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Marquette Can’t Cure Their DePaul Problem & That’s An Issue

All Marquette had to do was beat DePaul at home. That’s all that needed to happen for the Golden Eagles to keep themselves hanging around the bubble. From the looks of the last two weeks with DePaul, that seemed to be easy. Marquette was an

Marquette Escapes New York and Beats St. John’s in a Thriller

Marquette Golden Eagles had a path to building up their Big East resume. They would play St. John’s, DePaul, and Georgetown in a row. They are three of the bottom of feeders of the Big East. Marquette continues to win those games, and they’re in

Dear Northwestern, Thanks Now People Will Forget About Us, Signed Marquette

Marquette basketball had one of the worst collapses I’ve seen from a team in a long time. They could not make any shots. They were punched in the mouth. And it was overall ugly. For those that didn’t see it or don’t know, Marquette had

Wear A Mask Right, Dan Hurley + Butler/Woodson HOF Finalists | WI Best & WI Worst

This is supposed to be a video for the people, but my computer picked an awesome to not work with video capture. I’m not at my home office, so, unsure if it’s a driver issue or if the connection here isn’t strong enough for video.

Marquette Reverts to Their Mediocre Ways With Miserable Finish

Marquette had a weird year, to say the least. They’ve beat some good teams in Wisconsin and Creighton. They do not have a bad loss, but they still seem to be average or below average with a ton of talent. Getting run off the court

Marquette Somehow Someway Finds a Way To Beat Georgetown

The Big East conference took about a two-week hiatus from playing games over the holiday. They wanted the players to get a mental health break from playing and if they could safely, see their families. Thankfully for Marquette and Georgetown who played on Saturday, they

Marquette’s Defense Continues to Fall Apart As They Hit Rock Bottom

Marquette Golden Eagles were flying high a couple of weeks ago. They beat Creighton on a Monday night. This would be their second top 10 victory in the shortened season. Marquette had a great resume with many Big East games to play. But then things

Don’t Let Xavier’s Buzzer Beater Making You Forget Marquette’s Pathetic Defense

Marquette Golden Eagles played Xavier in their third game of the week. A 2-1 week in the Big East with two road games sounded pretty nice. Golden Eagles also would have two NCAA Tournament resume wins with beating Creighton and Xavier. Marquette jumped out to

Bad First Half & a Late Flop Doom Marquette Against Seton Hall

Marquette Golden Eagles were trying to follow up their big win against Creighton with an equally big win against Seton Hall. While the Pirates are missing Myles Powell from this year’s team, they still have an NCAA Tournament team. After all the torment Hall provided

Marquette Delivers The Second Half Stunner to Creighton

Marquette Golden Eagles started Big East play on Monday. It was not an easy turnaround for them as they went from Los Angeles to Omaha to play Creighton. The Jays are a top ten team in the country who just lost by a point to