryst needs to keep his players safe from COVID-19. Wisconsin had two cases out of the 117 people that were tested. It is unlikely that Wisconsin will only have two tests all Fall with

D.J. Carton Gives Marquette a Major Boost for Next Season

Earlier this year, Marquette Golden Eagles shocked the basketball world by getting D.J. Carton from the Ohio State Buckeyes. Carton left Ohio State after his freshman year and sat out multiple games last year citing mental illness. Still, Carton had to apply to be eligible