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Would You Eat It? – Arby’s Venison Burger

Arby’s announced yesterday they are bringing back their venison burger next week. It’s something they showcased last year in certain locations to only have it sell out in hours. This will be a one day thing across the country where Arby’s has enough venison meat

Get Excited: Milwaukee Is Getting Hand-Rolled Ice Cream

Big news came out yesterday that Milwaukee will be getting their own hand-rolled ice cream place on Brady Street. It’s a craze that has hit both coasts but has not made it to Cream City. This is exciting news for a variety of reasons. First

Marshawn Lynch Needs A Travel Show

Marshawn Lynch is living his retirement right. It’s been about a year since Lynch announced his retirement from football, and no athlete expanded their brand more than him. The Skittles sponsorship has been a great one and it proved great for Beast Mode again for

New MKE Restaurant Pays Homage to American Psycho… Uh.

Brady Street will be getting a new restaurant in 2017. It’s an Italian place replacing the old Mimma’s which is right next to everyone’s favorite hookup spot, Jo-Cats. What’s odd about this new place is it’s called Dorsia which pays tribute to American Psycho, a

Need, Not Want, A Fried Chicken Taco Shell

We are off to a wild start in 2017. It’s not a depressing one, rather, a wild one. It’s not been 15 days into the new year, and golden shower is a trending topic and a taco in a fried chicken taco shell is an