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Christian Yelich’s Best Year Ever

Christian Yelich came to Milwaukee in January 2018. That’s 11 months ago. If you were to tell him that he would be the reason the Brewers won the National League Central, and you had an MVP season, he might call you a liar. Yelich had

Craig Counsell Robbed of NL Manager of the Year

A Milwaukee Brewers manager has never won Manger of the Year from Major League Baseball. The award started in 1983, and with the Brewers futility , you could see why they might not have a candidate. But there have been years where a Manager of

Brewers Have A New Hitting Coach

Once again, the Milwaukee Brewers are taking someone from the Chicago Cubs organization. Andy Haines will be the new hitting coach for the Milwaukee Brewers. He assisted Chili Davis with the Cubs last season, but he spent a ton of time with Christian Yelich in

Derek Johnson’s Departure Puts Dent in Brewers

When Darnell Coles left for Arizona, I didn’t see it as a big deal. Lee Tunnell raised an eyebrow for me, but again, I shrugged it off. Now, Derek Johnson, the pitching guru, leaves for Milwaukee to Cincinnati, an NL Central rival, to be their

Brewers Open at 12/1 Favorites to Win World Series

The baseball season is now over. Boston Red Sox were the best team in baseball, and they showed it throughout the month of October including the World Series. They had a dominating performance winning the series in five games. If it weren’t for a crazy

Making Sense of Brewers’ Coaching Moves

Milwaukee Brewers were not a team you expected to see much turnover. They won 96 games and an NL Central crown. The band would get back together for another run at it next year. Think again. Brewers let go of their bullpen coach Lee Tunnell,

2018 Brewers Grades: Saving The Best (Relievers) For Last

What a year for the Milwaukee Brewers bullpen. Going into the 2018 season, you had a feeling that this would be a strength of the Brewers due to their success in2 2017. They did not disappoint becoming one of the most feared pens in the

Ed Sheeran, Noted Christian Yelich Fan

Last night, Ed Sheeran played at Miller Park. People loved to make the joke that Sheeran was the consolation prize for the World Series. In reality, that’s not entirely true. Sure, the concert gets pushed back if the Brewers make the World Series, but with

Brewers 2018 Grades: Starting Pitcher Surprise

When thinking of a title to start about starting pitching, my first thought was surprise. If you look at the stats from 2018 and compared it to what you thought might happen in March, it shows a different story. Derek Johnson continues to be one

Chase Anderson Didn’t Like Being Pulled From Rotation

Our player grades roll on with starters later today, but there was a headline about Chase Anderson that warranted a separate blog post. Anderson played the role of Jhoulys Chacin last season. A pitcher who people thought of as a third or fourth stater coming