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BrewCap: Davies Dominates & Brewers Turn It on Late

The great Lou Brown once said ‘If you win three in a row, that’s what we call a winning streak.’ Brewers have their first winning streak in a while, and they’re trying to put the demons of mid-June behind them. Brewers have won three straight

Lorenzo Cain Puts On a Defensive Show in Arizona

Lorenzo Cain doesn’t have a Gold Glove. How that happened, I am unsure but that’s the world we live in. There are games where Cain makes a complete difference with his defense. He made some great plays last night throughout the evening to save the

Yelich & Other All-Star Help Jimmy Fallon With Prank

Jimmy Fallon is an interesting cat. Right now, late-night talk shows are kind of dead to me. Why? It’s the same fucking thing no matter the guy. There is really no difference between Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, John Oliver. All of these men

BrewCap: Brewers Get a Much-Needed Blowout Victory

Milwaukee Brewers needed a game like this. They did not have a blowout victory before tonight since June 7th when they beat Pittsburgh, 10-4. It felt good to watch Milwaukee dominate Atlanta. They had some big innings including the seventh inning that features six runs

Three Top Candidates for Brewers’ Advertising Patch

One of the articles that came out recently is that Major League Baseball will be going to advertising patches in the next couple of years. This will draw an outrage with some fans. I do not care about this kind of thing mostly, but there

Christian Yelich Adds ‘Steals’ Home to His 2019 Resume

Christian Yelich is a beast. You know that, I know that. He had an awesome day at the ballpark on Tuesday night that included a grand slam but it also included ‘stealing’ home when the game was still in the balance. Yelich might get the

BrewCap: Brewers Disastrous Slide Continues Towards .500

Milwaukee Brewers are not a playoff team right now. They cannot seem to put things together in a single game. One game, the offense will be cooking but the pitching will absolutely suck. Another game, Brewers offense will be nonexistent while the pitching will be

If the Brewers Buy, Will Smith is an Option

Who knows if the Milwaukee Brewers will be buyers. And who knows if the San Francisco Giants will be sellers. If the two end up doing that, they could be trade partners. Robert Murray of The Athletic reported that Will Smith, former Brewers left-hander, is

Brewers Should Not Be Sellers… Yet.

Milwaukee Brewers had a rough month. They’re 10-18 in the last 28 games. If you take away the Houston series, the Brewers went 7-19 against teams with sub .500 records. If it was not for the Pittsburgh Pirates, who knows what the Brewers’ record would

BrewCap: The Seventh Inning From Hell

Milwaukee Brewers were in desperate need of a series win. They have only two in their last eleven series with one of them being a split. The game looked like another nailbiter as Christian Yelich tied the game with his 32nd home run of the