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Christian Yelich is the RBI Baseball Cover Athlete

What a time to be alive in the State of Wisconsin. Christian Yelich makes the cover of RBI Baseball 20. Now, RBI Baseball is a game from yesteryear. MLB Advanced Media brought it back in 2014 to give XBox users a baseball game as ‘The

Brewers’ Glove Story Video Gives Me All The Chills

We talked about the Milwaukee Brewers’ great work with their new uniforms, but did you see the video leading up to it? It is awesome. Brewers have been using ‘This Is My Crew’ for a while, and I’m starting to wonder if they’re going to

Brewers’ New Uniforms Hit A Home Run

Milwaukee Brewers had the worst kept secret revealed last night. They would be changing their uniforms. Milwaukee is going back to the ball and glove logo. This was met with nearly unanimous approval from Brewers fans on the Internet. Milwaukee and its designers knocked it

Yelich & Darvish Incite The Great Cubs-Brewers War

I was out of town for Friday afternoon and Saturday spending my time with my girlfriend in Chicago then South Bend for the Navy-Notre Dame. As we’re finishing our drive down to the Chicagoland area, Christian Yelich fired shots at Yu Darvish for accusing him

Yelich Lost The MVP For Superficial Reasons

Christian Yelich is not the MVP for the 2019 season. That belongs to Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers. We have a fun rivalry moving forward in the National League. Bellinger versus Yelich will be an actual thing next season. The expectation should be

Brewers’ Social Media Cannot Handle Yelich Losing MVP

Christian Yelich did not win MVP last night. That sucks. You would have loved to see a player repat here in the City of Milwaukee. It is very hard to win back-to-back MVPs in the National League. Yelich tried hard and made a compelling case

Cards Beat Writer Suggests the Brewers Steal Signs

HERE WE GO. I needed this in my bloodstream on a Thursday morning. This is exactly what I hoped for when I made a quick mention about the stealing signs scandal on the podcast (Daily Tap, go listen). Jeff Jones, a reporter for and

Craig Counsell’s Misunderstood Greatness

For the second straight year, Craig Counsell is not the NL Manager of the Year. Last year, Brian Snitker won it for reviving the Atlanta Braves. This year, Mike Schildt of the St. Louis Cardinals won the award from Counsell. He did not have the

Flashback Fri: Young Joe Buck Interviewing Greg Vaughn

On Sunday, Joe Buck will be headed to Lambeau Field to call the Packers showdown with the Carolina Panthers. They flexed this game into the 3:25 slot, and he’ll be there with Troy Aikman. That might draw some groans from Packers fans, but I’m a

Brewers Need to Be Buyers This Offseason

Major League Baseball is an interesting climate with their free agency. It is unlike the CNBA and NFL. Both leagues you have multiple players sign on the first day of free agency then the subsequent days after more guys are signed. Free agency is broken