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Daily Tap: Brewers Can Win World Series

Daily Tap is live for a Tuesday! We’re feeling good talking about the Milwaukee Brewers big win on Monday night then Charlie lets you know why this team can win the World Series. Brewers have the pieces and tools that it takes to be a

Daily Tap: Just How Good are the Packers?

Daily Tap is live for Monday. Packers vs. Skins recap (0-15 mins): Yikes. Lifeless game in the first half. Rodgers doesn’t seem like himself. Randall Cobb with a brutal game. Get Kentrell Brice off the field. NFL f’s up again. Like the 2H adjustments from

Daily Tap: Wisconsin’s Disappointing Sports Weekend

What an awful weekend in the State of Wisconsin. Packers recap (0-15 mints): I hate the officials and cost them the game. Goodell’s overtime rules suck ass too. Aaron Rodgers screwed up in the overtime period. Inability to finish against the Vikings cost them dearly,

Daily Tap: Brewers! Brewers! Keep Turnin’ Up The Heat

Daily Tap is rolling on Tuesday. We start off remembering 9/11 and why it’s a meaningful day even after 17 years. We chat about the Brewers-Cubs game from Monday night with Josh Hader displaying the Elon Musk flamethrower on the mound plus Craig Counsell says

Daily Tap: Aaron Rodgers is a Superhero

aily Tap is live for Monday! A victory Monday at that! We thought this wouldn’t happen but Aaron Rodgers made sure of it. What a win for the Green Bay Packers. They come all the way the back to win and add another amazing edition

Daily Tap: Aaron Rodgers Wants a Contract Partnership

Daily Tap, the Wisconsin sports podcast done in 20 minutes or less, on a near daily basis is back with another edition. Charlie talks about Aaron Rodgers contract based off his comments to ESPN Wisconsin’s Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher. Why it makes sense, and

Daily Tap 8/20: Take a Sports Vacation

Daily Tap, your alternative Wisconsin sports podcast in 20 minutes or less nearly every day of the week. We are back after what felt like two days off. Charlie explains why it’s good for even the biggest diehards to take a couple days off from

Daily Tap: Are We Sure Craig Counsell is Good?

Daily Tap, your Wisconsin source for sports. One of the few podcasts and shows that you can hear through the weekend. Tappers, I’m not sure Craig Counsell is a good manager. He messed up another game in the bullpen by refusing to use Josh Hader

Daily Tap: Khalil Mack’s Pack Attack

Daily Tap, your one-stop shop for Wisconsin sports in 20 minutes or less. We talk about the possibility of Khalil Mack to the Packers as Las Vegas calls Green Bay the odds-on-favorite. We look at that as a possibility and why Green Bay should make