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Sign Me Up: Lakefront Brewery Is Offering a Romantic Dinner Inside Bernie Brewer’s Chalet

Before Miller Park, Bernie Brewer was a bit of a wild child. What do I mean by that? Well, Bernie had a chalet similar to the one he has right now at Miller Park, but that chalet had a mug of beer attached to it.

Milwaukee Restaurant and Bar Scene May Never Be The Same

Milwaukee was the first city in Wisconsin to get hit hard with COVID-19. In the first few months of the pandemic, Milwaukee became the real hot spot for the state. Madison had some issues but not at the levels of Milwaukee. Therefore, things shut down

Milwaukee Bars Gearing Up To Be Outdoors Amid Cold Temps

There has been an elephant in the room looming for awhile. What are bars going to do when it gets cold outside? The push for outdoor spaces has been massive in the time of COVID-19. Due to the science that tells us it is better

Miller Lite Share House Looks Like The Perfect Weekend Spot

Miller Lite is trying to make people forget about 2020. I think all of us can understand that. While 2020 hasn’t been a great year for the country, I do think some people are thriving this year. But the overall idea is that 2020 is/was

Milwaukee Chef Will Try To Do Us All A Favor & Beat Bobby Flay on Sunday

On Sunday afternoon, you have the Milwaukee Brewers in action during the day taking on the hated Chicago Cubs. On Sunday night, you have Milwaukee chef Dan Jacobs, co-owner of Dandan trying to beat the hated Bobby Flay on the Food Network TV Show ‘Beat

This Tweet About Jo-Cats Offends Me To My Core

For those who are not from Milwaukee reading this, let me tell you a story about Jo-Cats. It is a local bar in Milwaukee. Some would call it a dive. Some would call it a hook-up bar. Whatever you call it, it is a great

SnoTapWI Top Five: 5 MKE Food Options Worth a 10-Day Quarantine

If you did not see the news yesterday, Richaun Holmes of the Sacramento Kings is more or less suspended for 10 days. Why is Holmes suspended for 10 days? He went to meet a delivery driver for some food outside the bubble. NBA found out

Third Space Brewing’s ‘Black Is Beautiful’ Beer is a Great Local Initiative

Third Space Brewing is making an impact in the Milwaukee community. Today, they’re releasing a new beer titled ‘Black is Beautiful’. It is an imperial stout. All sales of this beer will go directly to the Black Leaders Organizing Communities in Milwaukee. Third Space notes

MKE Brewing’s Hard Seltzer Gets Off to a Rocky Start

Did you know MKE Brewing had a hard seltzer? I bet you didn’t. It is hard to know that when the name of the hard seltzer isn’t anything close to its actual brand. The name of the hard seltzer is Tierra Buena. The brand features

Need, Not Want, To Try Bomb Pop Sour From Eagle Park Brewing

For a blog and podcast that involves the term, Tap, you would think we would write more about beer. It might be my downfall. I’m not a beer expert by any shape of the imagination. But I enjoy it. Yet if I reviewed it, there