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BrewCap: Bauer Makes Own Cy Young Case As Brewers Fall 6-1

Trevor Bauer is having one of the best years in Major League Baseball. Things are going well for him. He is potentially going to be the National League Cy Young. Bauer made his case to voters last night. On four days rest, he dominated the

THE DAILY TAP: Williams & Hader Make Brewers Dangerous in The Playoffs.

SnoTapWI Network ยท Williams & Hader Make Brewers Dangerous In Playoffs | The Daily Tap 9/23 Charlie, SnotapWI’s writer and podcast host, is back with the Wednesday edition of The Daily Tap. Charlie talks about Devin Williams and Josh Hader being the reason why the

Devin Williams’s Eighth Inning Should Be Watched on Repeat

Devin Williams is the man. Milwaukee Brewers star reliever is having a breakout year. He made a case for Rookie of the Year with how good he has been out of the pen. Williams is nearly unhittable and gave Milwaukee a real second option in

BrewCap: Reds Clutch Homers Derail Brewers’ Winning Streak

Milwaukee Brewers were flying high heading into Cincinnati. They had won four straight and could go over .500 for the first time all season. Milwaukee hasn’t broken through that .500 threshold despite being there multiple times this season. Reds were also hot heading into this

BrewCap: Vogelbach Powers Brewers to a Royal Sweep

Milwaukee Brewers are getting hot at the right time. Stop me if you’ve heard that before. Under Craig Counsell, Milwaukee had an innate ability to find their hot streak at the end of the year. It doesn’t matter if it’s a shortened season or a

BrewCap: Brewers Get a Much Needed Doubleheader Split

Milwaukee Brewers took on the St. Louis Cardinals in a pivotal five-game series this week. Milwaukee finished that series with a 3-2 record. That seems to be the standard for Milwaukee this season. Play around .500 baseball and not make any significant upward mobility. Brewers

BrewCap: Nothing Is More Confusing Than Brewers’ Offense

Milwaukee Brewers do not make sense. There is no rhyme or reason for what the Brewers do regularly. After exploding for 19 runs last Wednesday afternoon, Milwaukee has been less than stellar at the plate. In that time frame, they went 2-3. Milwaukee followed up

Mike Schildt & Yadier Molina Are Ignorant Little Children.

St. Louis Cardinals are playing multiple games in September. They’re playing 23 games in 18 days because they dealt with the COVID pandemic. Reports never got confirmed but it seemed the Cardinals went out to have a good time and didn’t take it too seriously.

BrewCap Part 2: Milwaukee Squandered Any & All Chances for a Sweep

Yesterday on my podcast, The Daily Tap, I said that the Brewers are who we thought they were. The famous Denny Green quote from years ago holds through with the Milwaukee Brewers. Everything we know about Milwaukee is true. They’re not very good. The offense

BrewCap: Brewers Get Embarrassed By Cubs in Dumpster Fire Performance

Milwaukee Brewers cannot get over the hump. They almost refuse to. They’re like a kid who doesn’t eat his vegetables. No matter what you do, they will not eat them. It truly sucks to witness this as a fan. How many times do we go