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Classic Sporting Events Do Next to Nothing For Me

Sports are completely gone until mid-May at the earliest. Some people believe that it will not be until June before we have sports again. There are a few things to quench our thirst though. The NFL Draft is here in the final week of April.

Rating Counsell & Budenholzer’s Performance in Car Ad

Craig Counsell and Mike Budenholzer are currently at home like the rest of us. I’m sure for Budenholzer, he is getting ready for whenever the NBA comes back. While Counsell can be doing the same, he does not have any data on this year’s 2020

SnoTapWI Top Five: Most Hateable Teams For a Wisconsin Sports Fan

SnoTapWI Top Five can be positive, sometimes. And other times, we can write a one-way ticket to negativeville USA. This is one of those moments. This is a very hard list to put together. The top five teams that I, as a Wisconsin sports fan,

Introducing Christian ‘Yeli Exotic’ Yelich

Tiger King swept the nation off its feet in the second week of stay at home provisions. There will be a review shortly on SnoTapWI even though most of you have watched it already. The hot thing in the internet streets lately has been the

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Things About Baseball

Today was supposed to be Opening Day. The term ‘Hope springs eternal’ would be said throughout the United States. Every team thinks for a little bit that they have a chance at being better than expected. Milwaukee planned to begin their season against the Chicago

Miller Park Could Play Host to a Neutral World Series

Major League Baseball is making a PR push on their upcoming season. This is a very smart move by baseball. Today is Opening Day. I’m pretty sad about it. I’ve been pretty good about forgetting about sports. Every now and again, it kicks you in

SnoTapWI Top Five: Favorite Current Wisconsin Athletes

Another new blog post? Another new blog post! This time in the world of lists. We all love a good list. Just like we all love a good online quiz. I’m here to give you the list of my favorite current Wisconsin athletes. Some might

Eric Lauer’s Injury Opens The Door For Others

Milwaukee Brewers have their first major injury of the season. Eric Lauer, the Brewers starting pitcher, will be starting the year on the Injured List with a shoulder impingement. Unfortunately, Milwaukee’s two players acquired for Zach Davies and Trent Grisham both had injuries before the

AITA For Hating The Manitowoc Minute Man?

For those who are not familiar with AITA acronym, it stands for ‘Am I The Asshole?’ I have a hot take. Not sure how spicy it is but I do not get the humor of Charlie Berens’ Manitowoc Minute man. People absolutely LOVE him. Sports

Christian Yelich’s Press Conference Gives Us Every Happy Feel Possible

Milwaukee Brewers’ worst kept secret was announced on Friday morning. Christian Yelich signed his extension for the next nine years. The press conference featuring Yelich and Brewers owner Mark Attanasio could not have made you feel better as a Brewers fan. The comments made by