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Summerfest’s Ambitious Idea To Rebound From 2020

Summerfest is trying something new in 2021. They’re going to a brand new schedule featuring three weekends over the summer versus eleven days of entertainment. Summerfest is promising more headliners and bigger experience. They’re confident with having three straight weekends booked out, and they’re in

Bucks & Brewers Take First Step in a Long Road To Solve Injustices

Milwaukee Bucks did not come out of their locker room when their game was supposed to begin. George Hill started out as inactive then it snowballed from there. All Bucks players boycotted yesterday’s game due to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha. Soon after,

Giannis Should Cease & Desist Suns Thot For Using ‘Greek Freak’

Giannis Antetokounmpo is very protective of his image. And for good reason. He doesn’t want anyone profiting off his name. I have no issues with that. All players should be proactive about this kind of stuff. In the Internet news recently was a story about

Stephen Colbert’s Milwaukee Skit Is A Piece of Unfunny Garbage

Stephen Colbert has a late-night show. What a late-night show means these days is drastically different than what it did for David Letterman and Jay Leno. But we’re not here to talk about that. Rather, Stephen Colbert put together a skit for Democratic National Convention

Wisconsin’s Laws Make It Nearly Impossible for Sports Gambling

Sports gambling is going to be a big legislative move come 2021. Once the election cycle is over, the sports gambling push by many states will happen. Why? It brings in all sorts of revenue for the state that they didn’t previously have. Illinois, a

Milwaukee’s Giant Red Solo Cup Is Very On Brand For MKE

The City of Milwaukee started a tradition a few years back putting all different types of sculptures through the city. They called it Sculpture Milwaukee. Some are very pretty pieces of art. Some are a little weird like the hot dog vendor last summer that

SnotapWI Brewers Game Review: Houser Dominates While Offense Struggles

SnoTapWI #Brewers Game Review: Adrian Houser dominates and Crew sneaks out a run with an awful lineup. #ThisIsMyCrew — Charlie (@SnoTapWI) August 6, 2020 Last night’s game review talks about Adrian Houser having success against the White Sox last night and the Brewers running

This Tweet About Jo-Cats Offends Me To My Core

For those who are not from Milwaukee reading this, let me tell you a story about Jo-Cats. It is a local bar in Milwaukee. Some would call it a dive. Some would call it a hook-up bar. Whatever you call it, it is a great

SnoTapWI Game Review Game 5: Brewers-Pirates

Game reviews are the newest thing in SnotapWI’s arsenal. Be on the lookout for the first-ever Bucks version on Friday night. But we should tell you what goes into a review. The scoring system is three different things. One, did the team win? Two, was

SnoTapWI Game Review: Brewers-Pirates Game 4

We had the best game review thus far in the young Brewers season. Did it run at midnight last night? Yes. Did I care? No. That is one thing I may have to adjust moving forward is publishing these later when more people are awake