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Sports Cancellation Stories Need More Context

There is no bigger story to publish or get a scoop about than a cancellation. It is an immediate click for those who are sports fans. Why? Because they’re concerned about the other sports. Even if they do not like that sport or the sporting

ChallengeCap: Wes & Johnny Become The New Super Powers

Welcome to The ChallengeCap. This is a recap on Thursday mornings of what happened on The Challenge last night. The Challenge Total Madness started off with a bang. It is a different type of season, to say the least. They’re in Prague, Czech Republic. They’re

The Challenge ‘Total Madness’ Preseason Power Rankings

Welcome back. After a long hiatus, The Challenge Power Rankings have returned for this season of Total Madness. Why? Well, we do not have sports currently. This is our sport for the foreseeable future. It is on MTV at 9:00 pm CST. My goal is

What’s Next For SnoTapWI in 2020?

SnoTapWI has been around for nine years heading towards its 10th year in August. Some might think I would turn out the lights and move to something else. But that’s not happening. I see growth potential in SnoTapWI more than I have in other years.